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Pale Hose
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11 year old Horse
Illinois (USA) by [Add Data]

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Yankee GentlemanStorm CatStorm Bird
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Pale Hose - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
09/08/18-R2Pale Hose6thAP5 fSClaim3+Dom The BombGreenhornDashing Derek0:58.79
09/01/18-R3Pale Hose4thAP6 fSClaim3+SavieBrave BennyStrong Response1:11.38
08/23/18-R7Pale Hose3rdAP5 fSClaim3+RivzinthehousePruePale Hose0:57.88
08/03/18-R1Pale Hose3rdAP6 fSClaim3+My CurbyGreenhornPale Hose1:12.64
07/22/18-R1Pale Hose2ndAP5 1/2 fSClaim3+RivzinthehousePale HoseGreenhorn1:04.32
07/08/18-R8Pale Hose7thAP5 1/2 fTAlwOC3+Mister MaestroGorgeous GeorgeSpanish Justice1:02.88
06/30/18-R1Pale Hose6thAP5 fSAlwOC3+RoskildeOnly LiquorDumbmark0:57.44
09/21/17-R4Pale Hose1stAP5 fTAlwOC3+Pale HoseElectrifyingHey Pretty Boy0:58.01
08/27/17-R5Pale Hose5thAP5 fTAlwOC3+KyzanHey Pretty BoyDo Not Enter0:58.46
08/10/17-R3Pale Hose7thAP5 fTAlwOC3+Strike QuietMidnight Blue NotePablo Del Monte0:57.82
07/21/17-R5Pale Hose2ndAP5 fSAlwOC3+Bajan RhythmPale HoseSpecialeyes0:58.03
06/24/17-R3Pale Hose7thAP5 fTAlwOC3+Flashdance RoadMidnight Blue NoteBajan Rhythm0:59.89
06/11/17-R2Pale Hose5thAP5 fTClaim3+Boom BoxOnly LiquorRip Roarin Ritchie0:57.39
05/07/16-R5Pale Hose4thAP5 fTClaim3+Rip Roarin RitchieOh My ToddBoom Box0:58.99
02/11/16-R6Pale Hose10thFG5 1/2 fTAllow4+Latent RevengeHail to the NileValue Voucher1:04.72
11/04/15-R5Pale Hose2ndHaw5 fTAllow3+Oh My ToddPale HosePrima Storm
10/16/15-R7Pale Hose4thHaw5 fTAlwOC3+RivzinthehouseBoom BoxUncle Jeep0:56.91
09/26/15-R2Pale Hose1stAP5 1/2 fTClaim3+Pale HoseToo TallMalachite1:03.38
08/16/15-R7Pale Hose2ndAP5 1/2 fTClaim3+Imperial RobynPale HoseChatito1:04.11
07/24/15-R5Pale Hose1stAP5 1/2 fTClaim3+Pale HoseImperial RobynMalachite1:04.37
07/02/15-R4Pale Hose1stAP5 fTClaim3+Pale HoseThere's No TellingGyp Rope0:59.50
06/06/15-R2Pale Hose6thAP5 fTClaim3+RivzinthehouseHawk's ImageMalachite0:57.04
06/05/14-R6Pale Hose8thAP5 1/2 fTAlwOC3+Luck With A KissExpecting CashRoarin Missile1:04.70
04/26/14-R10Pale Hose2ndHaw6 1/2 fDAllow3+Sacred RangePale HoseHayq's Fable1:19.45
04/05/14-R9Pale Hose7thHaw6 fDAllow3+Easy SolutionEven FeverSweep E Prado1:10.71
03/15/14-R8Pale Hose7thHaw6 fDAllow3+Right Now RichieSweep E PradoMoreno's Mine1:12.11
02/14/14-R7Pale Hose10thOP6 fDAllow4+MasaruHang CoolRosscat1:11.87
11/16/13-R2Pale Hose2ndHaw5 fTClaim3+DoimakeyahappyPale HoseKipling's King0:58.35
11/01/13-R4Pale Hose1stHaw5 fDClaim3+Pale HoseBattle FactsMoreno's Mine0:58.80
10/11/13-R2Pale Hose2ndHaw5 fTClaim3+PeteizumPale HoseForest Elf0:58.10
09/06/13-R6Pale Hose5thAP5 fTAllow3+CammackHe GoneTwo Lions0:57.17
08/15/13-R9Pale Hose1stAP5 fTMcl3+Pale HosePure AristotlePapa Josey0:58.49
08/08/13-R8Pale Hose11thAP1 1/16 mTMSW3+Smarty BoyAlpha KitalphaSlammerbdancing1:46.83
07/14/13-R8Pale Hose6thAP5 fTMcl3+Keep 'em LaughingWell ManneredMelo Mason0:58.29
06/22/13-R10Pale Hose9thAP5 fSMcl3+Frostbite FallsChevronsThird Crusade0:58.46
05/31/13-R5Pale Hose2ndAP5 fTMcl3+Candy StreetPale HoseDelux Deelite1:00.54
05/11/13-R9Pale Hose11thAP5 1/2 fSMSW3+PlunderHe'sarulerSmarty Boy1:05.17
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