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Ticket Time - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
07/31/13-R1Ticket Time6thWO6 fSClaim3+Whispering WallCabrioleDubai Dot1:11.81
07/05/13-R3Ticket Time6thWO6 fSClaim3+KawaguchiWhispering WallPretty Pretty Girl1:10.91
06/26/13-R2Ticket Time6thWO6 fSClaim3+Rio BayHighlanddixiebelleBubbles To The Top1:11.50
06/07/13-R7Ticket Time10thWO6 fSClaim3+Give A PrizeQuicklimeAthena Rose1:10.33
05/11/13-R1Ticket Time2ndWO5 fSClaim3+Zinn House DollTicket TimeKerry Convent0:57.94
12/06/12-R3Ticket Time5thWO5 fSClaim3+AdreamandaprayerSparkle And ShineJovial Jill0:58.63
11/25/12-R6Ticket Time1stWO6 fSClaim4+Ticket TimeRiver SlaneyJovial Jill1:11.13
11/10/12-R5Ticket Time1stWO6 fSClaim3+Ticket TimeRio BaySexy Sheri1:12.24
09/02/12-R6Ticket Time3rdWO6 fSClaim3+Wise TrickBling Bling QueenTicket Time1:11.34
07/18/12-R8Ticket Time6thWO6 fSClaim3+Erma LeeKawaguchiRio Bay1:10.94
07/07/12-R10Ticket Time11thWO6 fSClaim3+Charlie's FriendWise TrickBest Of Aly1:11.11
06/20/12-R6Ticket Time3rdWO6 fSClaim3+Saucy SongCabrioleTicket Time1:11.17
06/01/12-R4Ticket Time6thWO6 fSClaim3+Madam InspectorGoshen HawkSaucy Song1:10.68
05/06/12-R7Ticket Time10thWO6 fSAllow3+WonderfullyAnywhereLemon Splash1:10.82
11/26/11-R10Ticket Time11thWO6 fSAllow3+E XentrixSaucy SongLemon Splash1:09.59
10/26/11-R3Ticket Time1stWO5 1/2 fSAllow3+Ticket TimeKerry ConventQueen On Line1:05.12
10/05/11-R2Ticket Time2ndWO6 fSAllow3+Best Of AlyTicket TimeA Little Too Late1:10.87
08/27/11-R7Ticket Time5thWO6 fSAllow3+Dreamy MoonliteZee BeautyA Little Too Late1:10.43
08/07/11-R6Ticket Time5thWO7 fSAllow3+Bubbles To The TopSummer EndingClassy Katherine1:24.26
07/17/11-R2Ticket Time7thWO6 1/2 fSAllow3+Executive BonnieMolinaro JoyfulPress Here1:18.31
06/04/11-R10Ticket Time1stWO7 fSAllow3+Ticket TimeKim's WishAre You Kitten Me1:24.22
05/20/11-R5Ticket Time4thWO5 1/2 fSAllow3+Queen On LineFlashy EpisodeSwingwiththering1:05.09
04/29/11-R1Ticket Time5thWO5 1/2 fSClaim3+Essence Of SilverElectric EliseAdreamandaprayer1:04.03
11/20/10-R4Ticket Time9thWO6 1/2 fDClaim3+Flower ExchangeHint Of LemonWitch's Coven1:17.63
09/30/10-R6Ticket Time3rdWO6 fSClaim3+She WantsMoonlight DesireTicket Time1:10.89
09/12/10-R9Ticket Time6thWO6 1/2 fSClaim3+Serena's TigerHeavens IntrigueConjob1:17.62
08/19/10-R6Ticket Time4thWO5 fDClaim3+WastedGin QueenGoolagong0:57.61
08/01/10-R10Ticket Time6thWO6 1/2 fTAllow3+Executive BonnieDancin AnnieFashion Conscious1:17.05
05/21/10-R8Ticket Time4thWO5 fDAllow3+SkootinMoonlight MileNocookiesforpapa0:58.20
04/30/10-R9Ticket Time8thWO5 1/2 fDAllow3+ArticulatingHey SkootchQueen On Line1:04.82
10/09/09-R10Ticket Time3rdWO7 fSMSW3+Ashby LandYonge's HarbourTicket Time1:24.84
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