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Dreaming of Cara
in DerbyVille!
11 year old Mare
New York (USA) by [Add Data]

Dreaming of Cara - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/31/14-R5Dreaming of Cara11thAqu1 1/16 mDBay Ridge3+Storied LadyMiss Da PointMacha1:47.05
12/05/14-R3Dreaming of Cara5thAqu1 70yDAllow3+CarameawayMiss Da PointLady Gracenote1:43.94
10/18/14-R7Dreaming of Cara7thBel1 1/16 mDEmpire Distaff 3+Princess VioletFlipcupCarameaway1:43.81
09/14/14-R9Dreaming of Cara5thBel1 1/8 mTJohn Hettinger3+Invading HumorStrike AccordEffie Trinket1:49.17
08/14/14-R4Dreaming of Cara2ndSar1 1/8 mDSaratoga Dew3+CarameawayDreaming of CaraGet Gorgeous1:52.54
08/04/14-R8Dreaming of Cara9thSar1 mileTAllow3+Invading HumorStock FundDouble the Energy1:37.53
05/31/14-R4Dreaming of Cara5thBel1 mileTMount Vernon3+Mah Jong MaddnesEffie TrinketLady's Lunar Luck1:34.42
04/18/14-R2Dreaming of Cara3rdAqu1 mileDAlwOC4+Miss Da PointCarameawayDreaming of Cara1:36.83
03/31/14-R7Dreaming of Cara3rdAqu1 mileDAlwOC4+Miss Da PointCarameawayDreaming of Cara1:40.28
03/09/14-R3Dreaming of Cara5thAqu1 70yDAllow4+HowCarameawayGloria Victoria1:42.73
02/23/14-R8Dreaming of Cara2ndAqu1 mileDAlwOC4+Hot RendezvousDreaming of CaraHot Splash1:39.11
01/26/14-R8Dreaming of Cara3rdAqu1 1/8 mDAlwOC4+Natalie VictoriaEndless ChatterDreaming of Cara1:50.73
01/05/14-R8Dreaming of Cara3rdAqu1 mileDJudy Soda4+Miss Da PointTahoe TigressDreaming of Cara1:39.96
11/14/13-R6Dreaming of Cara3rdAqu1 mileDAlwOC3+Tahoe TigressSaturday Nthe ParkDreaming of Cara1:37.40
10/19/13-R8Dreaming of Cara7thBel1 1/16 mTTiconderoga3+Effie TrinketSally's DreamWholelottashakin1:42.45
09/27/13-R4Dreaming of Cara4thBel7 1/2 fDPrincess Dixie3+WilletMiss ValentineMischief Maker1:30.71
09/15/13-R7Dreaming of Cara5thBel1 1/8 mTJohn Hettinger3+Effie TrinketWholelottashakinInimitable Romanee1:50.39
08/26/13-R9Dreaming of Cara4thSar1 1/8 mDSaratoga Dew3+Go UnbridledLady On the RunMischief Maker1:51.68
08/11/13-R7Dreaming of Cara4thSar1 mileTAllow3+Teen PaulineYes It's PinkSense to Compete1:35.84
07/19/13-R4Dreaming of Cara3rdSar1 1/16 mTOn the Bus3+HessoniteInimitable RomaneeDreaming of Cara1:42.37
06/01/13-R6Dreaming of Cara4thBel1 mileTMount Vernon3+ShakeiraInimitable RomaneeElusive Rumour1:35.75
10/20/12-R7Dreaming of Cara6thBel1 1/16 mTTiconderoga3+HessoniteShakeiraGitchee Goomie1:47.46
10/07/12-R1Dreaming of Cara4thBel1 1/16 mDAllow3+CentringWelcome GuestFalbala1:44.13
09/09/12-R6Dreaming of Cara5thBel1 1/8 mTJohn Hettinger3+HessoniteFreedom RingsInimitable Romanee1:52.12
08/17/12-R4Dreaming of Cara5thSar1 1/16 mTYaddo3+HessoniteMystic CityElusive Rumour1:43.44
07/28/12-R7Dreaming of Cara6thSar1 1/16 mTAllow3+AssateagueKitty WinePianist1:43.45
07/07/12-R6Dreaming of Cara5thBel1 1/16 mTAllow3+TotheendoftheearthIsland SchoolFire Assay1:43.53
05/28/12-R7Dreaming of Cara8thBel1 1/16 mTSands Point-G23Better LuckyRegalo MiaZultanite1:42.75
05/13/12-R6Dreaming of Cara4thBel1 1/8 mTAlwOC3+Colonial FlagZultaniteFreedom Rings1:49.04
04/13/12-R7Dreaming of Cara1stAqu1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+Dreaming of CaraGlory in MotionHarbor Mist1:44.24
03/04/12-R8Dreaming of Cara1stAqu1 70yDAllow3Dreaming of CaraNewbiePop Pop's Smyle1:44.35
02/09/12-R4Dreaming of Cara1stAqu1 70yDMSW3+Dreaming of CaraNotellSugar Beach1:45.01
01/08/12-R2Dreaming of Cara2ndAqu1 70yDMSW3ShesabronxbomberDreaming of CaraBent On Glory1:45.94
12/14/11-R4Dreaming of Cara2ndAqu1 mileDMSW2Hot SplashDreaming of CaraPenthouse Party1:41.09
11/26/11-R6Dreaming of Cara8thAqu1 1/8 mDDemoiselle-G22DisposablepleasureWildcat's Smile Bourbonstreetgirl1:53.10
11/06/11-R9Dreaming of Cara5thAqu1 1/16 mTMSW2Reach for a PeachHlao RooKatie Malone1:47.72
10/22/11-R5Dreaming of Cara4thBel1 mileTMSW2Court of DreamsDesert BlissStrike Accord1:41.20
10/05/11-R4Dreaming of Cara3rdBel1 1/16 mDMSW2Color BlindStock FundDreaming of Cara1:45.17
09/15/11-R6Dreaming of Cara10thBel6 fTMSW2Scat's LassieHall of FlameManero1:10.27
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