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Holycow Shes Sassy
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13 year old Mare
Illinois (USA) by [Add Data]

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Pleasant TapPleasant ColonyHis Majesty
Sun Colony
Never KnockStage Door Johnny
Never Hula
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Holycow Shes Sassy - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
09/19/14-R1Holycow Shes Sassy4thAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+Metonga MistZero GameAfleet Abaco1:48.44
08/29/14-R9Holycow Shes Sassy3rdAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+PaschendaleRed Lite NiteHolycow Shes Sassy1:47.90
08/08/14-R7Holycow Shes Sassy3rdAP1 mileSClaim3+Che SeraiDenyitHolycow Shes Sassy1:39.18
07/06/14-R3Holycow Shes Sassy6thAP1 mileTClaim3+Hoist the ColorsAwalkinthemoonliteBeyond1:38.62
06/20/14-R6Holycow Shes Sassy9thAP1 1/8 mTAllow3+Bella SerenadeWave Of The WandKitchen Boss1:51.35
05/17/14-R4Holycow Shes Sassy1stAP1 mileSClaim3+Holycow Shes SassyCartiac ArrestPeligrosa1:40.00
05/03/14-R3Holycow Shes Sassy5thAP1 1/16 mSAlwOC3+Dani NikkiBreathMirka1:46.75
03/29/14-R2Holycow Shes Sassy4thHaw1 70yDAlwOC4+TonzieDani NikkiAfleet Abaco1:45.87
03/14/14-R5Holycow Shes Sassy5thHaw1 70yDAllow3+SydneyrellaIndygo KissLove Thy Neighbor1:45.35
03/01/14-R7Holycow Shes Sassy5thHaw6 fDAllow3+Fire TricksGambler FiveWonder Country1:10.18
12/13/13-R5Holycow Shes Sassy5thHaw1 70yDClaim3+Suspended MoonTonzieTribute To Momma1:46.27
11/30/13-R6Holycow Shes Sassy4thHaw1 1/16 mDStr3+Silver CrushLewderhooAfleet Abaco1:49.22
11/10/13-R7Holycow Shes Sassy2ndHaw1 70yDClaim3+Afleet AbacoHolycow Shes SassyEastern Precipice1:45.55
11/02/13-R4Holycow Shes Sassy6thHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+BrewmistressWifeonthewarpathDance With Kitten1:47.82
10/19/13-R3Holycow Shes Sassy5thHaw1 70yDClaim3+Pleasant AngelQueen Of SciotoAfleet Abaco1:45.53
09/19/13-R1Holycow Shes Sassy3rdAP1 mileSClaim3+Pleasant AngelRichieslildarlingHolycow Shes Sassy1:38.67
08/24/13-R2Holycow Shes Sassy3rdAP1 mileSClaim3+RichieslildarlingSligo RoseHolycow Shes Sassy1:39.99
08/04/13-R1Holycow Shes Sassy1stAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+Holycow Shes SassyCecileabrationRed Lite Nite1:50.37
06/26/13-R4Holycow Shes Sassy6thAP1 mileSClaim3+Julie DarlinLefty's LegacyToast With Honey1:38.26
06/02/13-R8Holycow Shes Sassy3rdAP1 mileSClaim3+Millennium StarRahab Your SoulHolycow Shes Sassy1:39.28
05/11/13-R4Holycow Shes Sassy4thAP1 1/16 mSClaim3+Static ChargeDani NikkiMya Faccia Bella1:47.04
04/19/13-R7Holycow Shes Sassy3rdHaw1 70yDClaim3+Love Thy NeighborPleasant AngelHolycow Shes Sassy1:44.28
04/03/13-R4Holycow Shes Sassy6thHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+Braden's DreamsTonzieCompelling Case1:48.15
12/30/12-R4Holycow Shes Sassy7thHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+LamborgenieBlooming FlowerLock N Lola1:45.05
12/23/12-R4Holycow Shes Sassy5thHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+Diva's DiamondNikalukBraden's Dreams1:45.60
11/25/12-R4Holycow Shes Sassy9thHaw6 fDAllow3+Lion D N ACharlieprittyangelCowgirl Justice1:11.90
07/22/12-R5Holycow Shes Sassy7thAP1 mileTAllow3+Leading AstrayHoist the ColorsThe Best Option1:37.73
06/20/12-R1Holycow Shes Sassy1stAP1 mileSAllow3+Holycow Shes SassySmiling GamblerLime Tryst1:42.20
05/16/12-R5Holycow Shes Sassy5thAP1 mileTAllow3+ThecushmakerGoldwayDubious1:37.86
04/25/12-R6Holycow Shes Sassy5thHaw1 mileTAllow3+Prima Donna PiratePoint Your FingerLefty's Legacy1:38.71
04/13/12-R8Holycow Shes Sassy5thHaw1 1/16 mDAllow3+LookinatmindyAngel CookieChain Of Destiny1:48.45
12/23/11-R4Holycow Shes Sassy4thHaw1 1/16 mDMSW3+BoxeoBingorunEight Gauge1:47.83
12/08/11-R2Holycow Shes Sassy3rdHaw1 1/16 mDMSW3+Perfect StrangerTonzieHolycow Shes Sassy1:45.59
11/02/11-R3Holycow Shes Sassy3rdHaw1 1/16 mDMcl3+You'llalwaysbemineCalamity CodeHolycow Shes Sassy1:48.69
10/16/11-R2Holycow Shes Sassy8thHaw6 fDMcl3+Baby PollyGray VisionBunny's Place1:13.53
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