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Well Excuuuze Me
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14 year old Horse
(USA) by [Add Data]

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Lion HeartTale of the CatStorm Cat
Satin SunriseMr. Leader
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Well Excuuuze Me - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
03/20/13-R4Well Excuuuze Me7thTam1 1/16 mDClaim4+Clever KingOughtersonSand Bandit1:46.08
03/06/13-R6Well Excuuuze Me8thTam7 fDClaim4+Valueable SilverSweet BerniePorter's Gate1:26.38
02/09/13-R9Well Excuuuze Me8thTam7 fDClaim4+Gold Strike BeginsShackles N ChainsPositive Action1:23.81
01/06/13-R3Well Excuuuze Me6thTam7 fDClaim4+Black AntilopeRocklaneMagnificent Wreck1:25.06
12/19/12-R8Well Excuuuze Me8thTam1 1/16 mDClaim3+Preacher BuckSkip To The NorthBucks Wink1:46.85
11/16/12-R6Well Excuuuze Me3rdCrc6 1/2 fDClaim3+Positive ActionSole RunnerWell Excuuuze Me1:19.33
10/25/12-R4Well Excuuuze Me5thCrc1 mileDClaim3+TritonkMize The Big CatTyler's Wildcat1:40.11
10/17/12-R7Well Excuuuze Me4thCrc7 fDStr3+FunditClean ShotRapid Runner1:25.01
10/03/12-R2Well Excuuuze Me1stCrc7 fDClaim3+Well Excuuuze MeJaraneroGimmeawinkpoppy1:25.68
09/20/12-R8Well Excuuuze Me6thCrc1 70yDStr3+AlejandroChiseled LightYa Ya's Rules1:44.65
09/14/12-R1Well Excuuuze Me4thCrc7 fDClaim3+Sole RunnerJaraneroMorador Llers1:25.70
09/07/12-R2Well Excuuuze Me2ndCrc7 fDClaim3+Schatt The BanditWell Excuuuze MePersonal Good1:26.14
09/01/12-R3Well Excuuuze Me6thCrc1 mileDStr3+Ya Ya's RulesSmart KiddoAlejandro1:42.00
08/18/12-R8Well Excuuuze Me1stCrc1 70yDClaim3+Well Excuuuze MeSurge PowerHigh Brass1:45.72
07/13/12-R10Well Excuuuze Me5thCrc1 mileDClaim3+General GutiSurge PowerMize The Big Cat1:40.70
07/07/12-R3Well Excuuuze Me3rdCrc7 fDClaim3+Coach GravyZuberWell Excuuuze Me1:24.92
06/23/12-R1Well Excuuuze Me1stCrc1 70yDClaim3+Well Excuuuze MePositive ActionI Go Through1:46.50
06/07/12-R7Well Excuuuze Me2ndCrc1 mileDClaim3+Freddy The CapWell Excuuuze MeWaikiki1:40.43
05/25/12-R1Well Excuuuze Me3rdCrc1 70yDClaim3+Penitant PrayersThree Part HarmonyWell Excuuuze Me1:45.24
03/16/12-R8Well Excuuuze Me3rdTam1 40yDClaim4+Home FieldMz's Don ZulonWell Excuuuze Me1:40.19
03/03/12-R2Well Excuuuze Me1stTam1 40yDClaim4+Well Excuuuze MePanama HatLite Up The Stage1:41.47
02/18/12-R11Well Excuuuze Me4thTam1 40yDClaim4+Gold BrewSecret CommanderPanama Hat1:41.29
02/02/12-R10Well Excuuuze Me1stTam1 1/16 mDClaim4+Well Excuuuze MeTango WhiskeyAlisa's Engineer1:45.50
01/08/12-R7Well Excuuuze Me3rdTam7 fDClaim4+Home FieldBohicketWell Excuuuze Me1:24.54
12/15/11-R1Well Excuuuze Me3rdHaw1 1/16 mDClaim3+Champion KidAce RichWell Excuuuze Me1:46.87
12/01/11-R1Well Excuuuze Me2ndHaw1 1/16 mDClaim3+Turn N' FireWell Excuuuze MeSouthland Jazz1:45.87
11/13/11-R5Well Excuuuze Me2ndHaw6 fDClaim3+Doodle DandyWell Excuuuze MeU Step Aside1:12.16
10/13/11-R4Well Excuuuze Me4thHaw6 fDClaim3+Kind RegardsJimmy Got EvenCap'n Meds1:10.74
09/15/11-R9Well Excuuuze Me8thAP1 mileSAlwOC3+AchaemenesQuick DeliveryAlarming Afleet1:36.97
08/14/11-R9Well Excuuuze Me7thAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+Phoenix ForceYukan B Classy TooJilly From Philly1:46.35
07/14/11-R4Well Excuuuze Me1stAP1 mileSClaim3+Well Excuuuze MeTiger MikeGranite City1:41.54
07/02/11-R3Well Excuuuze Me1stAP1 mileSMcl3+Well Excuuuze MeRocket RichieAncient Eyes1:42.94
06/11/11-R5Well Excuuuze Me3rdAP1 1/16 mSMcl3+Afleet PaddyRocket RichieWell Excuuuze Me1:47.59
05/25/11-R2Well Excuuuze Me2ndAP7 1/2 fSMcl3+Fox RapWell Excuuuze MeL'Aiglon1:33.63
03/31/10-R5Well Excuuuze Me3rdGP1 mileDMcl3DestrieroTen BellsWell Excuuuze Me1:37.86
03/11/10-R9Well Excuuuze Me11thGP1 1/16 mTMcl3Colonel PotterAfleet AlanBig Tall Paul1:42.84
02/15/10-R1Well Excuuuze Me4thGP1 1/16 mDMcl3Mister ThayerNative SeekerExposed Image1:52.18
10/31/09-R5Well Excuuuze Me7thAqu1 1/16 mTMSW2FormulaforsuccessCafe Des ArtistesRemittance1:47.56
10/03/09-R5Well Excuuuze Me6thBel1 mileTMSW2KryptonRomans RewardWow Wow Wow1:35.65
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