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Need To Know
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14 year old Gelding
Need to Know trained by Ali Rashid Al Rayhi and ridden by Tadhg O’Shea win the featured Gulf News Conditions race at Meydan Racecourse on Thursday November 17, 2016
Dubai Racing Club/Andrew Watkins

Need To Know - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
01/26/17-R6Need To Know7thMey1 mileDHandicap3+Heavy MetalFrankyfourfingersAlabaster1:37.84
01/12/17-R4Need To Know6thMey1 mileDHandicap3+North AmericaHeavy MetalPower Blade1:35.65
01/05/17-R6Need To Know7thMey1 1/8 mTSingspiel Stakes3+Light The LightsChampionshipEarnshaw1:48.12
12/15/16-R7Need To Know7thMey1 mileDDubai Creek Mile3+FitzgeraldFarrierCool Cowboy1:37.52
11/17/16-R5Need To Know1stMey1 mileDConditions3+Need To KnowHeavy MetalEnnobled Friend1:38.73
11/13/16-R3Need To Know6thAbu1 mileTConditions3+Shamaal NibrasInvincible StrikeChampionship1:33.10
09/11/16-R10Need To Know16thSeo1 1/8 mDKorea Cup3+ChrysoliteKurino Star OTriple Nine1:52.30
04/02/16-R4Need To Know9thJin1 mileTHandicap3+ExpertLife PartnerSpecial Boy1:36.39
03/04/16-R6Need To Know3rdJeb1 1/8 mDConditions3+MizbahBluffNeed To Know1:49.66
02/19/16-R3Need To Know9thJeb1 1/4 mDJebel Ali Stakes3+HaatheqFarrierSefri1:57.93
02/13/16-R4Need To Know4thMey1 mileTHandicap3+GroorMutasayyidVale Do Sol1:38.25
01/30/16-R4Need To Know2ndMey1 1/8 mTHandicap3+TorchlighterNeed To KnowGeorgetown1:48.96
01/16/16-R6Need To Know2ndMey1 mileTHandicap3+UdododontuNeed To KnowPupil1:37.17
01/08/16-R3Need To Know8thJeb1 mileDConditions3+ForjattJayed JidanEnnobled Friend1:37.43
12/17/15-R2Need To Know7thMey1 mileDDubai Creek Mile3+Le BernardinGold CityLayl1:36.12
11/19/15-R4Need To Know2ndMey1 mileDHandicap3+One Man BandNeed To KnowMuhtaram1:38.07
11/13/15-R3Need To Know2ndJeb7 fDConditions3+MashaarefNeed To KnowShamaal Nibras1:25.23
04/03/15-R4Need To Know2ndJin1 mileTHandicap3+Life PartnerNeed To KnowLanark1:34.56
02/06/15-R1Need To Know3rdJeb1 mileDHandicap3+CanwinnResolute ResponseNeed To Know1:38.40
01/29/15-R3Need To Know5thMey1 mileDHandicap3+One Man BandFilfilLanark1:39.22
12/04/14-R5Need To Know3rdMey1 1/4 mDHandicap3+Henry ClayTahaamahNeed To Know2:07.56
11/20/14-R5Need To Know6thMey1 mileDHandicap3+Le BernardinMarching TimeAjraam1:38.75
10/31/14-R2Need To Know1stJeb1 mileDHandicap3+Need To KnowMawhubHacienda1:38.65
04/06/14-R4Need To Know2ndJin1 mileTHandicap3+Colour GuardNeed To KnowCentrifugal1:37.63
03/07/14-R4Need To Know7thJeb7 fDHandicap3+Touch GoldEncipherAl Razi1:24.77
02/21/14-R6Need To Know1stJeb7 fDHandicap3+Need To KnowEneryDohasa1:25.76
02/07/14-R5Need To Know2ndJeb1 mileDHandicap3+Tiz Now Tiz ThenNeed To KnowCanwinn1:37.43
01/31/14-R3Need To Know1stAla1 mileSHandicap3+Need To KnowAl FarahidiMaltese Cat1:38.30
01/24/14-R2Need To Know3rdJeb1 1/8 mDHandicap3+Henry ClayHaciendaNeed To Know1:49.05
01/10/14-R4Need To Know3rdJeb7 fDHandicap3+ShaisheeTouch GoldNeed To Know1:20.71
12/27/13-R5Need To Know2ndJeb7 fDHandicap3+KanafNeed To KnowKessraa1:23.94
03/22/13-R4Need To Know13thJeb1 mileDHandicap3+Iguazu FallsTouch GoldMabaany1:37.61
03/14/13-R3Need To Know3rdMey7 fSHandicap3+BuskerColour GuardNeed To Know1:25.54
03/08/13-R2Need To Know5thJeb6 fDHandicap3+MuarrabAl RaziFestival City1:11.62
02/22/13-R5Need To Know3rdJeb7 fDHandicap3+KessraaMuarrabNeed To Know1:24.85
02/16/13-R2Need To Know9thMey7 fSHandicap3+Dubai Iconic HajjaanMaath Gool1:25.17
01/25/13-R4Need To Know8thJeb7 fDConditions3+Youm MutamiezRoyal RidgeUnited Color1:24.44
01/11/13-R5Need To Know5thJeb6 fDHandicap3+Al RaziRitualHacienda1:13.15
12/28/12-R6Need To Know1stJeb6 fDMaiden 3+Need To KnowLatkhafBallroom Blitz1:10.97
12/14/12-R6Need To Know4thJeb5 fDHandicap3+Ana EmaratiSerhaalGrand Duchy0:59.20
11/22/12-R3Need To Know2ndMey6 fSHandicap3+GanasNeed To KnowParvaaz1:13.52
11/08/12-R1Need To Know3rdMey7 fSMaiden 3+Dubai Iconic InterpretNeed To Know1:27.02
02/03/12-R2Need To Know8thMey7 fTConditions3Factory TimeKenny PowersFiscal1:25.64
01/06/12-R1Need To Know6thMey6 fSMaiden 3+Sand StampGrand DuchyBig Zee1:13.39
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