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Hop Skip and Away
in DerbyVille!
17 year old Gelding
New Jersey (USA) by Janet Laszlo  -  [Add Data]
Gold Fever  -  Wingspread  by  Gulch

Hop Skip and Away - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
07/24/15-R6Hop Skip and Away4thMth6 fDAlwOC3+LoverbilCho TimeChilton1:09.93
06/27/15-R6Hop Skip and Away1stMth5 1/2 fDClaim3+Hop Skip and AwayExchange the LimitStreet Brawl1:05.32
04/04/15-R12Hop Skip and Away1stAqu7 fDClaim4+Hop Skip and AwayFinding CandyDighton1:24.84
03/12/15-R7Hop Skip and Away2ndAqu6 fDClaim4+GlickmanHop Skip and AwayDon Tito1:13.14
02/21/15-R2Hop Skip and Away6thAqu1 70yDClaim4+Rap d'OroMatt and JesseBecker's Galaxy1:45.73
01/30/15-R6Hop Skip and Away7thAqu6 fDClaim4+Doc AlmonPiquantRoyal Currier1:11.89
11/28/14-R6Hop Skip and Away3rdAqu6 1/2 fDClaim3+Street SharkDan and SheilaHop Skip and Away1:18.89
09/06/14-R9Hop Skip and Away5thMth6 fDNew Jersey Breeders H.3+Rainbow HeirPartyallnightlongMagical Fire1:09.83
08/23/14-R4Hop Skip and Away2ndMth6 fDAlwOC3+He Can RunHop Skip and AwayMy Adonis1:08.96
06/14/14-R6Hop Skip and Away3rdMth5 1/2 fDClaim3+Speightful KissIndefinable HumorHop Skip and Away1:04.56
05/31/14-R10Hop Skip and Away6thMth6 fDJohn J. Reilly3+PartyallnightlongZealevoGunfighter1:10.67
11/23/13-R8Hop Skip and Away8thPrx6 fDAlwOC3+LuckysdreamMarilyn's GuyArrogant Officer1:09.88
08/30/13-R3Hop Skip and Away4thMth6 fDAlwOC3+PartyallnightlongSilver MenaceHarbor Breeze1:11.02
07/28/13-R3Hop Skip and Away7thMth6 fDTeddy Drone3+Immortal EyesJaverreHe Can Run1:10.82
07/05/13-R9Hop Skip and Away5thMth1 mileTElkwood3+Change of CommandSleepless KnightTune Me In1:33.33
06/16/13-R10Hop Skip and Away2ndMth1 mileTDan Horn Handicap3+RichiefromshopriteHop Skip and AwayJaverre1:35.50
06/01/13-R11Hop Skip and Away1stMth6 fDJohn J. Reilly3+Hop Skip and AwayChief CarlsonBombast1:09.81
03/12/13-R8Hop Skip and Away3rdPrx6 1/2 fDBensalem4+Candyman ERod's Five StarHop Skip and Away1:16.55
09/15/12-R5Hop Skip and Away4thMth6 fDNew Jersey Breeders H.3+JaverreChief CarlsonRichiefromshoprite1:11.50
08/17/12-R9Hop Skip and Away4thMth6 fDAlwOC3+J J's Lucky TrainSafe TripWell Spelled1:09.27
07/29/12-R9Hop Skip and Away5thMth6 fDTeddy Drone3+Royal CurrierTravelin ManRaging Six1:09.63
07/01/12-R9Hop Skip and Away4thMth6 fDAlwOC3+Escrow KidRaging SixSafe Trip1:10.88
06/02/12-R11Hop Skip and Away2ndMth6 fDJohn J. Reilly3+The HunkHop Skip and AwayBombast1:10.23
11/11/11-R5Hop Skip and Away1stMth6 fDAlwOC3+Hop Skip and AwayGalaxy KatRaging Six1:10.91
10/30/11-R7Hop Skip and Away4thMth1 mileDAlwOC3+HermosilloLittle StitchHe's So Chic1:37.04
10/14/11-R6Hop Skip and Away2ndMth6 fDAlwOC3+Zero Rate PolicyHop Skip and AwaySpirit of Cochise1:08.51
10/02/11-R9Hop Skip and Away2ndMth6 fDAlwOC3+Joe HollywoodHop Skip and AwayTodd Got Even1:08.43
09/17/11-R3Hop Skip and Away3rdMth6 fDNew Jersey Breeders H.3+Voodoo CharmArctic AirHop Skip and Away1:10.71
08/21/11-R10Hop Skip and Away3rdMth6 fDColts Neck Handicap3+DabnabitGunfighterHop Skip and Away1:10.31
06/19/11-R10Hop Skip and Away4thMth1 70yDBernie Dowd3+GunfighterAdduceHermosillo1:41.76
05/28/11-R11Hop Skip and Away3rdMth6 fDJohn J. Reilly3+DabnabitGunfighterHop Skip and Away1:11.25
11/20/10-R8Hop Skip and Away5thMth1 70yDFrisk Me Now3+Well PositionedGone AstrayChirac1:41.28
11/07/10-R8Hop Skip and Away3rdMth6 fDAlwOC3+Tommy's MemoryJoey P.Hop Skip and Away1:10.25
10/16/10-R8Hop Skip and Away4thMth6 fDEillo3+Todd Got EvenWritten In StoneEvenings End1:10.97
07/11/10-R3Hop Skip and Away7thMth1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+MantecaAtomic RainSecret Getaway1:44.33
06/20/10-R9Hop Skip and Away4thMth1 70yDBernie Dowd3+Evenings EndLuna ParkClear Faith1:44.45
05/29/10-R10Hop Skip and Away3rdMth6 fDJohn J. Reilly3+UnwrittenJoey P.Hop Skip and Away1:10.14
08/23/09-R1Hop Skip and Away2ndMth6 fDNew Jersey Breeders H.3+Lucky JamesHop Skip and AwayWho's the Cowboy1:09.61
08/07/09-R7Hop Skip and Away3rdMth6 fDAlwOC3+Lucky JamesOur HonorHop Skip and Away1:10.11
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