Spoil The Fun Silks Breed, Own & Train horses like
Spoil The Fun
in DerbyVille!
12 year old Horse
(FR) by Snig Elevage

Spoil The Fun - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
10/05/16-R7Spoil The Fun2ndTls1 mileTConditions3+BayounSpoil The FunBamiyan1:38.12
08/28/16-R6Spoil The Fun7thDea1 mileTPrix Quincey-G33+SiyoushakeCaointiornWaikika1:37.98
07/21/16-R7Spoil The Fun1stDea1 mileTConditions4+Spoil The FunLitteratureSainte Amarante1:39.44
09/27/15-R8Spoil The Fun8thSsi1 mileTPremio Vittorio di Capua-G13+Red DubawiBookrunnerCircus Couture1:36.90
08/30/15-R6Spoil The Fun2ndDea1 mileTPrix Quincey-G33+Johnny BarnesStillman1:40.23
08/30/15-R6Spoil The Fun2ndDea1 mileTPrix Quincey-G33+Johnny BarnesSpoil The Fun1:40.23
08/16/15-R5Spoil The Fun9thDea1 mileTPrix Jacques le Marois-G13+EsoteriqueTerritoriesWild Chief1:36.12
06/14/15-R8Spoil The Fun6thCha1 mileTPrix Bertrand du Breuil-G34+FintryAvenir CertainFaufiler1:36.00
05/01/15-R5Spoil The Fun2ndSai1 mileTPrix Du Muguet-G24+BawinaSpoil The FunEsoterique1:40.86
04/12/15-R7Spoil The Fun3rdDus1 mileTFruhjahrs-Meile-G34+AmaronGuilianiSpoil The Fun1:41.84
10/19/14-R3Spoil The Fun1stSsi1 mileTPremio Del Piazzale-G33+Spoil The FunFelicianLine Drummer1:40.80
08/31/14-R4Spoil The Fun2ndDea1 mileTPrix Quincey-G33+SolowSpoil The FunFire Ship1:42.75
07/25/14-R4Spoil The Fun3rdVic1 mileTPrix Jacques de Bremond4+RoeroBoomshackerlackerSpoil The Fun1:43.70
06/15/14-R8Spoil The Fun2ndCha1 mileTPrix Du Chemin de Fer Du Nord-G34+PinturicchioSpoil The FunSilas Marner1:35.49
02/06/14-R7Spoil The Fun12thMey1 mileTHandicap3+Mont RasEl EstruendosoDisa Leader1:36.55
01/23/14-R3Spoil The Fun7thMey1 mileSHandicap3+Alexandra PalaceFree WheelingCapital Attraction1:37.69
10/11/13-R5Spoil The Fun3rdCha1 mileTPrix Du Ranelagh3+Cape PeronMonsieur PlayboySpoil The Fun1:39.71
08/25/13-R6Spoil The Fun3rdDea1 mileTPrix Quincey-G33+Fire ShipBelgian BillSpoil The Fun1:39.70
07/06/13-R4Spoil The Fun6thLon7 fTPrix de la Porte Maillot-G33+Moonlight CloudAmarilloSo Long Malpic1:20.43
06/16/13-R8Spoil The Fun6thCha1 mileTPrix Du Chemin de Fer Du Nord-G34+MainsailLaygirlPoupee Flash1:41.94
05/21/13-R5Spoil The Fun1stLon1 mileTPrix de Montretout4+Spoil The FunPollyanaMainsail1:47.00
04/12/13-R2Spoil The Fun1stBou1 mileTConditions4+Spoil The FunTulipsShamalgan1:45.63
10/24/12-R7Spoil The Fun1stDea7 1/2 fSConditions3Spoil The FunSilverheelsJellicle1:30.09
04/27/12-R3Spoil The Fun4thTls1 mileTPrix Aymeri De Mauleon3LucayanAzevilleGogarty1:40.14
03/10/12-R2Spoil The Fun5thMey1 3/16 mSAl Bastakiya3MickdaamSurferCounterglow1:59.76
01/30/12-R1Spoil The Fun2ndCag1 1/4 mSConditions3Remus De La TourSpoil The FunLoverdose2:04.49
11/11/11-R1Spoil The Fun3rdTls1 mileTCriterium Du Languedoc2Rock Me BabySisypheSpoil The Fun1:44.14
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