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Henny's Heart
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13 year old Mare

Henny's Heart - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/08/13-R9Henny's Heart8thWO7 fSClaim3+ExtremistLucky MelissaHigh Tee1:24.67
11/17/13-R6Henny's Heart6thWO7 fSAlwOC3+Dance To The MoonBlack Bird RockCabo Queen1:23.09
10/27/13-R9Henny's Heart8thWO6 fSAlwOC3+Mekong DeltaRunfor RoDance To The Moon1:10.29
09/02/13-R10Henny's Heart1stWO6 fTClaim3+Henny's HeartMiss Echo DuringCity Trip1:10.35
07/28/13-R4Henny's Heart7thWO6 fTClaim3+ActionontwoSweet StarletFlower Exchange1:09.37
06/23/13-R5Henny's Heart6thWO7 fSClaim3+Bear's Kitty KittyGrace PhilPosh Sox1:22.89
11/25/12-R9Henny's Heart5thWO6 fSClaim3PromiscuousKaridaMemories Last Love1:09.83
11/04/12-R2Henny's Heart7thWO6 1/2 fSAlwOC3+Fantastic CousinI'm Not AfraidSharp Secretary1:17.05
10/13/12-R6Henny's Heart6thWO6 1/2 fSRuling Angel Stakes3Silent SerenitySwift ArtistEvil Kitten1:16.36
08/26/12-R6Henny's Heart1stWO6 fSAllow3Henny's HeartSour GrapesMekong Delta1:10.56
07/29/12-R4Henny's Heart7thWO7 fSAllow3+AlythielaGravelly BayLemon Splash1:25.34
07/15/12-R8Henny's Heart5thWO6 fTAllow3+Lil' SashaBagatelle ParkAone Saucy Miss1:10.06
07/02/12-R1Henny's Heart3rdWO5 fSAllow3Youcan'tcatchmeQuit WorryingHenny's Heart0:58.26
05/30/12-R2Henny's Heart1stWO5 fSMSW3+Henny's HeartLittle RiverDaylight Cat0:58.20
05/18/12-R1Henny's Heart3rdWO6 fSMSW3+Won OpportunitySolid AppealHenny's Heart1:10.68
04/21/12-R5Henny's Heart6thWO5 1/2 fSMSW3Man StuffOne Nine NineBadon1:04.51
04/06/12-R5Henny's Heart3rdWO5 fSMSW3Delightful SongGravelly BayHenny's Heart0:58.56
07/17/11-R8Henny's Heart10thWO5 1/2 fSShady Well 2Judy The BeautyDene CourtRose And Shine1:03.95
06/25/11-R7Henny's Heart7thWO5 fSMy Dear2Tu Endie WeiRunfor RoSamsal0:56.93
06/11/11-R6Henny's Heart2ndWO4 1/2 fSMSW2Quit WorryingHenny's HeartDon'tgetmadalexis0:51.96
05/15/11-R1Henny's Heart2ndWO4 1/2 fSMSW2Banner BillHenny's HeartRockstar Richie0:53.19
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