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Spirit Of The Law
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13 year old Gelding

Spirit Of The Law - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
11/21/15-R5Spirit Of The Law3rdWol1 1/16 mSClaiming Stakes3+Field Of DreamFleckerlSpirit Of The Law1:47.77
10/26/15-R3Spirit Of The Law8thLei1 1/16 mTHandicap3+Storm RockPinturaPolar Forest1:48.36
10/09/15-R2Spirit Of The Law12thYor1 1/16 mTHandicap3+You're FiredQuick WitWilde Inspiration1:46.06
09/27/15-R4Spirit Of The Law7thEps1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Quest For WonderMica MikaIllusive2:12.17
08/22/15-R6Spirit Of The Law15thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap3+ElhaameRoseburgOff Art2:13.10
08/08/15-R2Spirit Of The Law9thNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Sharp SailorSolo HunterPuzzle Time2:05.59
07/25/15-R2Spirit Of The Law2ndNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Calm AttitudeSpirit Of The LawMy Reward2:07.05
06/13/15-R3Spirit Of The Law2ndChs1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Sennockian StarSpirit Of The LawOne Pekan2:07.67
06/05/15-R2Spirit Of The Law7thEps1 1/4 mTHandicap4+ElberethFire FightingMaster Of Finance2:07.60
05/13/15-R1Spirit Of The Law9thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap4+MahsoobMaster Of FinanceFirst Flight2:12.15
05/02/15-R1Spirit Of The Law10thNew1 1/8 mTHandicap3+Balty BoysHalationEducate1:51.70
04/16/15-R3Spirit Of The Law4thRip1 1/4 mTHandicap4+ChanceryPuzzle TimeSilvery Moon2:06.54
03/28/15-R6Spirit Of The Law7thCfd1 1/4 mSHandicap4+Maverick WaveBaryeSennockian Star2:05.27
10/10/14-R3Spirit Of The Law2ndYor1 1/16 mTHandicap3+HomageSpirit Of The LawNo Poppy1:44.57
09/27/14-R4Spirit Of The Law19thNew1 1/8 mTHeritage Handicap3+Bronze AngelNiceofyoutotellmeVelox1:48.69
09/20/14-R4Spirit Of The Law6thNby1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Air PilotFirst FlightVentura Quest2:09.79
08/23/14-R6Spirit Of The Law2ndYor1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Queensberry RulesSpirit Of The LawI'm Fraam Govan2:11.25
08/02/14-R5Spirit Of The Law2ndDon1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Whispering WarriorSpirit Of The LawYenhaab2:09.61
07/17/14-R6Spirit Of The Law4thLeo1 1/4 mTPremier Handicap3+Chance To DanceMagnolia BeachNed's Indian2:02.63
06/14/14-R2Spirit Of The Law1stYor1 1/16 mTHandicap3+Spirit Of The LawBusattoRoserrow1:50.20
06/06/14-R4Spirit Of The Law11thEps1 1/16 mTHandicap4+AbseilLlanarmon LadRed Avenger1:42.35
05/14/14-R1Spirit Of The Law8thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap4+Clever CookieTres CoronasAwake My Soul2:09.51
04/26/14-R6Spirit Of The Law7thDon1 5/16 mTHandicap4+Arab SpringJazz MasterStorm King2:16.00
12/14/13-R2Spirit Of The Law8thWol1 3/16 mSHandicap3+Marshgate LaneSolar DeityTeolagi2:01.27
11/27/13-R6Spirit Of The Law1stLin1 1/4 mSHandicap3+Spirit Of The LawLowtherMarshgate Lane2:02.58
11/15/13-R7Spirit Of The Law3rdWol1 3/16 mSHandicap3+Come On Blue ChipZain EagleSpirit Of The Law2:00.45
09/27/13-R7Spirit Of The Law25thNew1 1/8 mTHandicap3+BancnuanaheireannSheila's BuddyTigers Tale1:52.01
09/19/13-R7Spirit Of The Law5thAyr1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Hi ThereBeaumont's PartyGrandorio2:15.29
08/24/13-R6Spirit Of The Law5thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Sam SharpSennockian StarHi There2:10.40
07/30/13-R1Spirit Of The Law4thGoo1 1/4 mTHandicap4+ViewpointNabuccoLabarinto2:07.71
04/23/13-R6Spirit Of The Law1stYar1 1/4 mTHandicap4+Spirit Of The LawTenureCawett Cove2:07.38
09/14/12-R6Spirit Of The Law7thChs1 5/16 mTHandicap3Eastern DestinyDeia SunriseClon Brulee2:16.09
09/01/12-R3Spirit Of The Law6thBev1 1/4 mTHandicap3UniversalChapter SevenSheikhzayedroad2:07.85
05/12/12-R5Spirit Of The Law2ndNot1 1/4 mTHandicap3Last ShadowSpirit Of The LawZakreet2:16.74
04/27/12-R5Spirit Of The Law1stDon1 5/16 mTHandicap3Spirit Of The LawBeyond ConceitRocktherunway2:17.72
04/04/12-R4Spirit Of The Law4thWol1 3/16 mSHandicap3ApothecaryZain PrincessBeauchamp Castle2:04.68
06/22/11-R3Spirit Of The Law7thKem7 fSMaiden Stakes2Pearl MixQuick BiteDevdas1:27.24
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