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No Soup For You
in DerbyVille!
11 year old Mare
(CAN) by [Add Data]

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Alphabet SoupCozzeneCaro
Ride the Trails
IlliterateArts and Letters
Laurel Mae
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No Soup For You - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/09/17-R7No Soup For You6thWO1 1/16 mSStr3+Modus OperandiTurn To RealityLuckbe Tanya1:44.39
12/01/17-R3No Soup For You3rdWO1 1/16 mSClaim3+Modus OperandiHidden to WinNo Soup For You1:46.32
09/27/17-R7No Soup For You3rdWO7 fDClaim3+Midnight BrewTrabaciousNo Soup For You1:23.16
07/09/17-R5No Soup For You5thWO6 1/2 fSClaim3+PartyonthepatioFunny Funny RiddleCanna Red1:17.00
04/16/16-R5No Soup For You3rdWO5 1/2 fSClaim3+Our GabrielleTrip Over The LineNo Soup For You1:05.27
09/05/15-R7No Soup For You9thWO6 fTAlwOC3+Quidi VidiAlilactionVirreina1:09.89
08/23/15-R2No Soup For You6thWO7 fSClaim3+Hidden to WinPipers JourneyPoly Anna1:24.17
08/03/15-R3No Soup For You4thWO6 fSClaim3+Alpha AwayStarship SabrinaMarcian1:10.18
05/01/15-R7No Soup For You5thWO6 1/2 fSClaim3+Generous ConsortClarkston HopeFaringdon Circle1:17.10
04/12/15-R5No Soup For You1stWO5 fSAllow3+No Soup For YouTap O'the MountainD Forty Four0:58.16
11/23/14-R9No Soup For You6thWO1 1/16 mSAllow3+Hurricane MimiSligo LillieMy Bid1:46.86
11/14/14-R3No Soup For You2ndWO7 fSAllow3+Clarkston HopeNo Soup For YouMy Bid1:24.19
10/18/14-R10No Soup For You6thWO6 1/2 fSAllow3+VirreinaClarkston HopeCatch Some Zs1:17.44
09/14/14-R10No Soup For You7thWO6 fSAllow3+I Scream SundayLady DibaVirreina1:11.17
08/22/14-R7No Soup For You5thWO6 1/2 fSAllow3+Bambarra BoldI'm Just SayinNatural Blonde1:17.11
08/01/14-R7No Soup For You4thWO6 fSAllow3+AdoraboldI Scream SundayDerek's Darling1:11.55
07/09/14-R7No Soup For You3rdWO7 fSAllow3+FirewithdesireNatural BlondeNo Soup For You1:23.98
05/23/14-R3No Soup For You4thWO1 1/16 mSAllow3Sweater WeatherMy BidBear's Pride1:45.82
05/02/14-R4No Soup For You1stWO6 fSMSW3+No Soup For YouElginI'm Just Sayin1:11.13
12/15/13-R3No Soup For You8thWO6 fSMSW2Aragorn AmiMrs. MontyTreasure Forever1:12.09
12/07/13-R5No Soup For You10thWO7 fSMSW2Relocate The SkyI'm Just SayinGreen Bay1:26.00
11/22/13-R4No Soup For You8thWO5 fSMSW2Madam GadgettRing With BlingEvery Penny Counts0:59.31
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