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T Loves a Fight
in DerbyVille!
7 year old Gelding
New York (USA) by Hoffman Thoroughbreds
T Loves a Fight_Mike Lee 2017_615x400
NYRA/Annette Jasko

T Loves a Fight - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
10/01/21-R7T Loves a Fight3rdBel6 fDAlwOC3+NewbombCost BasisT Loves a Fight1:09.81
07/16/21-R1T Loves a Fight5thSar7 fDAlwOC3+Gun It ShashashakemeupMihos 1:22.93
05/29/21-R6T Loves a Fight2ndBel6 fDAlwOC3+Wow BrownT Loves a FightBronx Bomber 1:10.09
05/13/21-R5T Loves a Fight2ndBel6 fDClaim3+Happy FarmT Loves a FightCopper Town 1:10.29
04/24/21-R7T Loves a Fight6thBel7 fDAlwOC4+Looking At BikinisAmerican PowerWicked Trick1:23.45
03/28/21-R7T Loves a Fight5thAqu1 mileDHaynesfield4+My Boy TateBankitSouth Africa1:36.37
02/28/21-R7T Loves a Fight2ndAqu7 fDAlwOC4+Wicked TrickT Loves a FightMad Munnys1:24.51
02/13/21-R8T Loves a Fight8thAqu6 fDAlwOC4+Mi Tres Por CientoWicked TrickSecret Rules1:10.21
01/18/21-R6T Loves a Fight3rdAqu6 fDAlwOC4+ChateauSecret RulesT Loves a Fight1:10.44
12/05/20-R8T Loves a Fight8thGP7 fDClaiming Crown Rapid Transit3+Avant GardeTown ClassicLookin At Roses1:21.98
11/22/20-R3T Loves a Fight4thAqu7 fDNew York Stallion Thunder Rumble3+Funny GuyMy Boy TateBankit1:23.57
09/26/20-R7T Loves a Fight3rdBel6 fDAlwOC3+Big EngineTribeccaT Loves a Fight1:10.07
08/20/20-R7T Loves a Fight3rdSar6 fDTale of the Cat4+Stan the ManMy Boy TateT Loves a Fight1:09.47
07/30/20-R9T Loves a Fight2ndSar7 fDJohn Morrissey3+Funny GuyT Loves a FightMy Boy Tate1:22.08
07/04/20-R5T Loves a Fight7thBel7 fDAlwOC3+Fortin HillAmundsonTiz He the One1:20.44
05/21/20-R2T Loves a Fight4thCD6 fDAlwOC4+Ruler Of The NileI'm CorfuZaevion1:09.64
01/18/20-R8T Loves a Fight6thAqu7 fDToboggan-G34+Mind ControlNicodemusSunny Ridge1:24.23
01/11/20-R8T Loves a Fight2ndAqu7 fDSay Florida Sandy4+Arthur's HopeT Loves a FightAveenu Malcainu1:23.42
12/22/19-R9T Loves a Fight3rdAqu6 fDGravesend3+Firenze FireHappy FarmT Loves a Fight1:09.72
11/24/19-R8T Loves a Fight2ndAqu7 fDNew York Stallion Thunder Rumble3+My Boy TateT Loves a FightBinkster1:24.39
10/19/19-R6T Loves a Fight3rdBel6 1/2 fDHudson 3+Build to SuitEye Luv LuluT Loves a Fight1:15.88
10/10/19-R3T Loves a Fight1stBel7 fDAllow3+T Loves a FightZealous Family Biz1:22.41
09/14/19-R3T Loves a Fight5thBel6 1/2 fDAlwOC3+Build to SuitFuel the BernEye Luv Lulu1:15.62
08/24/19-R4T Loves a Fight3rdSar6 1/2 fDAllow3+PerformerPayneT Loves a Fight1:15.00
08/04/19-R3T Loves a Fight4thSar6 1/2 fDJohn Morrissey3+Celtic ChaosBuild to SuitGold for the King1:15.45
07/14/19-R7T Loves a Fight1stSar6 1/2 fDAlwOC3+T Loves a FightBinksterZonic1:15.50
06/28/19-R5T Loves a Fight1stBel6 fDClaim3+T Loves a FightBlue BeltCandid Desire1:09.52
06/13/19-R3T Loves a Fight1stBel6 fDClaim3+T Loves a FightToohottoevenspeakProfessor Snape 1:11.27
06/01/19-R7T Loves a Fight4thBel6 fDClaim3+Take Your PlaceBig Bella BrownStill Krz1:09.15
05/12/19-R1T Loves a Fight4thBel7 fDClaim3+ToohottoevenspeakMaimoOrpheus1:25.28
04/26/19-R1T Loves a Fight2ndBel6 fDClaim3+Professor Snape T Loves a FightGypsum Johnny1:12.23
08/27/18-R4T Loves a Fight5thSar6 1/2 fDAllow3+Celtic ChaosSaratoga GiroWeekend Hideaway1:16.19
07/26/18-R9T Loves a Fight7thSar6 1/2 fDJohn Morrissey3+Weekend HideawayEye Luv LuluCeltic Chaos1:15.18
05/28/18-R9T Loves a Fight9thBel1 mileDCommentator3+DiversifyPat On the BackUncle Sigh1:34.34
10/21/17-R8T Loves a Fight5thBel6 1/2 fDHudson 3+OstrolenkaEye Luv LuluPat On the Back1:16.75
08/24/17-R8T Loves a Fight1stSar6 1/2 fDAllow3+T Loves a FightWeekend HideawayCeltic Chaos1:15.41
07/27/17-R9T Loves a Fight4thSar6 1/2 fDJohn Morrissey3+Celtic ChaosOstrolenkaPapa Shot1:17.65
06/25/17-R9T Loves a Fight3rdBel7 fTNew York Stallion Spectacular Bid3CrawdaddyHeldatgunpointT Loves a Fight1:22.83
05/29/17-R7T Loves a Fight1stBel7 fDMike Lee3T Loves a FightSyndergaardPat On the Back1:25.06
04/23/17-R8T Loves a Fight2ndAqu6 1/2 fDNew York Stallion Times Square3Gold for the KingT Loves a FightReason to Soar1:16.53
04/08/17-R7T Loves a Fight1stAqu7 fDAllow3+T Loves a FightCause for SurpriseBourbon Empire1:24.26
10/20/16-R9T Loves a Fight2ndBel6 1/2 fDMcl2Caledonian T Loves a FightSave the Tigers1:17.91
09/23/16-R6T Loves a Fight7thBel7 fDMSW2Mr. BuffConquest PranksterCalculated Risker1:23.14
09/04/16-R6T Loves a Fight7thSar5 1/2 fTMSW2New York's FinestJo's Bold CatBaltic Sea1:02.55
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