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Helene Super Star
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11 year old Gelding
Kentucky (USA) by Joseph Allen  -  [Add Data]
War Front  -  Black Speck  by  Arch

Helene Super Star - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
04/30/17-R6Helene Super Star12thSha1 1/2mTQueen Mother Memorial Cup-G33+Eagle WayHelene Charisma Gold Mount2:25.48
04/09/17-R9Helene Super Star10thSha1 3/8 m TClass 2 Handicap 3+Beauty Generation Eagle WayDinozzo2:12.42
02/19/17-R7Helene Super Star8thSha1 1/4 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Booming DelightHappilababyAmbitious Champion2:02.34
02/05/17-R7Helene Super Star4thSha1 1/8 mTCentenary Vase-G33+Supreme ProfitBasic TrilogyRomantic Touch1:47.04
01/04/17-R7Helene Super Star8thHap1 1/8 mTJanuary Cup-G33+Harbour MasterCircuit LandPacking Dragon1:49.83
12/11/16-R8Helene Super Star12thSha1 1/4 mTHong Kong Cup-G13+MauriceSecret WeaponStaphanos2:00.95
11/20/16-R6Helene Super Star8thSha1 1/4 mTJockey Club Cup-G23+Secret WeaponFlame HeroMilitary Attack2:00.92
11/06/16-R8Helene Super Star13thSha1 1/8 mTLadies Purse-G33+Horse Of FortuneHelene ParagonEastern Express1:47.17
10/26/16-R6Helene Super Star4thHap1 1/16 mTClass 1 Handicap 3+Harbour MasterSuper LifelineBasic Trilogy1:40.70
10/01/16-R10Helene Super Star11thSha7 fTCelebration Cup-G33+Joyful TrinityBeauty OnlyBeauty Flame1:21.11
09/11/16-R9Helene Super Star12thSha7 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+Twin DelightJoyful TrinityI'm In Charge1:21.16
04/24/16-R8Helene Super Star13thSha1 1/4 mTAudemars Piguet QE II Cup-G13+WertherMilitary AttackBlazing Speed2:01.32
03/23/16-R7Helene Super Star8thHap1 1/8 mTClass 1 Handicap 3+Horse Of FortuneGot FlyFat Choy Hong Kong 1:49.46
02/28/16-R6Helene Super Star10thSha1 1/4 mTHong Kong Gold Cup-G13+Designs On RomeHelene Happy StarMilitary Attack2:01.51
02/06/16-R9Helene Super Star12thSha1 1/8 mTCentenary Vase3+Secret WeaponRomantic TouchFlame Hero1:47.21
01/06/16-R7Helene Super Star7thHap1 1/8 mTJanuary Cup3+Flame HeroRomantic TouchKabayan1:48.52
12/13/15-R4Helene Super Star13thSha1 1/2mTHong Kong Vase-G13+Highland ReelFlintshireDariyan2:28.43
11/21/15-R6Helene Super Star9thSha1 1/4 mTJockey Club Cup-G23+Military AttackBlazing SpeedBeauty Only2:01.84
10/25/15-R8Helene Super Star8thSha1 mileTSha Tin Trophy3+ContentmentBeauty OnlyMilitary Attack1:33.79
05/31/15-R7Helene Super Star1stSha1 1/2mTChampions & Chater Cup-G13+Helene Super StarDominantHelene Happy Star2:27.52
04/26/15-R8Helene Super Star6thSha1 1/4 mTAudemars Piguet QE II Cup-G13+Blazing SpeedStaphanosCriterion2:02.89
03/29/15-R9Helene Super Star10thSha1 1/8 mTPremier Plate3+Harbour MasterMr GnocchiPacking Llaregyb1:47.15
03/01/15-R7Helene Super Star2ndSha1 1/4 mTHong Kong Gold Cup-G13+Designs On RomeHelene Super StarBlazing Speed2:01.57
02/07/15-R8Helene Super Star4thSha1 1/8 mTCentenary Vase3+Designs On RomePacking LlaregybDominant1:47.26
01/28/15-R6Helene Super Star2ndHap1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Harbour MasterHelene Super StarNoble Deluxe1:48.42
01/07/15-R6Helene Super Star6thHap1 1/8 mTJanuary Cup3+Pleasure GainsKhayaHarbour Master1:49.38
12/14/14-R8Helene Super Star5thSha1 1/4 mTHong Kong Cup-G13+Designs On RomeMilitary AttackCriterion2:01.96
11/23/14-R9Helene Super Star9thSha1 1/4 mTJockey Club Cup-G23+Blazing SpeedMilitary AttackEndowing2:01.71
11/09/14-R7Helene Super Star5thSha1 1/8 mTLadies Purse3+Packing LlaregybWillie CazalsKabayan1:47.31
10/15/14-R8Helene Super Star12thSha1 1/16 mDClass 2 Handicap 3+Gun PitHypersonicHarbour Master1:38.81
10/01/14-R10Helene Super Star2ndSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+KhayaHelene Super StarPacking Llaregyb1:34.47
09/14/14-R10Helene Super Star3rdSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+TrumpMultivictoryHelene Super Star1:21.54
07/06/14-R11Helene Super Star9thSha1 mileTClass 1 Handicap 3+Wonderful MomentsRewarding HeroTravel Brother1:33.98
06/22/14-R10Helene Super Star1stSha1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Helene Super StarJolly VictorTravel Brother1:46.48
06/01/14-R10Helene Super Star10thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Packing LlaregybKhayaKabayan1:34.88
05/10/14-R10Helene Super Star7thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Enthusiasm Travel BrotherDr Good Habit1:35.69
01/19/14-R7Helene Super Star11thSha1 mileTHong Kong Classic Mile4Able FriendDesigns On RomeDibayani1:33.43
01/01/14-R11Helene Super Star14thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Rewarding HeroMajestic FalconKing's Pact1:37.16
06/30/13-R5Helene Super Star8thCha1 mileTPrix Jean Prat-G13Havana GoldSilverfieldMondialiste1:37.01
06/09/13-R4Helene Super Star2ndCur1 1/4 mTSilver Stakes3+Trading LeatherHelene Super StarKingston Jamaica 2:05.34
05/04/13-R12Helene Super Star7thCD1 1/4 mDKentucky Derby-G13OrbGolden SoulRevolutionary2:02.89
03/30/13-R4Helene Super Star1stMey1 3/16 mSUAE Derby-G23Helene Super StarEllevalSecret Number2:02.05
11/03/12-R4Helene Super Star7thSA1 mileTBreeders' Cup Juvenile Turf-G12George Vancouver Noble TuneBalance the Books1:33.78
10/12/12-R4Helene Super Star1stDun7 fSStar Appeal Stakes2Helene Super StarTennessee WildcatHudson's Bay1:24.36
07/26/12-R2Helene Super Star2ndLeo7 fTTyros Stakes-G32AlpinefieldHelene Super StarKingston Jamaica 1:30.31
06/19/12-R4Helene Super Star6thAsc6 fTCoventry Stakes-G22Dawn ApproachOlympic GloryCristoforo Colombo 1:13.64
05/27/12-R1Helene Super Star1stCur6 fTMaiden 2Helene Super StarLeitir MorProbably1:13.42
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