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8 year old Horse
Rocketry wins 2018 Marathon Stakes
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Rocketry - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
08/05/21-R9Rocketry 4thSar1 3/4 mDBirdstone4+Lone Rock Shooger Ray TooMoretti 2:56.45
06/05/21-R4Rocketry 8thBel1 1/2mDBrooklyn Invitational-G24+Lone Rock TizamagicianMoretti 2:28.97
04/30/21-R3Rocketry 3rdBel1 3/8 m DFlat Out4+Musical HeartAjaaweedRocketry 2:19.35
11/06/20-R5Rocketry 1stKee1 5/8 mDMarathon Stakes-G23+Rocketry MirinaqueDack Janiel's2:42.57
09/18/20-R4Rocketry 3rdBel1 1/2mDMiner's Mark3+Danny CaliforniaYou're to BlameRocketry 2:33.01
08/02/20-R9Rocketry 3rdSar1 3/4 mDBirdstone4+Moretti You're to BlameRocketry 2:58.51
06/11/20-R9Rocketry 4thBel1 3/8 m DFlat Out4+Moretti Sir WinstonExpert 2:16.31
09/07/19-R8Rocketry 4thBel1 1/2mDGrand Prix American Jockey Club Invitational3+You're to BlameMarconi Realm2:28.07
08/01/19-R9Rocketry 3rdSar1 3/4 mDBirdstone3+King Zachary Marconi Rocketry 2:52.97
07/06/19-R10Rocketry 8thBel1 1/4 mDSuburban Handicap-G24+PreservationistCatholic BoyPavel 1:59.99
06/08/19-R13Rocketry 2ndBel1 1/2mDBrooklyn Invitational-G24+Marconi Rocketry Realm2:28.97
05/09/19-R8Rocketry 2ndBel1 3/8 m DFlat Out4+Marconi Rocketry Tour de Force2:15.35
03/29/19-R8Rocketry 5thGP1 3/16 mDSkip Away4+Marconi Sir AnthonyRealm1:56.30
11/02/18-R10Rocketry 1stCD1 3/4 mDMarathon Stakes-G23+Rocketry DabsterBig Dollar Bill2:57.62
09/30/18-R8Rocketry 1stBel1 5/8 mDTemperence Hill Invitational3+Rocketry You're to BlameWar Story2:40.18
08/22/18-R9Rocketry 5thSar1 5/8 mTJohn's Call3+Focus Group RenownPatterson Cross2:43.83
07/21/18-R7Rocketry 3rdSar1 3/8 m TAlwOC4+Call ProvisionHello Don JulioRocketry 2:14.28
06/08/18-R10Rocketry 4thBel2 milesTBelmont Gold Cup Invitational-G24+Call To MindCanessarPrince Of Arran3:16.78
04/27/18-R8Rocketry 1stBel1 1/4 mTAlwOC3+Rocketry Roman ApprovalSt. Louie2:03.08
03/24/18-R11Rocketry 5thGP1 1/16 mTAlwOC4+Conquest Sandman Keep QuietGiant Payday1:40.14
02/11/18-R10Rocketry 2ndGP1 1/8 mTAlwOC4+Lucullan Rocketry Brucarita1:48.42
10/07/17-R9Rocketry 6thBel1 1/8 mTHill Prince-G33Yoshida Lucullan Bricks and Mortar 1:47.07
09/02/17-R9Rocketry 4thSar1 1/8 mTSaranac-G33Voodoo SongYoshida Bricks and Mortar 1:46.18
07/28/17-R8Rocketry 1stSar1 3/8 m TAllow3+Rocketry GauguinMemories of Peter2:14.96
07/02/17-R8Rocketry 2ndBel1 1/4 mTAlwOC3+TathqeefRocketry Gauguin1:59.34
06/09/17-R6Rocketry 1stBel1 3/8 m TMSW3+Rocketry Into The Breach Im The Captain Now2:12.86
05/12/17-R7Rocketry 3rdBel1 1/4 mTMSW3+Carbon DataInto The Breach Rocketry 2:05.01
02/11/17-R8Rocketry 7thGP7 1/2 fTMSW3Escape Velocity Hieroglyphics Wannabeaplayer 1:30.17
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