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5 year old Horse
New York (USA) by Stonegate Stables

Scrutinize - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/31/19-R5Scrutinize 8thAqu1 mileDClaimOther Things EqualBeachsideBad Guy1:38.71
09/26/19-R8Scrutinize 6thBel1 1/16 mTClaim3+Coral Legacy Ninja DustTime Expired1:41.72
09/14/19-R5Scrutinize 9thBel1 1/16 mTClaim3+Honorable HeroNo RegretsFotis1:42.01
08/15/19-R6Scrutinize 3rdSar1 1/8 mTClaim3+Mo ZoneSouthern BrigadeScrutinize 1:46.91
07/27/19-R12Scrutinize 4thSar1 mileTClaim3+Surge PricingLetterman Fotis1:37.09
07/07/19-R1Scrutinize 4thBel1 1/16 mTClaim3+Impazible OddsMy AmanjenaFotis1:42.43
06/22/19-R5Scrutinize 8thBel1 mileTClaim3+MonaghanDanny CaliforniaMo Gee1:35.67
06/14/19-R4Scrutinize 4thBel1 1/16 mTClaim3+MobridgeTiz a ChancePeculiar Sensation1:44.31
05/12/19-R6Scrutinize 5thBel1 mileDClaim3+Shamrock KidRockin JoTiz No Bluff1:38.75
05/04/19-R9Scrutinize 8thBel7 fDAllow3+Big GemmyNew York Hero Nueva York1:24.40
04/20/19-R7Scrutinize 4thAqu1 mileDAllow3+Minsky Moment Beach AccessLutsky1:38.75
03/23/19-R3Scrutinize 6thAqu1 mileDMSW3+TurbulenceInvestBad Guy
02/22/19-R1Scrutinize 6thAqu7 fDMSW3+Castle CasanovaDeputy FlagBad Guy
02/07/19-R3Scrutinize 5thAqu7 fDMSW4+Big EngineGivetheman a CigarKillala Bay
01/10/19-R2Scrutinize 4thAqu1 1/8 mDMSW4+Battle of SaratogaGolcondaKillala Bay
09/27/18-R9Scrutinize 2ndBel1 mileDMcl3+Spa JazzScrutinize Shuffling Madness1:38.53
07/15/18-R6Scrutinize 7thBel1 1/16 mTMcl3+Ten EyckJoe's Smokin Gun Run for Boston1:46.14
06/23/18-R10Scrutinize 6thBel1 1/8 mTMcl3+Appealing BriefsJoe's Smokin Gun Run for Boston1:48.74
06/01/18-R9Scrutinize 6thBel1 mileTMcl3+Saratoga ColonelJoe's Smokin Gun Platinum Nugget1:38.49
04/20/18-R6Scrutinize 7thAqu1 1/16 mTMcl3+Sentry Texican Cumulative1:43.75
03/10/18-R6Scrutinize 9thAqu1 mileDMSW3SpekeSanto AntonioBourbon Did It 1:41.40
10/19/17-R6Scrutinize 7thBel1 mileDMSW2New York Hero Dark OpsOdin's Steed1:38.44
09/09/17-R4Scrutinize 7thBel1 mileDMSW2Super Sermon HoardIndimaaj
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