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Hazards Of Love
in DerbyVille!
14 year old Gelding
(USA) by Hinkle Farms

Hazards Of Love - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
10/11/15-R8Hazards Of Love4thKee1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+EagleZambian DreamKing of New York1:42.95
06/20/15-R8Hazards Of Love2ndCD1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Street StrategyHazards Of LoveClass Leader1:42.66
06/20/15-R8Hazards Of Love2ndCD1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Street StrategyHazards Of LoveClass Leader1:42.66
05/24/15-R8Hazards Of Love1stCD1 1/8 mDAlwOC3+Hazards Of LoveC J's AwesomeIrish You Well1:50.83
04/04/15-R2Hazards Of Love1stKee1 1/16 mDAllow4+Hazards Of LovePuppy MannersSultry Cat1:44.85
02/14/15-R6Hazards Of Love2ndFG1 mileDAlwOC4+IndycottHazards Of LoveBanner Bill1:37.57
01/24/15-R8Hazards Of Love2ndFG1 1/16 mDAlwOC4+ParoledHazards Of LoveSaint Of Saints1:44.31
01/12/15-R8Hazards Of Love3rdFG1 1/16 mDAlwOC4+One King's ManKliszHazards Of Love1:45.72
12/07/14-R7Hazards Of Love2ndFG1 70yDClaim3+Paddy's NotesHazards Of LoveDuke Of Del Rey1:43.09
11/22/14-R7Hazards Of Love1stCD1 1/16 mDStr3+Hazards Of LoveMagical MomentSt. Padriag1:46.06
11/05/14-R5Hazards Of Love1stCD1 1/8 mDStr3+Hazards Of LoveMagical MomentHondo Wando1:51.16
10/23/14-R3Hazards Of Love2ndKee1 1/16 mDClaim3+Looking CoolHazards Of LoveFleet Gold Digger1:44.13
05/01/14-R2Hazards Of Love1stCD1 mileDStr4+Hazards Of LovePedrolinoBiker Boy1:36.65
02/13/14-R9Hazards Of Love5thFG1 70yDAlwOC4+GeothermalJimmy SimmsPushingonastring1:44.17
12/31/13-R5Hazards Of Love1stFG1 70yDAlwOC3+Hazards Of LoveAdulareCajun Don1:42.86
12/15/13-R6Hazards Of Love1stFG1 1/16 mDClaim3+Hazards Of LoveArrived HomeNolangrant'skitten1:48.64
11/17/13-R6Hazards Of Love3rdCD1 1/16 mDStr3+FlattermejimSneakin AwayHazards Of Love1:46.07
11/01/13-R6Hazards Of Love1stCD1 1/8 mDStr3+Hazards Of LoveBold ChoiceNoble Doss1:52.21
09/20/13-R7Hazards Of Love1stCD1 1/16 mDStr3+Hazards Of LoveGospel LessonBanjammer1:43.23
03/19/11-R3Hazards Of Love2ndFG1 70yDClaim4+Curragh MonHazards Of LoveKentucky Jones1:43.58
03/05/11-R1Hazards Of Love5thFG1 70yDClaim4+MajhoodBravo WhiskeyAtomic Force1:43.35
02/13/11-R1Hazards Of Love1stFG1 70yDClaim3+Hazards Of LoveSummanusMustang Powder1:44.19
01/23/11-R1Hazards Of Love1stFG1 70yDMcl4+Hazards Of LoveClass ClownI Take Diamonds1:44.10
11/27/10-R11Hazards Of Love3rdWO1 1/8 mDMcl3+BankuraBear CampHazards Of Love1:52.53
10/16/10-R11Hazards Of Love7thWO1 1/16 mSMcl3+DisclosureComing Home SoonRepentant Spirit1:44.73
09/23/10-R7Hazards Of Love8thWO7 fDMcl3+NaftaClassic ExecutiveWhata Tough Knight1:24.66
08/27/10-R1Hazards Of Love2ndWO1 1/16 mDMcl3+Personal SignalHazards Of LoveRoyal Rage1:47.24
08/02/10-R1Hazards Of Love5thWO1 1/16 mSMcl3+Kentucky JonesBuy With GoldBristol Indian1:46.54
08/01/10-R1Hazards Of Love5thWO1 1/16 mDMcl3+Kentucky JonesBuy With GoldBristol Indian1:46.54
06/20/10-R7Hazards Of Love3rdCD7 fDMcl3+MuscadineUnder Like ThunderHazards Of Love1:23.92
05/31/10-R6Hazards Of Love3rdCD1 mileDMcl3+HenceforthWarrant Ofc. CookHazards Of Love1:35.14
05/14/10-R1Hazards Of Love2ndCD1 mileDMcl3+Storm FalconHazards Of LoveHenceforth1:36.25
04/29/10-R4Hazards Of Love3rdCD1 mileDMcl3+Guarded EntranceTrinity RunHazards Of Love1:36.09
03/15/10-R3Hazards Of Love6thFG1 40yDMcl3Max Me OutGuarded EntranceThe Tap 1:41.17
01/16/10-R9Hazards Of Love2ndFG1 1/16 mDMcl3+Random MoveHazards Of LoveGreytap1:48.95
01/03/10-R8Hazards Of Love6thFG6 fDMSW3What's NewBerberisDelong Road1:10.90
11/28/09-R10Hazards Of Love3rdFG1 mileDMSW2Wow Wow WowDr. HudsonHazards Of Love1:41.21
08/23/09-R7Hazards Of Love4thAP1 mileTMSW2Family FoundationProtection GameOur Douglas1:40.06
08/06/09-R6Hazards Of Love2ndAP1 mileSMSW2HerecomesbertHazards Of LoveDual Forecast1:39.11
07/16/09-R6Hazards Of Love3rdAP7 fSMSW2LetsgetitonmonPetecarolHazards Of Love1:26.07
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