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Live in Joy
in DerbyVille!
14 year old Horse
Kentucky (USA) by Sarah K. Ramsey  -  Kenneth L. Ramsey  -  [Add Data]

Live in Joy - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
07/01/17-R1Live in Joy11thGP7 1/2 fTClaim3+Golden PointDominateBritannia's Moat1:29.20
07/01/17-R1Live in Joy11thGP7 1/2 fTClaim3+Golden PointDominateBritannia's Moat1:29.20
05/20/16-R4Live in Joy9thBel1 1/16 mTClaim3+Little JerryInventor's GateMidnight Notes1:41.62
02/20/16-R10Live in Joy2ndGP1 mileTClaim4+LassoLive in JoyLay It Down1:33.49
01/21/16-R10Live in Joy1stGP7 1/2 fTClaim4+Live in JoyLay It DownDepeche Chat1:30.04
12/11/15-R7Live in Joy1stTam1 mileTClaim3+Live in JoyRico SuaveCatalactic1:35.66
11/11/15-R5Live in Joy8thGPW1 mileTClaim3+LaythatpistoldownDepeche ChatJust Foolin Around1:34.93
08/14/15-R8Live in Joy1stGP7 1/2 fTClaim3+Live in JoyConcert StageTap And Trade1:28.30
07/18/15-R1Live in Joy1stGP7 1/2 fTClaim3+Live in JoyDiscreet EdGifted Ruler1:28.43
07/04/15-R4Live in Joy1stGP7 1/2 fTClaim3+Live in JoyCat 'n FiddleMarch Reward1:28.92
05/16/15-R5Live in Joy3rdGP1 1/16 mTClaim3+CaminitoGlobal GlowLive in Joy1:41.89
03/13/15-R4Live in Joy5thGP7 1/2 fTClaim4+Whisper Onthe WindDreaming of DannyMarch Reward1:28.82
02/12/15-R10Live in Joy2ndGP7 1/2 fTClaim4+Special SelectionLive in JoyLawyer Jim1:29.82
01/03/15-R1Live in Joy6thGP1 1/16 mTClaim4+One More CatConcert StageColorado Daydream1:41.82
12/17/14-R5Live in Joy7thGP1 1/16 mTClaim3+Hammers TerrorSaint PierreKey to Power1:40.62
10/19/14-R9Live in Joy6thBel1 mileTAlwOC3+MiddleburgWhich MarketCabo Cat1:37.17
09/19/14-R8Live in Joy5thBel1 mileTAlwOC3+North Slope MiddleburgBrickyard Kitten1:34.11
09/01/14-R6Live in Joy1stSar1 mileTClaim3+Live in JoyWhere's DannyTreasury Devil1:36.85
08/16/14-R3Live in Joy4thAP1 mileTAlwOC3+Sir ApplesolutelySweet LucaCougar Ridge1:35.84
06/21/14-R5Live in Joy7thAP1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+Mister Marti GrasR. Great AdventureO T B Bob1:42.90
04/16/14-R7Live in Joy3rdKee1 1/16 mTAllow4+His Race To WinKalamosLive in Joy1:43.07
01/24/14-R10Live in Joy3rdGP1 mileTAlwOC4+Mr. OnlineHey LeroyLive in Joy1:34.23
12/07/13-R6Live in Joy9thCrc1 1/8 mTTropical Turf-G33+Speaking of WhichTetradrachmBad Debt1:50.03
09/29/13-R9Live in Joy4thCD1 mileTAlwOC3+King DavidStreet SerenadeExothermic1:36.32
07/13/13-R7Live in Joy5thAP1 1/2mTStars and Stripes-G33+Dark CoveSuntracerThe Pizza Man2:27.39
06/15/13-R5Live in Joy2ndIND1 mileTJohn Kirby4+A DiehlLive in JoyDerby Kitten1:34.67
05/25/13-R8Live in Joy1stCD1 mileTAlwOC3+Live in JoyStreet SerenadePositive Side1:34.99
04/26/13-R3Live in Joy1stKee1 1/16 mSClaim4+Live in JoyLet's Do ItSt. Armands1:44.58
03/01/13-R5Live in Joy3rdGP1 1/16 mTStr4+Political CourageRustler HustlerLive in Joy1:40.75
02/07/13-R10Live in Joy2ndGP1 1/16 mTClaim4+HariolusLive in JoyPicou1:40.97
01/04/13-R8Live in Joy6thGP1 mileTClaim4+Right OneNo PlayGathering Cloud1:34.83
12/08/12-R6Live in Joy6thGP1 1/16 mTClaim3+Silver RockTimeless FashionPicou1:42.33
03/04/12-R6Live in Joy4thGP1 1/16 mTAlwOC4+SoldatFastest MagicianNumb Lips1:41.18
01/11/12-R4Live in Joy6thGP1 1/16 mTStr4+HyperLivingston StreetNikki's Sandcastle1:43.32
11/03/11-R11Live in Joy7thCD1 1/16 mTCommonwealth Turf Stakes-G33Humble and HungryWilkinsonSilver Medallion1:45.24
09/04/11-R9Live in Joy8thSar1 1/8 mTSaranac-G33Brilliant SpeedQueen'splatekittenKing Congie1:48.73
07/03/11-R5Live in Joy2ndAP1 mileTStr3Top SurprizeLive in JoyMeldrick1:35.91
06/15/11-R6Live in Joy5thIND1 mileTOliver3Lil Bit O'funChaliceCrimson Knight1:39.09
05/21/11-R11Live in Joy1stAP1 mileTAllow3+Live in JoyHoodwinkedQuietdetermination1:35.96
04/29/11-R1Live in Joy2ndKee6 1/2 fSStr3Sharp WonLive in JoyPractical Justice1:14.53
04/02/11-R11Live in Joy2ndTam1 40yDAlwOC3Pick FourLive in JoyCommon Sense1:41.07
02/20/11-R8Live in Joy8thTam1 1/16 mTAlwOC3Common SenseMoonhangerMont Ventoux1:43.04
01/22/11-R9Live in Joy2ndTam1 mileTAlwOC3Admiral PerryLive in JoyPick Four1:42.42
12/30/10-R8Live in Joy3rdTam1 mileTAlwOC2Terminal OneSummer In GizaLive in Joy1:36.78
10/17/10-R5Live in Joy8thKee1 mileTAllow2BannedLil Bit O'funGrant Jack1:38.10
08/14/10-R2Live in Joy1stAP5 fTMcl2Live in JoyGinnzieGavilan0:59.20
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