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Drinks To Go
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18 year old Gelding
Oklahoma (USA) by

Drinks To Go - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/06/13-R4Drinks To Go6thGP5 1/2 fDClaim3+Quiz WhizBlings ExpressSmart Humor1:04.03
10/27/13-R8Drinks To Go4thGP5 1/2 fDStr3+On AppealManlyTrip N Run1:05.00
10/06/13-R6Drinks To Go2ndCrc5 1/2 fDClaim3+Longer Terms DougDrinks To GoFly South1:05.52
09/08/13-R1Drinks To Go3rdGP5 1/2 fDClaim3+Musical FlairManlyDrinks To Go1:04.73
06/21/13-R1Drinks To Go1stMth6 fDClaim3+Drinks To GoOminous ThomasChasin the Cash1:12.09
05/27/13-R11Drinks To Go2ndMth5 1/2 fDClaim3+Gotogo ByeDrinks To GoStar Distinction1:03.59
05/12/13-R4Drinks To Go4thMth6 fDClaim3+Tidal WatersOminous ThomasNo Fret1:11.75
03/31/13-R4Drinks To Go3rdGP6 fDClaim4+Special SongPetchDrinks To Go1:12.60
03/08/13-R6Drinks To Go4thGP6 fDClaim4+Ribo BoboHey BraydenBob Can't Jump1:10.41
02/21/13-R6Drinks To Go3rdGP5 1/2 fDClaim4+Ribo BoboStolzDrinks To Go1:02.85
02/07/13-R4Drinks To Go4thGP6 fDClaim4+Starship ValorTroubles CominCzech Master1:10.73
01/10/13-R10Drinks To Go7thGP6 fDClaim4+Starship ValorThisonesforruthiePersonal Good1:11.45
12/20/12-R3Drinks To Go4thGP6 fDClaim3+Longer Terms DougBurning MandateHollywood Left1:11.03
12/02/12-R2Drinks To Go3rdGP6 fDClaim3+Burning MandateStarship ValorDrinks To Go1:10.24
09/23/12-R6Drinks To Go1stCrc6 1/2 fDClaim3+Drinks To GoCharmed AffairOnesteptogo1:19.04
08/17/12-R9Drinks To Go5thCrc7 fDClaim3+Don MisilMonroe CourtJ Isle1:25.12
08/02/12-R3Drinks To Go4thCrc6 1/2 fDClaim3+Personal GoodKatz With A KPhilourpockets1:18.86
07/12/12-R4Drinks To Go4thCrc5 1/2 fDClaim3+A CenturianOld ParrMonroe Court1:06.42
06/29/12-R8Drinks To Go5thCrc6 1/2 fDClaim3+EvangelosZuberOld Parr1:18.32
06/15/12-R9Drinks To Go3rdCrc7 fDClaim3+J IsleJaraneroDrinks To Go1:24.85
05/28/12-R3Drinks To Go7thCrc6 fDClaim3+Island SunsetStynerJaranero1:11.69
05/17/12-R1Drinks To Go2ndCrc6 fDClaim3+Dubai DistinctionDrinks To GoPersonal Good1:12.21
05/23/11-R10Drinks To Go1stDel6 fDStr4+Drinks To GoMarvel WoodClassic Wildcat1:09.88
04/10/11-R6Drinks To Go4thOP6 fDStr4+The Big WaveSaint's RelicArchie Trucker1:10.67
02/17/11-R1Drinks To Go1stOP6 fDStr4+Drinks To GoArchie TruckerB L's Tsumani1:12.34
01/22/11-R7Drinks To Go3rdOP6 fDStr4+B L's TsumaniExtreme WarriorDrinks To Go1:12.45
10/20/10-R6Drinks To Go1stDel6 fDStr3+Drinks To GoTrippliteKing Disco1:10.40
08/18/10-R2Drinks To Go3rdDel6 fDStr3+Cayman CondoTrippliteDrinks To Go1:11.59
07/28/10-R4Drinks To Go2ndDel6 fDStr3+Marvel WoodDrinks To GoChance and a Half1:09.25
06/23/10-R2Drinks To Go2ndDel5 1/2 fDStr3+Two DooDrinks To GoChance and a Half1:03.83
05/31/10-R4Drinks To Go2ndDel6 fDClaim3+Pirate KingDrinks To GoMarvel Wood1:11.32
04/09/10-R2Drinks To Go2ndOP6 fDStr3+Justa StreakDrinks To GoLunarpeal1:10.95
03/06/10-R6Drinks To Go1stOP6 fDClaim4+Drinks To GoSmilin' DelAshen Lord1:11.74
08/14/09-R8Drinks To Go7thAP6 fSClaim3+B L's Papa Coo CooThe ElevatorBoots Are Walking1:11.47
07/19/09-R2Drinks To Go1stAP6 1/2 fSClaim3+Drinks To GoMia ConcertoCount On It1:18.07
04/05/09-R7Drinks To Go1stOP6 fDClaim4+Drinks To GoBroad's BewareAtthebuzzer
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