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10 year old Gelding
Kentucky (USA) by Galleria Bloodstock

Tableaux - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
05/31/15-R10Tableaux3rdSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Packing PinsEroicoTableaux1:22.37
03/08/15-R6Tableaux7thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Santa Fe SunTravel BrotherWhat You Dream1:35.39
02/15/15-R5Tableaux7thSha1 1/4 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+DynamismMr GnocchiGot Fly2:03.42
01/18/15-R10Tableaux8thSha1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Got FlyWinning LeaderPacking Llaregyb1:48.51
12/14/14-R10Tableaux7thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+What You DreamGurus Dream Selkirk Star1:35.04
11/09/14-R10Tableaux3rdSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Beauty OnlyFlame HeroTableaux1:34.34
10/08/14-R8Tableaux7thSha6 fDClass 3 Handicap3+DomineerTurin PearlSilly Buddies1:08.31
05/21/14-R7Tableaux8thHap1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Formula WonTake To The LimitApprove1:49.15
05/10/14-R10Tableaux6thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Enthusiasm Travel BrotherDr Good Habit1:35.69
03/16/14-R8Tableaux11thSha1 1/4 mTHong Kong Derby4Designs On RomeAble FriendDibayani2:02.04
02/16/14-R8Tableaux5thSha1 1/8 mTHong Kong Classic Cup4Designs On RomeAble FriendSecret Sham1:47.91
01/19/14-R10Tableaux8thSha1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+AshkiyrSunny YingSilverball1:48.80
12/08/13-R6Tableaux5thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Able FriendRewarding HeroMajestic Falcon1:34.72
05/12/13-R4Tableaux1stLon1 3/8 m TPrix Hocquart-G23TableauxFrance ValourFestive Cheer2:17.42
04/22/13-R4Tableaux1stLon1 5/16 mTPrix Noailles-G23TableauxKapourArt Contemporain2:19.07
10/29/12-R2Tableaux2ndSai1 mileTConditions2Si SageTableauxEaster Sky1:52.10
09/22/12-R1Tableaux4thLon1 mileTUnraced Maiden 2IntelloVayakhanKourkam1:48.30
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