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Oh This Is Us
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8 year old Horse

Oh This Is Us - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
10/30/21-R7Oh This Is Us9thNew1 mileTBen Marshall Stakes3+ZakouskiStormy Antarctic Jadoomi1:38.70
10/16/21-R6Oh This Is Us12thAsc1 mileTHandicap3+AldaarySymbolizeMagical Morning1:42.64
10/02/21-R5Oh This Is Us4thRed7 fTGuisborough Stakes3+AzanoGlesga GalMotakhayyel1:21.19
09/11/21-R4Oh This Is Us4thDon7 fTPark Stakes-G23+Glorious JourneyD'baiLaneqash1:26.73
08/12/21-R6Oh This Is Us10thSal1 mileTSovereign Stakes-G33+MegallanSir BuskerPerotto1:43.09
07/10/21-R3Oh This Is Us3rdChs7 fTCity Plate3+Safe VoyageMatthew FlindersOh This Is Us1:25.31
06/26/21-R3Oh This Is Us12thNcs6 fSChipchase Stakes-G33+Chil ChilGood EffortDiligent Harry1:11.13
06/05/21-R3Oh This Is Us1stEps1 1/16 mTDiomed Stakes-G33+Oh This Is UsCentury DreamBell Rock1:47.31
05/10/21-R5Oh This Is Us4thWin1 mileTRoyal Windsor Stakes3+Solid StoneStormy Antarctic Qaysar1:41.49
04/28/21-R6Oh This Is Us1stAsc1 mileTParadise Stakes4+Oh This Is UsPrince EijiSir Busker1:40.60
04/18/21-R5Oh This Is Us9thNby1 mileTHandicap4+NuggetDanyahMatthew Flinders1:37.14
04/13/21-R4Oh This Is Us2ndNew1 mileTHandicap4+OverwriteOh This Is UsScottish Summit1:38.77
03/13/21-R6Oh This Is Us9thWol1 1/16 mSHandicap4+Born To Be AliveOn A SessionMission Boy1:48.26
10/29/20-R4Oh This Is Us8thLin7 fSHandicap3+DocumentingGhalyoonMaxi Boy1:23.35
09/20/20-R2Oh This Is Us1stCfd7 fSHandicap3+Oh This Is UsAnimal InstinctDubai Legacy1:23.64
08/15/20-R5Oh This Is Us7thDon7 fTHandicap3+Magical WishGhalyoonTinker Toy1:23.26
07/23/20-R4Oh This Is Us4thPon1 mileTPomfret Stakes3+Dark VisionBeringerFoxtrot Lady1:42.87
07/04/20-R2Oh This Is Us4thEps7 fTSurrey Stakes3+Safe VoyageVale Of KentShine So Bright1:19.88
06/05/20-R4Oh This Is Us5thNew1 mileTParadise Stakes3+Marie's DiamondLord TennysonVale Of Kent1:34.47
02/19/20-R3Oh This Is Us4thNcs7 fSHandicap4+SanaadhRathboneGlen Shiel1:25.88
02/03/20-R5Oh This Is Us5thWol1 1/16 mSConditions Stakes4+Via SerendipityFox PowerArcanada1:45.76
11/20/19-R5Oh This Is Us9thKem1 mileSHyde Stakes3+Set PieceKhuzaamAccidental Agent1:36.27
10/11/19-R3Oh This Is Us3rdNew7 fTChallenge Stakes-G23+MustashryLimatoOh This Is Us1:24.91
08/31/19-R2Oh This Is Us1stChs7 1/2 fTHandicap3+Oh This Is UsAlemaratalyoumBarristan The Bold1:35.02
08/24/19-R4Oh This Is Us9thGoo7 fTHandicap3+Salute The SoldierTabarrakZhui Feng1:25.70
07/28/19-R4Oh This Is Us5thPon1 mileTPomfret Stakes3+Marie's DiamondDi FedeKhafoo Shememi1:45.97
07/13/19-R3Oh This Is Us2ndChs7 fTCity Plate3+Beauty FillyOh This Is UsSalateen1:27.67
06/29/19-R4Oh This Is Us6thWin1 mileTMidsummer Stakes3+MatterhornNew GraduateKhafoo Shememi1:39.47
06/14/19-R5Oh This Is Us3rdYor1 mileTGanton Stakes3+Happy PowerWadilsafaOh This Is Us1:39.61
06/01/19-R3Oh This Is Us2ndEps1 1/16 mTDiomed Stakes-G33+ZaakiOh This Is UsChief Ironside1:40.46
05/13/19-R4Oh This Is Us2ndWin1 mileTRoyal Windsor Stakes3+Bye Bye Hong KongOh This Is UsBreton Rock1:44.72
04/26/19-R4Oh This Is Us6thSan1 mileTbet365 Mile-G24+Beat The BankSharja BridgeRegal Reality1:43.23
04/19/19-R7Oh This Is Us1stLin1 mileSConditions Stakes4+Oh This Is UsIndycoGlendevon1:35.26
03/09/19-R4Oh This Is Us7thWol7 fSLady Wulfruna Stakes4+Above The RestIsland Of LifeCardsharp1:26.25
02/23/19-R5Oh This Is Us1stLin1 mileSHandicap4+Oh This Is UsApex KingMain Street1:36.24
02/04/19-R3Oh This Is Us2ndWol1 1/16 mSConditions Stakes4+HathalOh This Is UsSilver Quartz1:47.52
10/21/18-R5Oh This Is Us6thSsi1 mileTPremio Vittorio di Capua-G23+Anda MuchachoDegasAncient Spirit1:35.70
10/06/18-R6Oh This Is Us2ndLon1 mileTPrix Daniel Wildenstein-G23+OstilioOh This Is UsHey Gaman1:38.94
09/15/18-R2Oh This Is Us3rdDon7 fTPark Stakes-G23+MustashryD'baiOh This Is Us1:23.92
09/01/18-R1Oh This Is Us1stChs7 1/2 fTHandicap3+Oh This Is UsLualiwaLake Volta1:30.62
08/25/18-R2Oh This Is Us6thGoo1 mileTCelebration Mile-G23+Beat The BankWhisky BaronStormy Antarctic 1:37.12
08/16/18-R5Oh This Is Us2ndSal1 mileTSovereign Stakes-G33+PlumaticOh This Is UsZonderland1:45.02
07/28/18-R3Oh This Is Us20thAsc7 fTHeritage Handicap3+Burnt SugarArbaletRipp Orf1:26.91
07/14/18-R3Oh This Is Us1stChs7 fTCity Plate3+Oh This Is UsPromisingChessman1:27.37
06/30/18-R5Oh This Is Us2ndWin1 mileTMidsummer Stakes3+Zhui FengOh This Is UsGabrial1:46.73
06/19/18-R1Oh This Is Us11thAsc1 mileTQueen Anne Stakes-G14+Accidental AgentLord GlittersLightning Spear1:38.85
05/14/18-R4Oh This Is Us2ndWin1 mileTRoyal Windsor Stakes3+ArodOh This Is UsKhafoo Shememi1:41.52
03/01/18-R4Oh This Is Us3rdMey7 fTHandicap3+Top ScoreThe Grape EscapeOh This Is Us1:23.85
02/17/18-R7Oh This Is Us1stMey7 fTHandicap3+Oh This Is UsTop ScoreVan Der Decken1:23.62
11/04/17-R7Oh This Is Us5thNew1 mileTBen Marshall Stakes3+Bravo ZoloLord GlittersVia Via1:39.47
10/21/17-R6Oh This Is Us7thAsc1 mileTHandicap3+Lord GlittersGm HopkinsDark Red1:45.91
09/16/17-R4Oh This Is Us3rdLin7 fTConditions Stakes3+Dream Of DreamsMutawatheaOh This Is Us1:24.54
08/26/17-R4Oh This Is Us4thGoo1 mileTCelebration Mile-G23+Lightning SpearZonderlandHathal1:38.89
08/01/17-R3Oh This Is Us11thGoo7 fTLennox Stakes-G23+Breton RockHome Of The BraveSuedois1:26.62
06/20/17-R1Oh This Is Us8thAsc1 mileTQueen Anne Stakes-G14+RibchesterMutakayyefDeauville1:36.60
06/03/17-R3Oh This Is Us3rdEps1 1/16 mTDiomed Stakes-G33+Sovereign DebtGabrialOh This Is Us1:42.61
05/13/17-R4Oh This Is Us1stHay7 fTSpring Trophy Stakes3+Oh This Is UsAbsolutely SoSo Beloved1:28.12
04/29/17-R3Oh This Is Us2ndHay7 fTHandicap4+AfjaanOh This Is UsFawaareq1:26.06
04/14/17-R6Oh This Is Us1stBat1 mileTHandicap4+Oh This Is UsHors De CombatEl Vip1:38.08
04/01/17-R4Oh This Is Us2ndDon1 mileTHeritage Handicap4+BraveryOh This Is UsDonncha1:38.38
02/23/17-R7Oh This Is Us5thMey7 fTHandicap3+SuyoofBravo ZoloTahanee1:24.06
02/09/17-R6Oh This Is Us3rdMey7 fTHandicap3+SalateenFlash FireOh This Is Us1:23.72
11/05/16-R4Oh This Is Us1stDon7 fTHandicap3+Oh This Is UsBertiewhittleAl Khan1:24.63
10/27/16-R5Oh This Is Us3rdLin7 fSHandicap3+Lord Of The LandAlfred HutchinsonOh This Is Us1:23.50
09/24/16-R7Oh This Is Us8thNew7 fTHandicap3+SalateenShady McCoyVon Blucher1:25.24
08/29/16-R6Oh This Is Us8thChp1 mileTHandicap3+Medburn DreamGlory AwaitsPeak Storm1:35.95
07/30/16-R5Oh This Is Us1stNewJ7 fTHandicap3+Oh This Is UsHighland ColoriWindfast1:24.10
07/23/16-R3Oh This Is Us8thAsc1 mileTHandicap3MustashryPirouetteFolkswood1:39.85
06/16/16-R5Oh This Is Us18thAsc1 mileTHeritage Handicap3LimitlessAbe LincolnCalifornia Whip1:40.42
05/21/16-R3Oh This Is Us1stGoo7 fTHandicap3Oh This Is UsHaalickTang Fleming1:28.05
05/12/16-R7Oh This Is Us1stNew1 mileTHandicap3Oh This Is UsMidnight MacchiatoMariee1:39.04
04/28/16-R6Oh This Is Us1stCfd1 mileSHandicap3Oh This Is UsThaqaffaWe Are Ninety1:40.00
12/30/15-R6Oh This Is Us3rdWol1 1/16 mSMaiden Stakes2Disobedience King Of DreamsOh This Is Us1:48.96
11/17/15-R2Oh This Is Us7thLin1 mileSMaiden Stakes2KummiyaAlways WelcomeCap Canaille1:38.66
07/06/15-R2Oh This Is Us14thWin6 fTMaiden Stakes2Imperious OneHoniaraStylistik1:12.83
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