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Good Luck Charm
in DerbyVille!
12 year old Gelding
Doyen  -  Lucky Dice  by  Perugino

Good Luck Charm - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
09/11/17-R3Good Luck Charm1stBri7 fTHandicap3+Good Luck CharmKing Of SwingBlack Caesar1:25.40
08/11/17-R6Good Luck Charm1stBri7 fTHandicap3+Good Luck CharmStill WaitingEasy Code1:25.62
05/26/17-R2Good Luck Charm9thGoo7 fTHandicap4+Noble PeacePastoral PlayerHandytalk1:26.00
08/03/16-R4Good Luck Charm7thBri1 mileTHandicap3+Cricklewood GreenPick A LittlePacolita1:37.17
06/30/16-R6Good Luck Charm12thEps7 fTHandicap3+Fingal's CaveHarlequin StrikerFast Dancer1:26.34
05/20/16-R2Good Luck Charm2ndGoo7 fTHandicap4+Arlecchino's LeapGood Luck CharmPharmaceutical 1:29.34
04/19/16-R3Good Luck Charm3rdBri7 fTHandicap4+Fingal's CaveOutback RulerGood Luck Charm1:23.60
07/02/15-R6Good Luck Charm5thEps7 fTHandicap3+Liberty JackPharmaceutical Subversive1:22.62
12/22/14-R5Good Luck Charm10thKem7 fSHandicap3+Don't BeBrigliadoroFootstepsintherain1:26.07
12/08/14-R6Good Luck Charm9thLin1 mileSHandicap3+Jack Of DiamondsRazor WindSemaral1:35.93
11/10/14-R2Good Luck Charm4thKem7 fSHandicap3+Holiday MagicSmart SaluteKing Of Eden1:26.05
10/22/14-R7Good Luck Charm5thKem7 fSHandicap3+Unforgiving MinuteNever To BeNassau Storm1:24.64
09/24/14-R6Good Luck Charm1stGoo7 fTHandicap3+Good Luck CharmGanymedeBravo Echo1:26.12
09/01/14-R7Good Luck Charm7thLei7 fTHandicap3+Al KhanRed PaladinAvailable1:25.76
08/06/14-R4Good Luck Charm4thBri1 mileTHandicap3+Mime DancePicenoScottish Glen1:36.11
07/03/14-R6Good Luck Charm5thEps7 fTHandicap3+KosikaIntomistBayleyf1:21.26
06/16/14-R5Good Luck Charm4thWin1 1/16 mTHandicap4+UnisonLord Ofthe ShadowsMagique1:46.62
06/08/14-R6Good Luck Charm10thGoo7 fTHandicap3+ClockmakerRuwaiyanDark Emerald1:26.42
05/23/14-R2Good Luck Charm4thGoo7 fTHandicap4+Red RefractionCzech It OutRelated1:32.99
04/30/14-R6Good Luck Charm6thAsc1 mileTHandicap4+IshikawaRussian RealmNoble Gift1:47.44
07/08/13-R5Good Luck Charm2ndWin1 1/16 mTHandicap3+ConsignGood Luck CharmMulti Bene1:41.57
07/04/13-R4Good Luck Charm2ndEps7 fTHandicap3+Balty BoysGood Luck CharmSpirit Of Sharjah1:21.96
05/11/13-R7Good Luck Charm4thLin7 fTHandicap4+Great ExpectationsHarrison GeorgeJungle Bay1:27.35
09/26/12-R4Good Luck Charm3rdKem1 mileSMedian Auction Maiden Stakes 3+Sword In HandMedhyaarGood Luck Charm1:38.61
06/19/12-R6Good Luck Charm2ndBri1 mileTHandicap3ZaeemGood Luck CharmZuzu Angel1:35.36
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