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K T Brave
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9 year old Horse

K T Brave - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/05/21-R11K T Brave13thChu1 1/8 mDChampions Cup-G13+T O KeynesChuwa WizardAnother Truth1:49.70
11/03/21-R10K T Brave5thKan1 3/8 m DJBC Classic3+MutuallyOmega PerfumeChuwa Wizard2:13.10
10/02/21-R11K T Brave11thChu1 3/16 mDSirius Stakes-G33+Sunrise HopeWesterlundBullbear Iride1:57.40
06/24/20-R11K T Brave6thOhi1 1/4 mDTeio Sho4+ChrysoberylOmega PerfumeChuwa Wizard2:05.30
05/05/20-R11K T Brave2ndFun1 mileDKashiwa Kinen4+Wide PharaohK T BraveSunrise Nova1:38.60
02/23/20-R11K T Brave2ndTok1 mileDFebruary Stakes-G14+Mozu AscotK T BraveSunrise Nova1:35.20
01/29/20-R11K T Brave6thKaw1 5/16 mDKawasaki Kinen4+Chuwa WizardHikari OsoDerma Louvre2:14.10
12/29/19-R10K T Brave8thOhi1 1/4 mDTokyo Daishoten-G13+Omega PerfumeNonkono YumeMogiana Flavor2:04.90
11/28/19-R10K T Brave1stUra1 1/4 mDUrawa Kinen3+K T BraveAnother TruthLord Golazo2:05.40
01/30/19-R11K T Brave2ndKaw1 5/16 mDKawasaki Kinen4+MitsubaK T BraveAll Blush2:15.00
12/29/18-R10K T Brave3rdOhi1 1/4 mDTokyo Daishoten-G13+Omega PerfumeGold DreamK T Brave2:05.90
12/02/18-R11K T Brave11thChu1 1/8 mDChampions Cup-G13+Le Vent Se LeveWesterlundSunrise Soar1:50.10
11/04/18-R11K T Brave1stKyo1 3/16 mDJBC Classic3+K T BraveOmega PerfumeSunrise Soar1:56.70
10/03/18-R11K T Brave1stFun1 1/8 mDNippon TV Hai3+K T BraveApollo KentuckySound True1:52.50
06/27/18-R11K T Brave2ndOhi1 1/4 mDTeio Sho4+Gold DreamK T BraveSound True2:04.20
03/14/18-R11K T Brave1stFun1 1/2mDDiolite Kinen4+K T BraveApollo KentuckyMeiner Basara2:34.80
02/18/18-R11K T Brave11thTok1 mileDFebruary Stakes-G14+Nonkono YumeGold DreamIncantation1:36.00
01/31/18-R11K T Brave1stKaw1 5/16 mDKawasaki Kinen4+K T BraveApollo KentuckyAwardee2:14.90
12/29/17-R11K T Brave3rdOhi1 1/4 mDTokyo Daishoten-G13+Copano RickeySound TrueK T Brave2:04.20
12/03/17-R11K T Brave4thChu1 1/8 mDChampions Cup-G13+Gold DreamT M JinsokuCopano Rickey1:50.10
11/03/17-R11K T Brave2ndOhi1 1/4 mDJBC Classic3+Sound TrueK T BraveMitsuba2:04.50
06/28/17-R11K T Brave1stOhi1 1/4 mDTeio Sho4+K T BraveChrysoliteAwardee2:04.40
02/19/17-R11K T Brave6thTok1 mileDFebruary Stakes-G14+Gold DreamBest WarriorKafuji Take1:35.10
08/07/16-R11K T Brave2ndNii1 1/8 mDLeopard Stakes-G33GlanzendK T BraveRegalo1:50.60
02/21/16-R9K T Brave4thTok1 mileDHyacinth Stakes3Gold DreamStrong BarowsSmart Charade1:35.40
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