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Gold Vibe
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9 year old Horse

Gold Vibe - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
06/27/20-R3Gold Vibe5thCha5 fTPrix Hampton3+Ken ColtAl RayaTertius0:57.64
05/31/20-R7Gold Vibe2ndDea5 fTPrix du Gros-Chene-G23+Tour To ParisGold VibeKen Colt0:55.81
05/11/20-R1Gold Vibe2ndLon5 fTPrix de Saint-Georges-G33+BatwanGold VibeSestilio Jet0:59.01
10/06/19-R6Gold Vibe6thLon5 fTPrix de l'Abbaye de Longchamp-G13+Glass SlippersSo PerfectEl Astronaute0:58.04
09/15/19-R6Gold Vibe3rdLon5 fTPrix du Petit Couvert-G33+Glass SlippersShades Of BlueGold Vibe0:55.77
07/27/19-R6Gold Vibe3rdDea5 fTPrix Du Cercle3+Ken ColtPocket DynamoGold Vibe0:58.25
07/13/19-R4Gold Vibe3rdMsn6 fTPrix de Ris-Orangis-G33+King MalpicInns Of CourtGold Vibe1:11.10
06/02/19-R3Gold Vibe4thCha5 fTPrix du Gros-Chene-G23+Inns Of CourtSestilio JetMajor Jumbo0:57.64
05/12/19-R2Gold Vibe4thLon5 fTPrix de Saint-Georges-G33+Sestilio JetBatwanKen Colt0:59.02
10/31/18-R5Gold Vibe6thMsn6 fTPrix de Seine-et-Oise-G33+Snazzy JazzyThe Right ManForza Capitano1:12.10
10/07/18-R6Gold Vibe2ndLon5 fTPrix de l'Abbaye de Longchamp-G13+Mabs CrossGold VibeSoldier's Call0:57.11
09/16/18-R8Gold Vibe10thLon5 fTPrix du Petit Couvert-G33+TantheemCity LightMuthmir0:56.20
08/26/18-R4Gold Vibe6thDea6 fTPrix de Meautry-G33+TantheemLaugh A MinuteCoeur De Beaute1:09.49
06/27/18-R3Gold Vibe3rdMsn5 fTPrix Hampton3+Son CesioImperial TangoGold Vibe0:58.69
06/03/18-R3Gold Vibe2ndCha5 fTPrix du Gros-Chene-G23+Finsbury SquareGold VibeA Momentofmadness0:57.91
05/13/18-R3Gold Vibe2ndLon5 fTPrix de Saint-Georges-G33+City LightGold VibeSon Cesio0:56.24
11/01/17-R6Gold Vibe2ndMsn6 fTPrix de Seine-et-Oise-G33+The Right ManGold VibeSon Cesio1:10.53
10/02/17-R3Gold Vibe2ndMsn5 1/2 fTPrix de Bonneval3+SpiritfixGold VibeMoon Trouble1:03.69
09/10/17-R1Gold Vibe2ndCha5 fTPrix du Petit Couvert-G33+Lady MacapaGold VibeFashion Queen0:59.89
05/18/17-R5Gold Vibe4thFnt6 fTConditions4+Rosa ImperialImmediateShot In The Dark1:08.40
09/11/16-R1Gold Vibe7thCha5 fTPrix du Petit Couvert-G33+Just GlamorousMarshaGoldream0:56.30
08/21/16-R8Gold Vibe1stDea6 fTConditions3Gold VibeMalikShot In The Dark1:14.31
07/21/16-R4Gold Vibe1stDea6 fTConditions3Gold VibeBlumenfeeDressed In Fur1:10.98
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