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Kiss My Kriss
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14 year old Gelding
(USA) by [Add Data]

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Kissin KrisKris S. Roberto
Sharp Queen
Toes ForwardYour Alibhai
Toe Dancer
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Kiss My Kriss - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
03/29/15-R8Kiss My Kriss6thFG1 9/16 mTAlwOC4+Double Rah RahSunwaveShoot The Loop2:41.97
02/28/15-R4Kiss My Kriss11thFG1 mileTAlwOC4+Hail to the NileGrand IsleLori's Darling1:36.58
02/07/15-R11Kiss My Kriss7thDeD1 1/16 mDPremier Night Gentlemen Starter4+Over A BarrelBadtotheboneandrewFarmerville1:47.83
01/22/15-R7Kiss My Kriss8thFG1 mileTClaim4+Sweet Baby GainesFriend Of IndySocial Misfit1:39.54
05/24/14-R4Kiss My Kriss7thEvD1 1/16 mDLouisiana Legends Starter Stakes 3+Dorsey's DreamBucktownMy Orthodoc1:44.53
03/29/14-R12Kiss My Kriss1stFG1 70yDAlwOC4+Kiss My KrissJump JumpIdefromthebayou1:45.02
03/09/14-R9Kiss My Kriss2ndFG1 mileTAlwOC4+True FlatKiss My KrissFolded1:38.42
02/16/14-R9Kiss My Kriss2ndFG1 mileTAlwOC4+IdefromthebayouKiss My KrissOld Pal of Mine1:43.50
01/17/14-R2Kiss My Kriss2ndFG1 70yDAlwOC4+Well's GoldKiss My KrissJust Too Smart1:44.90
12/31/13-R5Kiss My Kriss5thFG1 70yDAlwOC3+Hazards Of LoveAdulareCajun Don1:42.86
09/22/13-R8Kiss My Kriss1stLaD1 1/2mDAlwOC3+Kiss My KrissPioneer TigerHellcat Senior2:36.25
09/06/13-R9Kiss My Kriss2ndLaD1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+Old RomeKiss My KrissBrother Ray Ray1:41.83
03/31/13-R8Kiss My Kriss5thFG1 mileTAlwOC4+Friend Of IndySligeaux BeauHaynesville Shale1:37.80
03/17/13-R9Kiss My Kriss5thFG1 1/16 mTAllow4+Z DagerBig LuckyThe Wolf Is Back1:44.78
03/03/13-R6Kiss My Kriss4thFG1 mileTAlwOC4+The Wolf Is BackChicot BaySecond Lion1:42.32
01/31/13-R9Kiss My Kriss4thFG1 70yDAlwOC4+Chicot BayCongo CatChoctaw Bill1:44.92
12/21/12-R4Kiss My Kriss5thFG1 mileTAlwOC3+Up And Out Of SiteNo Rules NowViva La Zippy1:40.12
11/23/12-R7Kiss My Kriss6thFG7 1/2 fTAllow3+QuietdeterminationAt The PulpitMajor Gain1:33.16
06/30/12-R4Kiss My Kriss3rdEvD7 1/2 fTLouisiana Legends Starter Stakes 3+Well's GoldMr. PorterKiss My Kriss1:28.46
05/08/11-R8Kiss My Kriss5thLaD7 1/2 fTAlwOC3+Fiesty DayAutobeacatWaystogeaux1:11.60
04/02/11-R8Kiss My Kriss7thOP1 mileDClaim4+Paisano CreekBadger BoNumismatist1:38.88
02/24/11-R5Kiss My Kriss8thFG1 mileTAlwOC4+First To BingoRoyal And FlashyTensas Cat1:41.28
01/15/11-R7Kiss My Kriss9thFG1 mileTAlwOC4+Up And Out Of SiteFirst To BingoSmoothcideup1:41.90
12/22/10-R4Kiss My Kriss2ndFG1 mileTAlwOC3+Southern InvasionKiss My KrissFirst To Bingo1:41.61
06/24/10-R6Kiss My Kriss6thLaD1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+WildrallyAutobeacatYogi And Boo Boo1:43.92
05/29/10-R9Kiss My Kriss2ndLaD1 mileTAlwOC3+WillistKiss My KrissGamble On Rocket1:39.35
02/01/10-R9Kiss My Kriss1stFG1 mileTAlwOC4+Kiss My KrissRoyal And FlashyOkie Souvenir1:42.80
12/19/09-R10Kiss My Kriss8thFG1 1/16 mTLA Champions Day Turf3+Desert WheatNowndforevermoreHigh Toned1:49.45
11/14/09-R9Kiss My Kriss9thFG1 1/16 mTMr Sulu3+Desert WheatNowndforevermoreLee's Spirit1:45.01
09/27/09-R8Kiss My Kriss3rdLaD1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+WildrallySprightly StarKiss My Kriss1:43.21
09/07/09-R6Kiss My Kriss4thLaD1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+WildrallyAngelonmyshoulderSettler's Hawk1:42.32
08/06/09-R2Kiss My Kriss1stLaD1 mileTAlwOC3+Kiss My KrissBrendyn JoMr Shumaker1:37.22
07/02/09-R7Kiss My Kriss1stLaD7 1/2 fTAllow3+Kiss My KrissRew's BluesDavy's Production1:31.17
06/11/09-R7Kiss My Kriss3rdLaD1 mileDAllow3+Mr ShumakerRew's BluesKiss My Kriss1:43.90
03/15/09-R7Kiss My Kriss6thFG1 mileDAllow4+Isabella SymphoneySay The WordMy Man Monty1:40.49
02/20/09-R7Kiss My Kriss2ndFG1 mileTAllow4+Mad And RoyalKiss My KrissLogan's Prize1:41.38
01/16/09-R9Kiss My Kriss4thFG1 mileTAllow4+Ordinary NewmanMister JimmyLogan's Prize1:40.84
01/24/08-R2Kiss My Kriss4thFG1 mileDMSW3Mardi Gras HeatKarakorum LargeMy Gold1:42.59
12/21/07-R10Kiss My Kriss3rdFG1 mileDMSW2Logan's PrizeKrispy StormKiss My Kriss1:41.82
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