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Flowers for Lisa
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8 year old Gelding
Kentucky (USA) by Sarah K. Ramsey  -  Kenneth L. Ramsey  -  [Add Data]

Flowers for Lisa - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
10/24/21-R2Flowers for Lisa6thBel6 1/2 fDClaim3+Storm AdvisoryJoycee Haz PizzazWinning Drive1:18.61
10/08/21-R2Flowers for Lisa3rdBel6 1/2 fDClaim3+Joycee Haz PizzazTapizearanceFlowers for Lisa1:17.30
09/01/21-R2Flowers for Lisa4thSar1 1/8 mDClaim3+Grit and GloryHawaiian NoisesPlaywright1:54.03
09/01/21-R2Flowers for Lisa4thSar1 1/8 mDClaim3+Grit and GloryHawaiian NoisesPlaywright1:54.03
07/15/21-R1Flowers for Lisa4thSar1 1/8 mDClaim3+Charlie'sarchangelEkhtibaarWagon Boss 1:55.05
05/08/21-R1Flowers for Lisa7thBel1 1/16 mDClaim3+DaneburyVillainousRunabout1:44.12
02/15/21-R4Flowers for Lisa2ndAqu1 mileDClaim4+Control GroupFlowers for LisaParade Field1:38.68
01/21/21-R3Flowers for Lisa1stAqu1 1/8 mDClaim4+Flowers for LisaHeavy RollerDynamax Prime1:53.44
01/21/21-R3Flowers for Lisa1stAqu1 1/8 mDClaim4+Flowers for LisaHeavy RollerDynamax Prime1:53.44
12/13/20-R7Flowers for Lisa3rdAqu1 mileDClaim3+RunaboutGrit and GloryFlowers for Lisa1:39.93
12/03/20-R7Flowers for Lisa5thAqu1 mileDClaim3+Big MountainDurkin's CallHeavy Roller1:37.03
11/15/20-R5Flowers for Lisa6thAqu1 mileDAllow3+Malibu ProControl GroupAmerican Rule 1:37.07
10/12/20-R5Flowers for Lisa2ndBel1 1/16 mDClaim3+Creative StyleFlowers for LisaScarf It Down1:43.65
09/26/20-R1Flowers for Lisa1stBel1 1/16 mDClaim3+Flowers for LisaControl GroupThebigfundamental1:43.35
09/07/20-R6Flowers for Lisa7thSar6 fDClaim3+ClenchAristocratic Wegotoldyougotsold 1:09.20
08/09/20-R1Flowers for Lisa2ndSar6 fDClaim3+We Should TalkFlowers for LisaStoney Bennett1:09.69
07/18/20-R8Flowers for Lisa8thSar1 1/8 mDClaim3+ShalakoMusical HeartSingapore Trader1:51.33
06/07/20-R9Flowers for Lisa8thCD1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Alkhaatam Bourbon ResolutionCore Beliefs1:42.10
12/14/19-R10Flowers for Lisa7thGP1 1/16 mDHarlan's Holiday-G33+War StoryPhat ManBodexpress1:42.45
09/28/19-R4Flowers for Lisa2ndDel1 70yDDTHA Governors Day3+CordmakerFlowers for LisaTybalt1:41.09
08/09/19-R5Flowers for Lisa5thSar1 1/8 mDAlwOC3+Spinoff Lone Sailor Cairo Cat1:50.17
07/18/19-R9Flowers for Lisa3rdSar1 1/8 mDAlwOC3+Hofburg Roaming UnionFlowers for Lisa1:48.64
12/01/18-R11Flowers for Lisa7thGP1 1/8 mDClaiming Crown Jewel3+Aztec SenseRich DaddyZulu1:52.75
09/29/18-R9Flowers for Lisa4thCD1 1/8 mDLukas Classic Stakes-G33+Mind Your BiscuitsToast Of New YorkHonorable Duty1:48.64
08/13/18-R7Flowers for Lisa2ndSar1 1/8 mDAlwOC4+You're to BlameFlowers for LisaBonus Points1:50.97
07/27/18-R8Flowers for Lisa1stSar1 1/8 mDAlwOC3+Flowers for LisaUncle MojoPapa Shot1:50.96
06/23/18-R5Flowers for Lisa1stMth1 mileDAlwOC3+Flowers for LisaVirtual MachineFrammento1:38.80
05/27/18-R3Flowers for Lisa1stMth1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Flowers for LisaKabangUnbridled Daddy1:43.95
02/17/18-R11Flowers for Lisa9thGP1 1/16 mD4+Page McKenney MishegasJay's Way1:42.34
10/20/17-R1Flowers for Lisa2ndBel1 mileDClaim3+For Greater GloryFlowers for LisaPraetereo1:37.07
07/21/17-R3Flowers for Lisa2ndMth1 70yDAlwOC3+Midnight CelloFlowers for LisaGoing Abroad1:39.98
06/16/17-R7Flowers for Lisa2ndMth1 mileDAlwOC3+Sea RavenFlowers for LisaCause He's Western1:36.94
04/14/17-R6Flowers for Lisa6thOP1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Hot ItemSabrena's BlingMalibu Max1:44.46
08/05/16-R3Flowers for Lisa1stMth1 mileDClaim3+Flowers for LisaKing JGhostcatcher1:38.45
07/11/16-R7Flowers for Lisa3rdPrx1 mileDClaim3+World ChangerMr. CanadaFlowers for Lisa1:37.55
04/27/16-R2Flowers for Lisa6thGP1 mileDClaim3+Russian GreekMaster BlenderIndianaughty1:36.09
03/09/16-R3Flowers for Lisa1stGP1 mileDClaim3Flowers for LisaUnspoken QualityArco De Triunfo1:39.50
02/12/16-R4Flowers for Lisa1stGP1 mileDMcl3Flowers for LisaSocial StrangerTemplar Warrior1:38.72
01/24/16-R7Flowers for Lisa2ndGP7 fDMcl3Cyber JoshFlowers for LisaPapa Pig1:26.11
01/03/16-R10Flowers for Lisa2ndGP1 mileDMcl3Hail CepheusFlowers for LisaTheyallcomehome1:39.44
12/09/15-R10Flowers for Lisa3rdGP6 fDMcl2TheywonderyidrinkDon't Make Me CryFlowers for Lisa1:12.59
10/04/15-R1Flowers for Lisa6thKee6 fDMcl2Boss HawgHandiworkPrince Derek1:12.56
09/11/15-R5Flowers for Lisa9thCD1 mileDMSW2Brody's CauseConquest Big EDothat Dance1:37.64
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