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5 year old Gelding
Kentucky (USA) by Darley

Mears - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
04/11/19-R2Mears 1stAla1 1/4 mDHandicap3+Mears JaziratTides Rise2:05.83
04/05/19-R4Mears 8thMey1 3/8 m DHandicap3+Immortalised Secret TradeLitigation2:21.37
03/14/19-R7Mears 2ndMey1 1/4 mDHandicap3+GundogduMears Jintshi2:03.78
01/25/19-R1Mears 15thJeb1 1/8 mDHandicap3+KunaniArrowayHello1:49.46
01/11/19-R6Mears 11thJeb1 mileDHandicap3+KunaniHawkerFirst Down1:38.36
01/05/19-R2Mears 9thMey1 3/8 m DHandicap3+HeraldicHucklebuck Arch Gold2:23.22
12/13/18-R2Mears 1stAla1 1/4 mDHandicap3+Mears Press RoomParklife2:07.18
12/06/18-R2Mears 7thMey1 3/8 m DHandicap3+HeraldicIllusional Immortalised 2:21.93
11/01/18-R2Mears 8thMey1 mileDHandicap3+SyncopationTicket HolderPress Room1:39.78
03/15/18-R7Mears 4thMey1 mileDHandicap3+CachaoTobacoFirst Down1:39.03
03/03/18-R8Mears 8thMey1 1/4 mDHandicap3+SheebaTailor's RowHeraldic2:04.82
02/23/18-R2Mears 6thJeb1 mileDHandicap3+AlekoMurrayfieldStrong Chemistry1:38.56
02/09/18-R2Mears 5thJeb1 1/8 mDHandicap3+GavrocheAu CoeurStill Life1:51.65
02/03/18-R6Mears 7thMey1 mileDHandicap3+StoryboardTobacoStrong Chemistry1:39.83
01/20/18-R1Mears 1stMey1 3/16 mDMaiden 3+Mears Travis CountyCranesbill 2:00.43
01/04/18-R1Mears 2ndMey1 mileDMaiden 4+StoryboardMears Dangerous Thought1:38.33
12/21/17-R3Mears 6thMey1 1/4 mDMaiden 3+Street Of DreamsTravis CountyCape Of Eagles2:06.31
12/08/17-R2Mears 2ndAla1 1/8 mDMaiden 3+ParklifeMears Cherkes Pharoah1:57.94
11/23/17-R3Mears 5thMey1 mileDMaiden 3+MazeedDaffgStreet Of Dreams1:39.57
11/09/17-R4Mears 8thMey1 mileDHandicap3+NaaeebbConquerantBallad Singer1:41.29
02/18/17-R7Mears 9thGP1 1/16 mTMSW3Bricks and Mortar Brooklyn BobbySecretary At War 1:43.04
12/26/16-R7Mears 4thGP1 1/8 mTMSW2Adonis CreedAppealing BriefsCounty Court 1:49.38
10/29/16-R1Mears 7thBel1 1/16 mTMSW2Concomitant ZorzorDonwell 1:46.51
08/06/16-R6Mears 10thSar6 fDMSW2Fact Finding Casses StoryFillet of Sole1:10.57
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