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Spring to the Sky
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12 year old Horse
Kentucky (USA) by Phillips Racing Partnership

Spring to the Sky - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
06/09/19-R6Spring to the Sky8thBel6 fTClaim3+ManiacalSpectroliteWicked Freud1:07.29
05/25/19-R10Spring to the Sky9thBel6 fTAlwOC3+Dr. ShaneMai Ty One OnFinal Frontier 1:07.15
08/31/18-R9Spring to the Sky3rdSar5 1/2 fTLucky Coin4+Extravagant KidPocket ChangeSpring to the Sky1:02.21
07/29/18-R8Spring to the Sky2ndSar5 1/2 fTAlwOC3+Rocket HeatSpring to the SkyVici1:03.90
06/08/18-R4Spring to the Sky5thBel6 fTAlwOC3+Sandy'z SlewAbiding StarExpected Ruler1:07.08
11/25/17-R8Spring to the Sky10thAqu6 fTAqueduct Turf Sprint Championship3+Rainbow HeirDubiniConquest Panthera1:08.60
11/10/17-R8Spring to the Sky4thAqu6 fTAlwOC3+Next SharesClever RoyalBlackout1:09.22
09/01/17-R10Spring to the Sky6thSar5 1/2 fTLucky Coin4+We Deer YouLoose On the TownBig Rock1:01.86
07/22/17-R7Spring to the Sky3rdSar5 1/2 fTAlwOC3+Partly MochaViciSpring to the Sky1:01.57
07/02/17-R4Spring to the Sky6thBel6 fTAlwOC3+Dowse's BeachBig RockDo Share1:06.97
12/18/16-R8Spring to the Sky8thAqu6 fDGravesend3+Stallwalkin' DudeGreen GrattoAll Star Red1:11.80
10/19/16-R8Spring to the Sky7thBel1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+Night ProwlerBay of PlentyAlmanaar1:40.76
08/20/16-R5Spring to the Sky6thSar5 1/2 fTTroy3+Disco PartnerGreen MaskRainbow Heir1:00.93
07/25/16-R8Spring to the Sky4thSar5 1/2 fTLucky Coin4+Long On ValueSuccessful NativeUndrafted1:01.75
07/04/16-R6Spring to the Sky1stBel6 fTAlwOC3+Spring to the SkyMoslerSandy'z Slew1:07.76
06/04/16-R2Spring to the Sky2ndPen5 fTPennsylvania Governor's Cup3+Take CoverSpring to the SkyBen's Cat0:56.00
05/20/16-R8Spring to the Sky2ndPim5 fTJim McKay Turf Sprint3+Ben's CatSpring to the SkyRocket Heat0:56.10
11/14/15-R10Spring to the Sky7thLrl6 fDDe Francis Dash3+Gentlemen's BetTrouble KidPalace1:09.34
10/18/15-R4Spring to the Sky8thWO6 fTNearctic Stakes-G23+Bye Bye BernieSummation TimeThe Great War1:09.00
08/22/15-R7Spring to the Sky5thSar5 1/2 fTTroy3+Shore RunnerSummation TimeSummer Breezing1:02.81
07/27/15-R7Spring to the Sky5thSar5 1/2 fTLucky Coin4+Shore RunnerSharp SensationAmelia's Wild Ride1:01.00
07/03/15-R7Spring to the Sky2ndBel6 fTAlwOC3+Shore RunnerSpring to the SkySummation Time1:07.26
06/06/15-R4Spring to the Sky9thBel6 fTJaipur Invitational-G34+Channel MarkerSomething ExtraAgeless1:09.48
04/29/15-R8Spring to the Sky3rdBel7 fTElusive Quality4+MoslerPlainviewSpring to the Sky1:20.63
10/04/14-R5Spring to the Sky5thKee5 1/2 fTWoodford-G33+No Nay NeverMongol BullSharp Sensation1:03.59
08/13/14-R9Spring to the Sky1stSar5 1/2 fDTroy3+Spring to the SkyDads CapsSandy'z Slew1:04.01
07/20/14-R5Spring to the Sky1stSar5 1/2 fTLucky Coin4+Spring to the SkyGreat AttackStrong Impact1:01.66
06/29/14-R7Spring to the Sky1stBel6 fTAlwOC3+Spring to the SkyThe Brothers WarHear the Footsteps1:07.05
06/07/14-R4Spring to the Sky9thBel6 fTJaipur Invitational-G34+UndraftedMarchmanGlobal Power1:07.24
05/16/14-R8Spring to the Sky2ndBel6 fTAlwOC3+Strong ImpactSpring to the SkyHear the Footsteps1:09.09
04/12/14-R7Spring to the Sky10thKee7 fSCommonwealth-G34+Occasional ViewDimensionLaugh Track1:22.77
03/01/14-R8Spring to the Sky4thTam5 fTTurf Dash4+AncilPyrite GreenTell All You Know0:54.88
02/01/14-R9Spring to the Sky5thGP5 fTGulfstream Park Turf Sprint4+Wicked TuneTravelin ManDeterminato0:56.98
01/05/14-R4Spring to the Sky4thGP5 fTAllow4+PartyallnightlongVarsityWicked Tune0:56.37
11/02/13-R7Spring to the Sky11thSA6 1/2 fTBreeders' Cup Turf Sprint-G13+MizdirectionTightend Touchdown1:12.25
11/02/13-R7Spring to the Sky11thSA6 1/2 fTBreeders' Cup Turf Sprint-G13+MizdirectionReneesgotzip1:12.25
10/05/13-R5Spring to the Sky3rdKee5 1/2 fTWoodford-G33+HavelockExpecting CashSpring to the Sky1:03.17
08/26/13-R1Spring to the Sky1stSar5 1/2 fTAlwOC3+Spring to the SkyAwakino CatHappy My Way1:00.81
07/21/13-R8Spring to the Sky9thSar5 1/2 fTFiddlers Patriot Stakes3+Strong ImpactTightend TouchdownVarsity1:01.17
06/19/13-R7Spring to the Sky2ndBel7 fTAlwOC3+Strong ImpactSpring to the SkyNine O Wonderful1:22.01
05/17/13-R9Spring to the Sky2ndPim5 fTJim McKay Turf Sprint3+Ben's CatSpring to the SkyBridgetown0:56.18
10/27/12-R9Spring to the Sky9thBel7 fDBold Ruler-G33+BuffumLittle Drama Associate1:21.68
09/13/12-R5Spring to the Sky1stBel6 fTGroovy Stakes3Spring to the SkySum Of The PartsArtest1:07.84
09/02/12-R9Spring to the Sky9thSar1 1/8 mTSaranac-G33Unbridled CommandSkyringLucky Chappy1:46.54
07/22/12-R2Spring to the Sky3rdSar1 mileTDuluth Stakes3Summer FrontLockoutSpring to the Sky1:34.90
06/16/12-R8Spring to the Sky5thBel1 mileTHill Prince-G33Summer FrontHowe GreatFilm Shot1:33.74
05/24/12-R8Spring to the Sky2ndBel6 fDAlwOC3+CatalanSpring to the SkyPoppa's Pick1:11.09
11/18/11-R2Spring to the Sky4thAqu6 fDAlwOC2He Can RunArtestHannibal Lecter1:10.99
09/24/11-R2Spring to the Sky1stBel5 1/2 fDMSW2Spring to the SkyCasa CreekWharton1:04.55
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