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GreatnessMr. ProspectorRaise a Native
Gold Digger
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Lord Of Greatness - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
04/22/16-R4Lord Of Greatness2ndWO6 1/2 fSClaim3+Special DinnerLord Of GreatnessBig Daddy Bill1:17.72
10/23/15-R2Lord Of Greatness6thWO1 1/16 mSClaim3+WandoboyslewBinks ForestTop Prospect1:45.41
10/12/15-R7Lord Of Greatness7thWO7 fSClaim3+State FlagBilby RhodeFighting Chris1:22.90
09/16/15-R4Lord Of Greatness1stWO7 fSClaim3+Lord Of GreatnessGentleman JacksonFighting Chris1:23.52
08/15/15-R9Lord Of Greatness7thWO7 fSClaim3+Danger BayHey You Pick MeMey's Rocket1:22.88
07/12/15-R6Lord Of Greatness5thWO6 fSClaim3+Colleen's SailorBear's ProfitWeather Bill1:10.22
06/24/15-R8Lord Of Greatness5thWO7 fSStr3+Big LegacyTurncoatStevie Loves Women1:22.39
05/29/15-R3Lord Of Greatness4thWO7 fSClaim3+Jade DragonPerfect TayRun To The Bank1:23.29
05/02/15-R6Lord Of Greatness4thWO6 1/2 fSClaim3+Jade DragonSolo PlayerThe Best Glacier1:16.74
11/23/14-R3Lord Of Greatness4thWO7 fSClaim3+Drago's BestKing ForesterPugsley1:22.77
11/08/14-R4Lord Of Greatness3rdWO7 fSClaim3+PugsleyKing ForesterLord Of Greatness1:22.64
09/24/14-R2Lord Of Greatness5thWO7 fSStr3+Cap In HandAutobahn LegendOro Vero1:24.17
08/31/14-R9Lord Of Greatness6thWO7 fSAlwOC3+SniperConstantinoMassive Explosion1:22.30
06/29/14-R9Lord Of Greatness1stWO7 fSClaim3+Lord Of GreatnessBear's TaurusThor's Piper1:23.04
06/06/14-R3Lord Of Greatness1stWO7 fSClaim3+Lord Of GreatnessBear's TaurusNorthern Hammer1:23.37
05/19/14-R3Lord Of Greatness3rdWO7 fSClaim3+Tapit's BrewOfficeinthevalleyLord Of Greatness1:23.53
05/02/14-R8Lord Of Greatness2ndWO7 fSClaim3+Tapit's BrewLord Of GreatnessThundering Waters1:21.71
04/19/14-R3Lord Of Greatness1stWO7 fSClaim3+Lord Of GreatnessVillage DriveHesa Big Dude1:25.72
12/01/13-R6Lord Of Greatness6thWO7 fSClaim3+IncredicatGlory GameMaking Amends1:22.74
11/20/13-R3Lord Of Greatness5thWO7 fSClaim3+Bear's TaurusZebShotinthefog1:23.65
10/23/13-R3Lord Of Greatness1stWO7 fSClaim3+Lord Of GreatnessSeethingBinks Forest1:24.13
09/20/13-R8Lord Of Greatness3rdWO7 fSClaim3+Tapit's BrewSeethingLord Of Greatness1:23.74
08/16/13-R2Lord Of Greatness1stWO7 fSClaim3+Lord Of GreatnessCitiusDevil In Willie1:24.38
07/10/13-R3Lord Of Greatness2ndWO1 1/16 mSClaim3+Cold HarborLord Of GreatnessBinks Forest1:45.01
05/19/13-R2Lord Of Greatness4thWO1 1/16 mSStr3+Thor's PiperDays RideOjibway Signal1:45.59
12/07/12-R3Lord Of Greatness5thWO1 1/16 mSClaim3+Safety ZoneBear's TizzThor's Piper1:45.87
10/13/12-R9Lord Of Greatness7thWO1 1/16 mSAlwOC3+PatrioticandproudStunning StagRiver Rush1:43.67
09/23/12-R9Lord Of Greatness3rdWO1 70ySAlwOC3+DelegationStunning StagLord Of Greatness1:41.22
09/08/12-R9Lord Of Greatness1stWO1 1/16 mSAlwOC3+Lord Of GreatnessSafety ZoneRun To The Bank1:45.48
08/17/12-R9Lord Of Greatness1stWO1 1/16 mSAlwOC3+Lord Of GreatnessSafety ZoneCold Harbor1:45.33
07/14/12-R2Lord Of Greatness4thWO1 1/16 mSAlwOC3+Bowman's CausewayCold HarborSafety Zone1:45.67
06/23/12-R2Lord Of Greatness3rdWO1 1/16 mSAlwOC3+Alpha BettorThor's PiperLord Of Greatness1:46.41
06/02/12-R4Lord Of Greatness3rdWO7 fSStr3+Tapit's BrewCarbon FootprintLord Of Greatness1:21.97
04/22/12-R4Lord Of Greatness4thWO7 fSAlwOC3+Arrow's ConquestCold HarborMedidocihospisurg1:23.39
12/02/11-R8Lord Of Greatness5thWO1 1/16 mSAlwOC3+Safety ZoneMoonshine MullinCold Harbor1:44.08
11/13/11-R6Lord Of Greatness4thWO1 1/8 mSAlwOC3+Alpha BettorMedidocihospisurgLady's First Cat1:51.22
10/23/11-R3Lord Of Greatness1stWO1 1/16 mSAlwOC3+Lord Of GreatnessTierra Del TigreJ J For Dave1:44.92
08/06/11-R8Lord Of Greatness5thWO1 1/16 mSSeagram Cup-G33+James StreetStunning StagSand Cove1:44.01
07/20/11-R2Lord Of Greatness1stWO1 1/16 mSAlwOC3Lord Of GreatnessAlisalRaging Star1:45.86
07/09/11-R9Lord Of Greatness1stWO1 1/16 mSAllow3+Lord Of GreatnessLittle Red ChrisJ J For Dave1:43.99
06/15/11-R2Lord Of Greatness1stWO1 1/16 mSClaim3+Lord Of GreatnessSalty LangfuhnStardust Ziggy1:44.98
10/15/10-R7Lord Of Greatness2ndWO7 fSClaim3+Captain RaucousLord Of GreatnessArchers Alyancer1:23.35
09/30/10-R9Lord Of Greatness1stWO7 fSClaim3+Lord Of GreatnessMy Imperial DancerCobrador1:23.31
09/11/10-R9Lord Of Greatness7thWO6 fTClaim3+Forbidden BearDance To My BeatFiretheexecutive1:08.35
08/27/10-R8Lord Of Greatness5thWO7 fSAllow3+Riding The RiverGypsy RingRegally Ready1:22.23
08/05/10-R6Lord Of Greatness4thWO6 1/2 fTClaim3+Michael's Bad BoyIt Happened AgainD'awesome Cat1:14.43
07/04/10-R9Lord Of Greatness3rdWO7 fDAllow3+Daniel Be GoodSpider RockLord Of Greatness1:22.34
06/19/10-R6Lord Of Greatness2ndWO7 fDClaim3+New BelieverLord Of GreatnessVegas Weekend1:22.45
05/23/10-R4Lord Of Greatness2ndWO1 1/16 mDAllow3+Good GeneralLord Of GreatnessLady's First Cat1:44.92
05/08/10-R7Lord Of Greatness7thWO6 fDAllow3+SouthdaleDaniel Be GoodFiretheexecutive1:08.59
04/24/10-R8Lord Of Greatness2ndWO7 fDAllow3+Cliff CottageLord Of GreatnessBear's Conductor1:23.67
09/14/08-R4Lord Of Greatness6thWO7 fSSwynford2Mine That BirdWin And ReignEl Brujo1:23.52
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