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Dubawi King
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15 year old Gelding

Dubawi King - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
02/26/16-R7Dubawi King16thDoh1 mileTIrish Thoroughbred Marketing Cup3+Baltic KnightRoman LegendMoheet1:34.37
04/09/15-R8Dubawi King11thDoh1 1/2mTConditions4+Peter AndersPonfeighRight To Dream2:24.92
03/19/15-R7Dubawi King10thDoh1 3/8 m TConditions3+Peter AndersJanoub NibrasRight To Dream2:18.93
02/05/15-R7Dubawi King13thDoh1 3/8 m TQatar Gold Trophy3+DubdayPonfeighAmico Mio2:14.33
12/04/14-R8Dubawi King13thDoh1 1/4 mTSheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani Trophy3+DubdayAmico MioFanunalter2:02.29
04/17/14-R8Dubawi King9thDoh1 3/8 m TConditions3+Peter AndersTestudoGeneral Duke's2:17.50
03/27/14-R8Dubawi King5thDoh1 1/2mTConditions4+TestudoMu TazzZarkiyr2:29.61
02/27/14-R7Dubawi King8thDoh1 1/2mTH. H. The Amir Trophy3+DubdayPeter AndersPolperro2:28.34
02/04/14-R8Dubawi King3rdDoh1 5/16 mTKhor Al Adaid Cup3+Willie The WhipperOasis CannesDubawi King2:10.43
01/16/14-R5Dubawi King9thDoh1 1/4 mTConditions3+Amico MioLancelotQuel Avantage2:02.15
01/02/14-R7Dubawi King3rdDoh1 3/16 mTConditions3+Clean BowledPeter AndersDubawi King1:56.81
12/03/13-R3Dubawi King5thDoh1 1/4 mTSheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani Trophy3+Amico MioLadyanneVery Nice Name2:02.30
04/18/13-R9Dubawi King3rdDoh1 3/8 m TConditions3+BeethovenPeter AndersDubawi King2:16.18
03/07/13-R6Dubawi King3rdDoh1 1/8 mTConditions3+Amico MioScrutableDubawi King1:53.41
02/28/13-R6Dubawi King4thDoh1 1/2mTH. H. The Amir Trophy3+Very Nice NamePeter AndersArrigo2:26.97
02/07/13-R6Dubawi King2ndDoh1 3/8 m TH H Heir Apparent Trophy3+Very Nice NameDubawi KingArrigo2:13.19
01/17/13-R6Dubawi King2ndDoh1 5/16 mTKhor Al Adaid Cup3+Very Nice NameDubawi KingSeema2:09.10
12/27/12-R3Dubawi King2ndDoh1 1/4 mTHandicap3+General Duke'sDubawi KingBurren Quality2:05.29
12/06/12-R7Dubawi King8thDoh1 1/4 mTSheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani Trophy3+Very Nice NameGojeriAl Madina2:00.89
04/19/12-R7Dubawi King4thDoh1 1/4 mTConditions3+PolperroAmico MioLancelot1:59.89
03/01/12-R6Dubawi King2ndDoh1 1/2mTH. H. The Amir Trophy3+LancelotDubawi KingAmico Mio2:25.04
02/09/12-R3Dubawi King2ndDoh1 3/8 m TH H Heir Apparent Trophy3+Amico MioDubawi KingLancelot2:14.15
01/19/12-R4Dubawi King2ndDoh1 1/4 mTKhor Al Adaid Cup3+LancelotDubawi KingLogic Way2:03.14
04/21/11-R8Dubawi King2ndDoh1 1/2mTKhor Al Adaid Cup3+Amico MioDubawi KingLogic Way2:29.27
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