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Way To Paris
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9 year old Horse

Way To Paris - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
11/29/20-R12Way To Paris10thTok1 1/2mTJapan Cup-G13+Almond EyeContrailDaring Tact2:23.00
10/04/20-R4Way To Paris9thLon1 1/2mTPrix De l'Arc de Triomphe-G13+SottsassIn SwoopPersian King2:39.30
09/13/20-R7Way To Paris5thLon1 1/2mTPrix Foy-G24+Anthony Van DyckStradivariusNagano Gold2:33.27
06/28/20-R5Way To Paris1stSai1 1/2mTGrand Prix de Saint-Cloud-G14+Way To ParisNagano GoldZiyad2:29.98
06/14/20-R3Way To Paris2ndCha1 5/16 mTPrix Ganay-G14+SottsassWay To ParisShaman2:06.38
05/31/20-R6Way To Paris1stDea1 9/16 mTGrand Prix de Chantilly-G24+Way To ParisFrench KingRoyal Julius2:38.02
05/11/20-R7Way To Paris2ndLon1 1/4 mTPrix d'Harcourt-G24+ShamanWay To ParisSimona2:06.68
03/15/20-R5Way To Paris6thSai1 1/4 mTPrix Exbury-G34+SimonaSpirit Of NelsonPappalino2:14.87
10/27/19-R5Way To Paris5thLon1 15/16mTPrix Royal-Oak-G13+TechnicianCall The WindHoldthasigreen3:40.13
10/05/19-R8Way To Paris6thLon2 1/2 mTPrix Du Cadran-G14+HoldthasigreenCall The WindDee Ex Bee4:41.83
09/15/19-R2Way To Paris2ndLon1 1/2mTPrix Foy-G24+WaldgeistWay To ParisKiseki2:27.57
07/14/19-R4Way To Paris1stLon1 3/4 mTPrix Maurice de Nieuil-G24+Way To ParisMarmeloLigne d'Or3:00.29
05/26/19-R7Way To Paris2ndLon1 7/8 mTPrix Vicomtesse Vigier-G24+Called To The BarWay To ParisCall The Wind3:12.23
04/28/19-R6Way To Paris2ndLon1 15/16mTPrix De Barbeville-G34+HoldthasigreenWay To ParisCalled To The Bar3:22.41
03/17/19-R7Way To Paris5thSai1 1/4 mTPrix Exbury-G34+Soleil MarinMagny Cours Air Pilot2:17.29
10/21/18-R7Way To Paris5thCha1 1/2mTPrix Du Conseil de Paris-G23+Listen InTime ShanakillMaster's Spirit2:40.83
10/07/18-R4Way To Paris11thLon1 1/2mTPrix De l'Arc de Triomphe-G13+EnableSea Of ClassCloth Of Stars2:29.24
09/16/18-R5Way To Paris4thLon1 1/2mTPrix Foy-G24+WaldgeistTalismanicCloth Of Stars2:28.70
08/26/18-R6Way To Paris6thDea1 9/16 mTGrand Prix de Deauville-G23+LoxleyMaster's SpiritSalouen2:44.00
06/03/18-R4Way To Paris3rdCha1 1/2mTGrand Prix de Chantilly-G24+WaldgeistDschingis SecretWay To Paris2:29.49
05/06/18-R5Way To Paris2ndLon1 1/2mTPrix d'Hedouville-G34+WaldgeistWay To ParisCalled To The Bar2:31.22
04/08/18-R5Way To Paris4thLon1 1/4 mTPrix d'Harcourt-G24+Air PilotRoyal JuliusStar Victory2:14.58
03/17/18-R2Way To Paris2ndSai1 1/4 mTPrix Exbury-G34+Air PilotWay To ParisStar Victory2:24.49
10/22/17-R5Way To Paris3rdSsi1 1/2mTGran Premio Del Jockey Club -G23+Full DragoSavoir VivreWay To Paris2:31.20
09/17/17-R4Way To Paris2ndSsi1 3/8 m TPremio Federico Tesio-G23+Full DragoWay To ParisMac Mahon2:18.20
08/20/17-R6Way To Paris7thDea1 7/8 mTPrix Kergorlay-G23+MarmeloDesert SkylineHoldthasigreen3:09.56
06/18/17-R5Way To Paris2ndSsi1 1/2mTGran Premio di Milano-G23+Full DragoWay To ParisQuelindo2:29.10
05/08/17-R6Way To Paris3rdSai1 1/2mTPrix d'Hedouville-G34+TiberianTalismanicWay To Paris2:35.44
10/23/16-R2Way To Paris1stCap1 1/4 mTPremio Conte Felice Scheibler3Way To ParisTime To ChooseJalapeno2:04.80
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