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Pot Of Gold
in DerbyVille!
15 year old Gelding
Kentucky (USA) by Sun Valley Farm

Pot Of Gold - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
04/12/15-R5Pot Of Gold8thPim6 fDClaim3VimRocky RomanoRedheaded Stranger1:11.41
02/08/15-R9Pot Of Gold5thLrl7 fDClaim4+Magic LionPoppa's PickSir Travis1:26.01
01/29/15-R10Pot Of Gold4thLrl5 1/2 fDClaim4+Don's HonourWildcat CreekIdle Spur1:04.85
01/03/15-R3Pot Of Gold5thLrl6 fDClaim4+Athabaskan HeroDon's HonourRocky Romano1:13.90
12/06/14-R5Pot Of Gold3rdLrl6 fDClaim3+Classic SpeedSambucca StevePot Of Gold1:12.24
03/22/14-R5Pot Of Gold3rdLrl5 1/2 fDClaim4+PeaceadaactionDon's HonourPot Of Gold1:05.26
02/22/14-R3Pot Of Gold2ndLrl6 fDClaim4+Cat in the ForestPot Of GoldThe Snickers Kid1:12.56
02/08/14-R7Pot Of Gold1stLrl5 1/2 fDClaim4+Pot Of GoldThe Camden CometBellissima Luna1:06.68
01/20/14-R2Pot Of Gold2ndLrl5 1/2 fDClaim4DodgyPot Of GoldOk Nothanksforaskn
01/04/14-R6Pot Of Gold7thPrx7 fDClaim4+IntensivistGrandad BudBlue Light Special1:21.74
10/05/13-R3Pot Of Gold7thPrx1 mileDClaim3+Ricky TickThe LaurelsDonato1:38.51
09/15/13-R7Pot Of Gold3rdMth6 fDClaim3+Osceola PrinceMystical TerpPot Of Gold1:10.72
08/24/13-R6Pot Of Gold3rdMth6 fDAlwOC3+Good Feng ShuiThunder HolePot Of Gold1:10.61
04/05/13-R3Pot Of Gold2ndTam7 fDStr4+Pick FourPot Of GoldLonghammer1:25.27
03/22/13-R7Pot Of Gold3rdGP6 fDAlwOC4+On AppealDouble JudgePot Of Gold1:10.74
02/14/13-R1Pot Of Gold3rdTam6 fDStr4+See I AJacobs KissPot Of Gold1:10.60
01/18/13-R7Pot Of Gold1stTam1 40yDAlwOC4+Pot Of GoldLivin LargeIcy Strait1:41.55
12/23/12-R4Pot Of Gold1stTam7 fDClaim3+Pot Of GoldThatlleaveamarkClever Performance1:24.09
12/01/12-R4Pot Of Gold2ndGP6 fDClaiming Crown Express3+TibanPot Of GoldCounty Gun1:09.91
08/16/12-R2Pot Of Gold1stMth1 70yDClaim3+Pot Of GoldGold Strike BeginsMore Than Candy1:42.61
07/28/12-R9Pot Of Gold1stMth1 mileDStrPot Of GoldDivine ChildRebel Raider1:38.62
07/01/12-R2Pot Of Gold2ndMth1 70yDStr3+Diamond DistrictPot Of GoldBold Intention1:44.33
05/28/12-R3Pot Of Gold2ndMth6 fDClaim3+Secret CommanderPot Of GoldMipando1:09.70
04/21/12-R11Pot Of Gold2ndTam6 1/2 fDStr4+EscortPot Of GoldTrojan Pride1:17.11
04/06/12-R3Pot Of Gold2ndTam7 fDStr4+Dazzlin Dr ColognePot Of GoldSwitching To Glide1:23.06
02/26/12-R3Pot Of Gold1stTam6 1/2 fDClaim4+Pot Of GoldSan ValentinoTurnpike Token1:17.14
02/11/12-R2Pot Of Gold2ndTam6 fDClaim4+Bear AlwaysPot Of GoldSeeyouinthecity1:10.66
01/19/12-R3Pot Of Gold1stTam6 fDClaim4+Pot Of GoldStudleySicky Nicky1:11.06
01/08/12-R1Pot Of Gold2ndTam6 fDClaim4+Muted WordPot Of GoldTurbeyville1:10.75
12/21/11-R9Pot Of Gold4thTam6 1/2 fDClaim3+Bear AlwaysGold CastleKitten's Caregiver1:17.78
11/01/11-R1Pot Of Gold1stMnr6 fDClaim3+Pot Of GoldChillin VillianRoundup Jade1:10.94
04/15/11-R3Pot Of Gold6thKee7 fSClaim4+KhukuriDixie BandBig Flirt1:22.85
03/20/11-R9Pot Of Gold2ndTP6 fSClaim3+Go GetemPot Of GoldFrenchman's Cove1:11.42
03/05/11-R6Pot Of Gold4thTP6 1/2 fSClaim3+Wild AlexHobo To HeroGo Getem1:18.70
01/16/11-R2Pot Of Gold1stTP6 1/2 fSClaim4+Pot Of GoldWaxingNeed Money Dad1:20.37
04/26/10-R3Pot Of Gold4thIND6 fDClaim3+Palm SpringsGoldfinderOnline Code1:11.04
09/17/09-R5Pot Of Gold3rdTP5 1/2 fSClaim3+Archie TruckerMr. NonamePot Of Gold1:05.19
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