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Warrens Wild Thing
in DerbyVille!
15 year old Gelding
California (USA) by Benjamin C. Warren  -  [Add Data]

Warrens Wild Thing - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
10/03/13-R4Warrens Wild Thing8thSA1 1/16 mDClaim3+Tuckers PointUnusual JazzMajestic Moment1:45.45
08/03/13-R2Warrens Wild Thing8thDmr1 1/16 mSClaim3+Smokin' CatForever FreedomBig Wags1:43.60
07/11/13-R1Warrens Wild Thing1stHol1 1/16 mSClaim3+Warrens Wild ThingScofield BarracksBeer Meister1:45.26
06/21/13-R6Warrens Wild Thing6thHol7 1/2 fSAllow3+Apollo TenRaised A SecretMemphis1:30.33
05/03/13-R5Warrens Wild Thing6thHol1 1/16 mTAllow3+WaitwaitdonttellmeTurn On the PumpsAll de Victors1:42.13
04/13/13-R6Warrens Wild Thing6thSA6 1/2 fTAllow4+Unusual BeamJohnny Be MineUrban Hunter1:12.83
12/09/12-R8Warrens Wild Thing5thHol1 mileTClaim3+Deacon SpeakinEuroglideMaybe Tuesday1:36.67
11/16/12-R7Warrens Wild Thing4thHol1 mileTAlwOC3+Alley HondroCat MeetingJules Journey1:35.35
08/29/12-R6Warrens Wild Thing5thDmr1 mileTAlwOC3+HuntsvilleCat MeetingSizzlin' Joe1:35.28
07/18/12-R8Warrens Wild Thing4thDmr1 mileSAlwOC3+Killer BearWoodmans LuckUnstopper Topper1:38.14
06/28/12-R5Warrens Wild Thing1stHol1 mileTStr3+Warrens Wild ThingSaranganiRoyal Meridian1:36.09
06/01/12-R5Warrens Wild Thing3rdHol1 mileTClaim3+Quail HillEast SkyWarrens Wild Thing1:36.70
05/11/12-R7Warrens Wild Thing6thHol1 1/16 mTAllow3+A Toast to YouHe's Very RareHusband's Folly1:41.71
04/19/12-R4Warrens Wild Thing3rdSA1 1/8 mTClaim3+Clearance ClarenceQuail HillWarrens Wild Thing1:47.20
03/30/12-R5Warrens Wild Thing4thSA1 mileTClaim4+Back At YouGothics PeakClearance Clarence1:35.12
02/03/12-R5Warrens Wild Thing3rdSA1 mileTClaim4+Tricky MandateLodi RedWarrens Wild Thing1:35.59
01/12/12-R5Warrens Wild Thing2ndSA1 mileTClaim4+SyncobeatWarrens Wild ThingHis Boy Elroy1:35.17
12/04/11-R5Warrens Wild Thing7thHol1 mileTClaim3+Visual IntensitySanibel SidSyncobeat1:36.26
10/01/11-R4Warrens Wild Thing4thSA1 mileTClaim3+Special KidVisual IntensityLana's Smile1:35.14
09/03/11-R10Warrens Wild Thing1stDmr7 fSMcl3+Warrens Wild ThingDetective PoirotTiz Royal1:23.60
08/21/11-R9Warrens Wild Thing3rdDmr6 fSMcl3+Delta FixTop ToreroWarrens Wild Thing1:09.40
07/08/11-R2Warrens Wild Thing3rdHol7 1/2 fSMcl3+Unusual JazzJoker FaceWarrens Wild Thing1:31.13
05/30/11-R5Warrens Wild Thing4thHol7 fSMcl3+Anne's InheritancePoint MuguOur Senior Moments1:24.82
05/19/11-R8Warrens Wild Thing5thHol6 fSMcl3+Magical InstinctMagic BeamMagic Spirit1:24.52
04/10/11-R9Warrens Wild Thing9thSA7 fDMcl4+Twoatten TenattwoCut n' DealQuietly Waiting1:23.72
03/20/11-R2Warrens Wild Thing2ndSA7 fDMcl4+Forward CommitmentWarrens Wild ThingClocker Moment1:22.75
02/25/11-R5Warrens Wild Thing2ndSA6 1/2 fDMcl4+Papa TerryWarrens Wild ThingForward Commitment1:16.16
01/29/11-R4Warrens Wild Thing5thSA6 1/2 fDMcl4+Hostile WatersQuietly WaitingGuadalupe Lupe1:16.91
12/18/10-R2Warrens Wild Thing4thHol7 fSMcl3+Regal FeverPreferred BehaviorMr. Night Rider1:25.16
12/02/10-R2Warrens Wild Thing3rdHol7 1/2 fSMcl3+Tale Of The BatForward CommitmentWarrens Wild Thing1:30.54
11/06/10-R10Warrens Wild Thing8thHol7 fSMcl3+Courtside ActionBattle SchoolRoyal Import1:23.82
10/21/10-R8Warrens Wild Thing4thHol7 fSMcl3+Kim's Leading ManSecret JackpotMysterious Mesa1:24.49
09/05/10-R10Warrens Wild Thing6thDmr7 fDMcl3+RathmanRoyal ImportOur Juke Box Hero1:23.28
08/22/10-R3Warrens Wild Thing4thDmr7 fDMcl3+Bell ZoneFortunate AppealScorsese1:24.82
08/08/10-R2Warrens Wild Thing2ndDmr7 fDMSW3+FlemingstouchogoldWarrens Wild ThingAnga1:26.09
06/18/10-R8Warrens Wild Thing2ndHol6 fDMcl3+Spectacular SlewWarrens Wild ThingGold Schleiger1:10.66
04/03/10-R3Warrens Wild Thing7thSA6 fDClaim4+Party With BrandoFleet RoyaleTribul Witch1:16.05
04/25/09-R10Warrens Wild Thing12thHol6 1/2 fSNTRA3+GrazenRaise The RiverM One Rifle1:13.89
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