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Licence To Till
in DerbyVille!
14 year old Gelding
New York (USA) by John Hettinger  -  [Add Data]

Licence To Till - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
09/12/15-R4Licence To Till6thLin7 fTConditions Stakes3+Make It UpZarwaanWindfast1:21.84
06/18/15-R4Licence To Till5thRip1 1/8 mTHandicap4+Artful PrinceCommissarVentura Quest1:51.72
06/28/14-R6Licence To Till5thNcs1 1/4 mTHandicap4+San CassianoAmazeSky Khan2:10.01
06/08/14-R5Licence To Till1stGoo1 mileTSelling Stakes3+Licence To TillMedal Of ValourTo The Sky1:41.05
05/09/14-R7Licence To Till5thChs1 7/16 mTApprentice Handicap 4+Gabrial's StarRunning DeerInnsbruck2:50.07
04/15/14-R1Licence To Till4thSth1 3/8 m SClaiming Stakes4+Back BurnerStand GuardLean On Pete2:26.59
05/04/13-R1Licence To Till9thNew1 1/8 mTHandicap3+Boonga RoogetaDanchaiProud Chieftain1:48.85
11/06/12-R4Licence To Till4thRed1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Kay Gee BeUpholdLas Verglas Star2:19.82
10/27/12-R5Licence To Till5thNby1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Blue SurfBorugSunpass2:15.53
09/29/12-R4Licence To Till12thNew1 1/8 mTHeritage Handicap3+Bronze AngelMull Of KilloughBoom and Bust1:47.73
09/22/12-R4Licence To Till6thNby1 1/4 mTHandicap3+HajrasUnex El GrecoBlue Surf2:04.31
09/01/12-R4Licence To Till5thSan1 1/4 mTHandicap3+LabarintoPrussianTinshu2:09.38
08/25/12-R6Licence To Till2ndNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Specific GravityLicence To TillSt. Ignatius2:09.30
08/22/12-R6Licence To Till3rdYor1 5/16 mTHandicap3+DanadanaKalk BayLicence To Till2:09.99
08/11/12-R4Licence To Till7thHay1 5/16 mTHandicap3+OpinionFork HandlesInvisible Hunter2:13.53
07/31/12-R1Licence To Till6thGoo1 1/4 mTHandicap4+LandamanLas Verglas StarStart Right2:06.84
07/14/12-R3Licence To Till14thYor1 5/16 mTHeritage Handicap3+King's WarriorMid Mon LadyMedia Hype2:08.28
06/30/12-R6Licence To Till3rdNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Area Fifty OneUnex El GrecoLicence To Till2:03.25
06/23/12-R5Licence To Till14thAsc1 1/2mTHandicap3+CamborneHammerfestHarrison's Cave2:31.47
06/09/12-R3Licence To Till1stChs1 5/16 mTHandicap4+Licence To TillRobemakerOceanway2:15.08
06/01/12-R2Licence To Till6thEps1 1/4 mTHandicap4+GatewoodOttoman EmpireBorug2:07.19
05/05/12-R1Licence To Till11thNew1 1/8 mTHandicap3+TulliusMemory ClothFury1:55.36
04/10/12-R5Licence To Till7thPon1 1/4 mTHandicap4+Deauville FlyerNorthside Prince2:16.66
04/10/12-R5Licence To Till7thPon1 1/4 mTHandicap4+MirroredNorthside Prince2:16.66
03/31/12-R4Licence To Till5thKem1 3/8 m SHandicap4+Charles CamoinFork HandlesRamona Chase2:18.81
03/10/12-R3Licence To Till12thWol1 1/16 mSHandicap4+NazreefKingscroftMia's Boy1:49.22
03/07/12-R2Licence To Till2ndKem1 1/4 mSHandicap4+True To FormLicence To TillFanditha2:06.07
01/28/12-R6Licence To Till3rdLin1 1/4 mSHandicap4+Emerald WildernessTinshuLicence To Till2:03.04
08/29/11-R6Licence To Till8thEps1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Celestial GirlFanny MayRamona Chase2:10.55
08/20/11-R1Licence To Till3rdSan1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Fallen IdolBeaumont's PartyLicence To Till2:11.16
08/06/11-R1Licence To Till2ndNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Classic PunchLicence To TillWorld Heritage2:02.68
07/30/11-R4Licence To Till3rdDon1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Barren BrookDhaular DharLicence To Till2:08.69
07/21/11-R4Licence To Till6thSan1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Mountain RangeAbsintheShamacam2:13.90
07/09/11-R5Licence To Till9thAsc1 1/4 mTHandicap3+All ActionMashaarefArch Fire2:07.35
06/19/11-R4Licence To Till5thPon1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Suits MeOur Joe MacDiescentric2:13.63
05/07/11-R5Licence To Till8thAsc1 1/2mTHandicap4+Rock A Doodle DooBlissful MomentUdabaa2:33.15
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