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My Pal Chrisy
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14 year old Mare

My Pal Chrisy - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
02/14/15-R10My Pal Chrisy5thGP6 1/2 fDHurricane Bertie-G34+Merry MeadowMore Than A PartyGaliana1:17.97
04/19/14-R8My Pal Chrisy3rdAqu6 fDDistaff Handicap-G23+La VerdadKauai KatieMy Pal Chrisy1:09.10
03/22/14-R10My Pal Chrisy2ndGP7 fDInside Information-G24+Heart StealerMy Pal ChrisyFive Star Momma1:22.57
02/06/14-R9My Pal Chrisy2ndGP5 1/2 fDAwesome Feather4+Munnings SisterMy Pal ChrisyR Free Roll1:03.05
01/18/14-R7My Pal Chrisy2ndGP6 fDSunshine Millions Filly and Mare Sprint4+UllapoolMy Pal ChrisySalamera1:10.41
12/29/13-R5My Pal Chrisy3rdGP1 mileDOcala3+Devil's CaveSweet N DiscreetMy Pal Chrisy1:34.74
11/29/13-R9My Pal Chrisy3rdAqu1 mileDGo For Wand Handicap-G23+Royal LahainaCentringMy Pal Chrisy1:36.56
11/09/13-R2My Pal Chrisy1stGP1 1/16 mDMillions Distaff Stakes3+My Pal ChrisyAwesome BellePutyourdreamsaway1:44.13
09/21/13-R7My Pal Chrisy1stGP6 1/2 fDMusical Romance3+My Pal ChrisyAppealing StellaStarship Truffles1:16.41
08/17/13-R7My Pal Chrisy1stGP6 fDPaseana Stakes3+My Pal ChrisyIsabelle's ThunderCapitalism At Risk1:11.03
07/20/13-R7My Pal Chrisy2ndCrc1 mileDNancy's Glitter3+Angelica ZapataMy Pal ChrisyCentrique1:39.34
07/06/13-R18My Pal Chrisy3rdCrc6 fDPrincess Rooney-G13+Starship TrufflesJudy The BeautyMy Pal Chrisy1:10.57
06/01/13-R9My Pal Chrisy3rdCrc1 mileDAllow3+Frolic's RevengeAwesome BelleMy Pal Chrisy1:39.23
03/16/13-R10My Pal Chrisy5thTam1 1/16 mDWayward Lass4+Magic HourFire AssayI Like It1:45.48
02/17/13-R10My Pal Chrisy5thGP1 1/16 mDSabin-G34+Royal DeltaAll For TheeGrace Hall1:43.31
01/19/13-R7My Pal Chrisy3rdGP1 1/8 mDSunshine Millions Distaff4+Successful SongSpeak Easy GalMy Pal Chrisy1:52.28
12/30/12-R5My Pal Chrisy3rdGP1 mileDOcala3+Successful SongGolden MysteryMy Pal Chrisy1:37.71
11/10/12-R8My Pal Chrisy1stCrc1 1/16 mDElmer Heubeck Distaff Hdcp.3+My Pal ChrisyFlying TripSuccessful Song1:47.58
09/22/12-R10My Pal Chrisy2ndCrc1 1/16 mDStage Door Betty Hcp3+Angelica ZapataMy Pal ChrisyCallmethesqueeze1:44.86
09/07/12-R5My Pal Chrisy2ndCrc1 70yDStr3+Annie RoeMy Pal ChrisyVital Victory1:45.27
07/26/12-R2My Pal Chrisy1stCrc1 mileDStr3+My Pal ChrisyCanaimaAnnie Roe1:40.01
07/14/12-R11My Pal Chrisy4thCrc1 1/16 mDNancy's Glitter3+Angelica ZapataCanadian MistressAnnie Roe1:45.44
06/09/12-R6My Pal Chrisy4thCrc1 70yDEmergency Nurse3+Angelica ZapataCanadian MistressBeloveda1:43.33
05/04/12-R5My Pal Chrisy8thCD1 mileTAlwOC3+DancinginherdreamsFrontsideZapparition1:34.58
04/20/12-R9My Pal Chrisy5thKee1 1/16 mSDoubledogdare-G34+PachattackKathmanbluLa Gran Bailadora1:43.75
03/31/12-R3My Pal Chrisy6thGP1 1/8 mDRampart-G34+Awesome MariaBelovedaCanadian Mistress1:48.19
01/28/12-R5My Pal Chrisy4thGP1 1/8 mDSunshine Millions Distaff4+Awesome FeatherDelightful MarySweet Repent1:49.17
12/22/11-R10My Pal Chrisy4thGP1 mileDAlwOC3+Groupie DollPersuadingLacie Slew1:35.29
11/12/11-R7My Pal Chrisy1stCrc1 1/16 mDElmer Heubeck Distaff Hdcp.3+My Pal ChrisySweet RepentCallmethesqueeze1:45.79
09/24/11-R8My Pal Chrisy1stCrc1 1/16 mDStage Door Betty3+My Pal ChrisySuccessful SongDiosa Indian1:47.38
09/08/11-R8My Pal Chrisy5thCrc6 1/2 fDAlwOC3+Max SpeedWyatt's WomenVerse Choir1:18.41
08/12/11-R10My Pal Chrisy2ndCrc6 fDStr3+Afleet LassMy Pal ChrisyShe's Hot Hot1:12.07
07/23/11-R10My Pal Chrisy1stCrc6 fDAlwOC3+My Pal ChrisyCapitalism At RiskCara's Song1:12.57
07/09/11-R9My Pal Chrisy3rdCrc6 fDAzalea-G33Devilish LadyWhite MerlotMy Pal Chrisy1:11.70
06/12/11-R4My Pal Chrisy1stCrc6 fDStr3+My Pal ChrisyShe's Hot HotVerse Choir1:12.57
05/21/11-R9My Pal Chrisy3rdCrc6 1/2 fDStr3+She's Hot HotVerse ChoirMy Pal Chrisy1:18.65
05/14/11-R6My Pal Chrisy5thCrc6 fDFrench Village3Beso GrandeWhite MerlotWithout Love1:12.57
04/25/11-R8My Pal Chrisy8thCrc7 fDStr3+Exclusive WomanShe's Hot HotLogan Square1:27.00
04/09/11-R7My Pal Chrisy8thTam7 fDSophomore Fillies3My Sunshine GalDevilish LadyWhite Merlot1:22.75
03/12/11-R10My Pal Chrisy10thTam1 40yDSuncoast Stakes3WyomiaDevilish LadyHer Smile1:39.93
02/11/11-R7My Pal Chrisy5thTam7 fDAlwOC3Daddy's HonorMarion RavenwoodHoly Royal1:24.53
01/15/11-R7My Pal Chrisy2ndTam7 fDGasparilla3Devilish LadyMy Pal ChrisyFashionable Elsa1:25.28
12/26/10-R3My Pal Chrisy1stTam6 fDStr2My Pal ChrisyNiki's IceGeraldine'sthunder1:13.31
11/28/10-R3My Pal Chrisy4thCrc5 1/2 fDStr2No More Yogi'sFashionable ElsaDaisey Lee1:06.27
10/30/10-R4My Pal Chrisy1stCrc6 fDMcl2My Pal ChrisyJoyous MusicNofashionsense1:14.57
10/17/10-R5My Pal Chrisy3rdCrc5 fDMcl2Soul SisterNiki's IceMy Pal Chrisy1:01.29
09/24/10-R6My Pal Chrisy5thCrc5 fDMcl2Wild Bout TiffanyTwo for OneMyra Racing Queen1:01.84
09/04/10-R4My Pal Chrisy7thCrc5 1/2 fDMcl2Speak Few WordsLa MalandrinaOcean Wine1:08.88
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