Horse Silk Dragunov


10 years old - Gelding
Harlan's Holiday - Charismatic Lady by End Sweep
Establo Ninimel
Maximo Gomez
Kentucky, US by William B. Harrigan
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Dragunov is a 10 year old gelding and has raced from 2017 to 2022. He was sired by Harlan's Holiday out of the End Sweep mare Charismatic Lady. He was trained by Maximo Gomez and has raced for Establo Ninimel, and was bred in Kentucky, United States by William B. Harrigan. Dragunov has raced at Camarero Race Track, Arlington Park, Belterra Park, Fair Grounds, Gulfstream Park, Gulfstream Park West, Hawthorne Racecourse, Mountaineer, Turfway Park with wins at Camarero Race Track, Gulfstream Park West, Mountaineer.

Dragunov - Race Results, Speed Figures, and Past Performances
Date Finish (speed) Fin Trk Distance Surface Race 1st (HRN Speed fig) Finish (HRN Speed) 2nd 3rd Time
14th CMR 1 1/16M Dirt- Clm Let's Workout Tasador Julio R.
Tasador Julio R. Uhtred
13th CMR 7F Dirt-Muddy Clm Frank Alone Mandated Affair
Roaring Thunder
Mandated Affair Roaring Thunder
9th CMR 1 1/16M Dirt-Muddy Clm Hy Riverside Mighty Fast
Mighty Fast Zaga
14th CMR 6 1/2F Dirt-Fast Clm Military Palace Strike Lightning
Imperio D
Strike Lightning Imperio D
7th CMR 1 1/8M Dirt-Fast Clm Comerio's Prince Super Psyche
Express Boy
Super Psyche Express Boy
13th CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Malibu Mandate Comerio's Prince
Super Psyche
Comerio's Prince Super Psyche
9th CMR 1 1/16M Dirt-Fast Clm Could Be Dragster
Pull a Freddie
Dragster Pull a Freddie
8th CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Come On Venezuela Hy Riverside
Super Psyche
Hy Riverside Super Psyche
7th CMR 1 1/16M Dirt-Fast Clm Super Psyche Military Palace
Tasador Julio R.
Military Palace Tasador Julio R.
10th CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Salsa Jack Congruity
Signature Twirl
Congruity Signature Twirl
9th CMR 1 1/16M Dirt-Fast Clm Rybolt Super Psyche
Solo Drink
Super Psyche Solo Drink
1st CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Dragunov Forty Books
Changing Leads
Forty Books Changing Leads
4th CMR 1 1/8M Dirt- Clm Gladtobehere Solo Drink
Curlins Vow
Solo Drink Curlins Vow
2nd CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Rybolt Dragunov
Dragunov Glennevan
4th CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Dinesen Tapiz Dream
Knutsford Park
Tapiz Dream Knutsford Park
2nd CMR 1 1/16M Dirt-Fast Clm Verdict Is In Dragunov
Changing Leads
Dragunov Changing Leads
5th CMR 1 1/16M Dirt-Fast Clm Surf Heat Red Fog
Verdict Is In
Red Fog Verdict Is In
4th CMR 7F Dirt-Muddy Clm In a Fog Black Riddle
Darby Dart
Black Riddle Darby Dart
6th CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Tasador Julio R. Bacano
Orion's Temple
Bacano Orion's Temple
2nd CMR 1 1/8M Dirt-Fast Clm Neat Street Dragunov
Dragunov Dogtown
6th CMR 7F Dirt-Fast Clm On Fire Bokur
Emmett's Dream
Bokur Emmett's Dream
7th CMR 6F Dirt-Fast Clm Silver Defense Swagger
Swagger Gemologo
6th CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Sapphire Shilling Roaring Thunder
Cpl. Dionicio
Roaring Thunder Cpl. Dionicio
7th CMR 1 1/16M Dirt-Fast Clm Gemologo Bebo Lucky Road
Senor Friday
Bebo Lucky Road Senor Friday
5th CMR 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Electrifying Curlins Vow
Jay's Way
Curlins Vow Jay's Way
3rd CMR 6F Dirt-Fast Clm Malibu Sunset Mr. Top Fleet
Mr. Top Fleet Dragunov
10th (66) TP 6 1/2F Synth-Fast Clm Supreme Venture (88) So Caught Up in U (84)
Top Hat Voyager (85)
So Caught Up in U (84) Top Hat Voyager (85)
11th (72) HAW 1 1/16M Turf-Firm Clm Lemon Blitz (96) Miracle Mountain (95)
Scattered Cash (93)
Miracle Mountain (95) Scattered Cash (93)
10th (84) HAW 1 1/8M Turf-Firm Clm Crow Moon (97) Miracle Mountain (98)
Summer Castle (97)
Miracle Mountain (98) Summer Castle (97)
4th (70) HAW 1 1/8M Dirt-Muddy Soc Readthecliffnotes (86) Big Money Machine (78)
Half of Manhattan (71)
Big Money Machine (78) Half of Manhattan (71)
6th (92) HAW 1 1/16M Turf-Firm Clm Fleetway (99) Norco (98)
Scattered Cash (98)
Norco (98) Scattered Cash (98)
3rd (76) AP 1 1/8M Synth-Fast Clm Tales of War (84) Bear Trappe (80)
Dragunov (76)
Bear Trappe (80) Dragunov (76)
5th (96) AP 1 1/16M Turf-Firm Clm Half of Manhattan (97) Crow Moon (99)
Summer Castle (99)
Crow Moon (99) Summer Castle (99)
7th (85) AP 1M Turf-Firm Clm True Loyalty (98) Half of Manhattan (96)
Cadet Captain (92)
Half of Manhattan (96) Cadet Captain (92)
8th (85) AP 1M Turf-Firm Clm River Evangelist (97) Fort Ridge (96)
Christian C (94)
Fort Ridge (96) Christian C (94)
1st (96) MNR 1M 70Y Turf-Firm Clm Dragunov (96) Aktabantay (GB) (96)
The Catmancan (97)
Aktabantay (GB) (96) The Catmancan (97)
2nd (100) MNR 1M Turf-Firm Clm Red Cat (CHI) (101) Dragunov (100)
Replay (92)
Dragunov (100) Replay (92)
5th (81) BTP 1M 70Y Dirt- Clm Dollar Blue (92) Mansoor (88)
Tee Tee (85)
Mansoor (88) Tee Tee (85)
6th (67) BTP 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Hyndford (90) Valycove (90)
Mine N Yours (80)
Valycove (90) Mine N Yours (80)
5th (59) GP 1 1/16M Dirt-Fast Clm Morning Stride (87) Cowboy Culture (82)
Dizzy Gillespie (81)
Cowboy Culture (82) Dizzy Gillespie (81)
8th (76) GP 1M Dirt-Fast Clm Il Faraone (101) Love Nest (93)
One Fine Ride (92)
Love Nest (93) One Fine Ride (92)
6th (89) GP 1 1/16M Turf-Firm Clm My Point Exactly (101) Compagno (101)
Could Be (93)
Compagno (101) Could Be (93)
6th (93) GP 1M Turf-Firm Clm Til the End (98) Unlockthepotential (99)
My Point Exactly (97)
Unlockthepotential (99) My Point Exactly (97)
1st (92) GPW 7 1/2F Turf-Firm Clm Dragunov (92) Southern Sea (86)
Shidoshi (86)
Southern Sea (86) Shidoshi (86)
3rd (75) BTP 1 1/16M Dirt-Fast Clm The Moment Is Now (91) High Powered (74)
Dragunov (75)
High Powered (74) Dragunov (75)
10th (85) AP 1M Turf-Firm Clm Clear N Convincing (102) Contraction (98)
English Investor (95)
Contraction (98) English Investor (95)
3rd (94) AP 1M Turf-Firm Clm Volgograd (96) Contraction (96)
Dragunov (94)
Contraction (96) Dragunov (94)
6th (72) AP 1 1/8M Synth-Fast Clm Senor Blanco (85) Love Your Buttons (82)
High On Sugar (82)
Love Your Buttons (82) High On Sugar (82)
3rd (91) AP 1 1/16M Turf-Yielding Wcl Betwithbothhands (92) Round Hill (92)
Dragunov (91)
Round Hill (92) Dragunov (91)
5th (99) FG 1 9/16M Turf-Firm Soc Senor Blanco (102) Yeowzer (101)
Baires Boy (99)
Yeowzer (101) Baires Boy (99)
7th (80) HAW 1M 70Y Dirt-Fast Aoc Cabin John (97) Smoke 'n' Gloat (95)
Big Dinner (95)
Smoke 'n' Gloat (95) Big Dinner (95)
4th (82) HAW 1M 70Y Dirt-Fast Clm Two Pair (86) Volgograd (86)
Romeo O Romeo (85)
Volgograd (86) Romeo O Romeo (85)
7th (79) HAW 6F Dirt-Fast Alw Nyoman (98) River Cactus (95)
Smart Like a Fox (92)
River Cactus (95) Smart Like a Fox (92)
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