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Luv U Whatever
in DerbyVille!
11 year old Gelding
T W Fife  - 
(GB) by Richard Hunt  -  [Add Data]

Luv U Whatever - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
04/11/18-R6Luv U Whatever8thKem1 3/8 m SHandicap4+Count CalabashLawless SecretCastlelyons2:18.05
11/06/17-R5Luv U Whatever6thKem1 3/8 m SHandicap3+PlyRoyal ReserveSeniority2:20.25
10/04/17-R6Luv U Whatever6thKem1 3/8 m SHandicap3+PlyDesert RulerRomanor2:18.15
09/25/17-R3Luv U Whatever9thKem1 1/4 mSHandicap3+PlyExceeding PowerAsaas2:02.93
07/27/17-R1Luv U Whatever5thNby1 5/8 mTHandicap3+FirestormMeyandiTake Two3:07.63
06/26/17-R1Luv U Whatever2ndWol1 1/2mSSelling Stakes4+ViewpointLuv U WhateverEntihaa2:39.88
04/08/17-R4Luv U Whatever4thWol1 3/4 mSHandicap4+Every ChanceMidtech StarArdamir3:01.05
03/31/17-R3Luv U Whatever1stLin1 5/8 mSClaiming Stakes4+Luv U WhateverEl CampeonKing Olav2:45.59
02/02/17-R4Luv U Whatever4thCfd1 3/4 mSHandicap4+Midtech StarRide The LightningTetradrachm3:07.53
01/24/17-R5Luv U Whatever3rdSth1 1/2mSHandicap4+IsharahL'Inganno FeliceLuv U Whatever2:38.69
01/16/17-R6Luv U Whatever8thWol1 1/2mSHandicap4+Hot BeatPlutocracyAlinstante2:36.55
12/17/16-R2Luv U Whatever7thLin1 1/2mSHandicap3+PinzoloBaryeRydan2:27.93
11/02/16-R6Luv U Whatever8thKem1 1/2mSHandicap3+Prince Of ArranSunblazerNoble Gift2:31.70
04/09/16-R3Luv U Whatever5thLin1 1/2mSHandicap4+Top TugSagaciouslyDutch Uncle2:31.94
03/25/16-R3Luv U Whatever6thWol1 3/4 mSHandicap4+Gang WarfareSilver QuayAgent Gibbs2:57.95
02/17/16-R5Luv U Whatever6thLin2 milesSConditions Stakes4+Arch VillainJohn ReelNotarised3:20.42
02/08/16-R2Luv U Whatever5thWol2 1/16 mSHandicap4+SunblazerHainesBlue Surf3:36.68
01/16/16-R5Luv U Whatever5thCfd1 1/4 mSHandicap4+Our ChannelAfonso De SousaWhispering Warrior2:02.40
01/02/16-R6Luv U Whatever1stCfd1 5/8 mSHandicap4+Luv U WhateverIntense TangoPaddys Motorbike2:50.45
12/26/15-R5Luv U Whatever2ndWol1 3/16 mSHandicap3+Second WaveLuv U WhateverSolar Deity1:57.90
12/12/15-R5Luv U Whatever7thWol1 3/16 mSHandicap3+Festive FareCharles CamoinDemonstration1:57.27
11/28/15-R6Luv U Whatever6thWol1 1/2mSHandicap3+SparringBrandon CastleThe Steward2:35.32
04/22/15-R2Luv U Whatever8thEps1 1/2mTHandicap4+Lungarno PalaceJakeyBarwick2:42.12
04/03/15-R7Luv U Whatever7thLin2 milesSConditions Stakes4+MymatechrisAnglophileHidden Gold3:26.76
02/27/15-R5Luv U Whatever3rdWol1 1/2mSHandicap4+Dream ChildKings BayonetLuv U Whatever2:35.05
02/13/15-R5Luv U Whatever2ndWol1 1/2mSHandicap4+Gold TrailLuv U WhateverJohn Reel2:35.20
01/29/15-R3Luv U Whatever1stSth1 1/2mSHandicap4+Luv U WhateverJacobs SonRoyal Marskell2:38.13
01/20/15-R4Luv U Whatever1stSth1 1/2mSHandicap4+Luv U WhateverGabrial's StarReve De Nuit2:41.90
01/01/15-R6Luv U Whatever1stSth1 3/8 m SHandicap4+Luv U WhateverThe Lock MasterDewala2:26.14
12/27/14-R7Luv U Whatever2ndSth1 3/8 m SHandicap3+Hussar BalladLuv U WhateverKaram Albaari2:26.95
11/14/14-R7Luv U Whatever6thWol1 3/16 mSHandicap3+SolidaritySbraaseArt Scholar1:57.43
11/07/14-R6Luv U Whatever7thWol1 1/2mSHandicap3+Gabrial's StarPintradaRidgeway Storm2:37.01
10/20/14-R7Luv U Whatever6thPon1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Dark RulerDocs LegacyArdmay2:20.70
04/14/14-R6Luv U Whatever7thWin1 7/16 mTHandicap4+Christopher WrenBurnhamQuest For More2:24.35
03/08/14-R6Luv U Whatever6thWol1 3/4 mSHandicap4+Royal AlcorMica MikaSagesse3:03.80
01/21/14-R4Luv U Whatever6thSth1 1/2mSHandicap4+Blue WaveDewalaLexington Bay2:39.74
01/03/14-R5Luv U Whatever1stSth1 3/8 m SHandicap4+Luv U WhateverHonouredMystery Bet2:26.21
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