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Dinner In Odem
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18 year old Gelding
Florida (USA) by Thomas H. Heard Jr.  -  [Add Data]

Dinner In Odem - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/26/14-R5Dinner In Odem8thTam1 40yDAlwOC3+TwocubanbrothersuOn LockdownCharlie In Charge1:41.58
09/05/14-R1Dinner In Odem3rdGP1 1/8 mDAlwOC3+Chillin DylanRed HillsDinner In Odem
08/10/14-R10Dinner In Odem9thGP1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Bluegrass JamSarava StarRed Hills2:00.48
07/31/14-R8Dinner In Odem4thGP1 mileDAlwOC3+Red HillsDecaf AgainContrip1:38.86
07/11/14-R5Dinner In Odem10thGP1 1/16 mTClaim3+MutasadderPecky's BoyJupiter1:42.60
06/29/14-R3Dinner In Odem4thGP1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+Toh's Grey CatRed HillsBeer Garden1:44.13
06/06/14-R5Dinner In Odem3rdGP1 mileDAlwOC3+Whiskey TapRocky GapDinner In Odem1:37.18
04/02/14-R8Dinner In Odem7thTam1 3/8 m TStrHcp4+Paige MeHoungunSette E Mezzo2:19.69
03/12/14-R7Dinner In Odem5thTam1 40yDAlwOC4+GimmeadrinkRasta FriendLong To Win1:40.60
02/22/14-R6Dinner In Odem5thTam1 1/8 mTClaim4+Sette E MezzoLeft Foot SlewieH M S Anniversary1:50.58
02/08/14-R8Dinner In Odem2ndTam1 40yDClaim4+Ultimate X.Dinner In OdemRun Fat Boy Run1:41.65
01/18/14-R8Dinner In Odem10thTam1 1/16 mTStrHcp4+Native WaveIt Takes HeartSilver Dib1:42.67
12/14/13-R4Dinner In Odem1stTam1 1/8 mTClaim3+Dinner In OdemIt Takes HeartSarge Hudson1:49.32
12/04/13-R6Dinner In Odem8thTam1 1/16 mTClaim3+Crimson KnightUltimate X.Yenzen1:44.58
11/03/13-R5Dinner In Odem3rdGP1 1/16 mTClaim3+Mean SaxMonroe CourtDinner In Odem1:46.02
10/06/13-R4Dinner In Odem3rdGP1 1/16 mTClaim3+Runyon HumorVanquisherDinner In Odem1:42.75
09/15/13-R3Dinner In Odem1stGP1 mileDClaim3+Dinner In OdemGoldsomeHoungun1:39.99
09/01/13-R3Dinner In Odem6thGP1 1/16 mTClaim3+VanquisherEl UnoAudacity of Hope1:44.12
08/18/13-R3Dinner In Odem6thGP1 mileDStr3+Double JudgeRed HillsSailing Clear1:38.10
04/26/13-R9Dinner In Odem6thTam1 mileTClaim4+El LegadoWaywardwillieOughterson1:35.72
04/06/13-R11Dinner In Odem6thTam1 1/8 mTClaim4+Holiday BoyMillennium LakesCarnival Ride1:51.83
03/23/13-R8Dinner In Odem5thTam1 1/4 mDStrHcp4+Saffron HallAwake At T WireLethal Combination2:05.10
03/13/13-R2Dinner In Odem3rdTam1 40yDClaim4+Rio GreyHoliday BoyDinner In Odem1:42.94
02/21/13-R8Dinner In Odem1stTam1 40yDClaim4+Dinner In OdemAlex's VisionStorm Slew1:42.28
02/02/13-R5Dinner In Odem12thTam1 1/8 mTClaim4+Mimito BoyJudge WellOlympic Danz1:49.22
01/13/13-R8Dinner In Odem4thTam1 mileTClaim4+The Waco KidPorcupineStumbling Block1:35.16
12/30/12-R5Dinner In Odem5thTam1 1/16 mTClaim3+K RunAnother SmokeyMy Pocket Ace1:45.14
12/15/12-R6Dinner In Odem5thTam1 1/8 mTClaim3+Lethal CombinationPorcupinePerfect Joiski1:49.12
04/13/12-R8Dinner In Odem5thTam1 1/16 mTStr4+Grand CashReign Of KingsKatrina's Prince1:41.70
03/24/12-R8Dinner In Odem5thTam1 3/8 m TStrHcp4+Gold BrewLet It RockSette E Mezzo2:18.23
02/25/12-R11Dinner In Odem9thTam1 1/16 mTClaim4+No InflationHarbor RidgeI've Got Speed1:41.84
01/19/12-R9Dinner In Odem6thTam1 40yDAlwOC4+MoonportRiversrunryleeLegendary King1:40.77
12/31/11-R9Dinner In Odem9thTam1 mileTAllow3+Black BeltAudacity of HopeYankee Injunuity1:35.70
12/03/11-R10Dinner In Odem7thTam1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+VanquisherLet It RockPyrite Personal1:42.51
10/23/11-R9Dinner In Odem4thCrc1 1/16 mTJoey Blueeyes3+DucducLivingston StreetTannersville1:47.25
10/15/11-R9Dinner In Odem5thCrc1 1/16 mDSpend A Buck-G33+Mad FlatterMambo MeisterStimulus Plan1:46.07
09/30/11-R4Dinner In Odem2ndCrc1 1/16 mDAllow3+Rock AlexDinner In OdemBlack Scorpion1:46.67
09/10/11-R9Dinner In Odem4thCrc1 1/8 mDOur Dear Peggy3+TannersvilleTrust The DeputyMotovato1:53.23
08/13/11-R8Dinner In Odem4thCrc1 1/16 mDBand is Passing3+Flatter ThisTannersvilleWingedlie1:47.91
07/24/11-R9Dinner In Odem4thCrc1 1/16 mDPrimal 3+Mambo MeisterWingedlieHear Ye Hear Ye1:45.17
06/25/11-R10Dinner In Odem5thCrc1 1/8 mTMecke 3+Mambo MeisterJohn Johny JakWingedlie1:53.05
04/29/11-R7Dinner In Odem7thTam1 mileTHandicap4+GeneralissimoYankee InjunuityRiversrunrylee1:35.25
04/09/11-R10Dinner In Odem7thTam1 1/8 mTTurf Classic Stakes 4+Slews AnswerBlazenVanquisher1:50.16
02/25/11-R5Dinner In Odem4thTam1 1/16 mTAllow4+Union BowmanLeading OnVanquisher1:43.48
02/17/11-R9Dinner In Odem6thTam1 mileTAlwOC4+Voodoo SwingePyrite PersonalForestry Type1:35.15
01/02/11-R3Dinner In Odem6thTam1 1/16 mTAllow4+Pyrite PersonalLeading OnLet It Rock1:42.58
10/23/10-R11Dinner In Odem2ndCrc7 1/2 fTAllow3+AlmuraadDinner In OdemTwilight Meteor1:29.49
10/10/10-R9Dinner In Odem7thCrc1 1/16 mDAllow3+SinceroNineinthenineAlmuraad1:42.05
09/25/10-R12Dinner In Odem5thCrc1 70yDJoey Blueeyes3+RiversrunryleeSinceroCauseway's Kin1:44.16
09/04/10-R10Dinner In Odem2ndCrc1 1/16 mDAllow3+WingedlieDinner In OdemDream Maestro1:48.46
07/02/10-R8Dinner In Odem6thCrc1 mileTAllow3+Mean SaxFearless EagleSafety Squeeze1:35.75
05/22/10-R10Dinner In Odem3rdCrc1 1/8 mTMecke 3+Mean SaxBlack ScorpionDinner In Odem1:47.56
05/01/10-R10Dinner In Odem5thCrc1 70yDSumter3+MotovatoCauseway's KinGabriel's Hill1:43.66
04/03/10-R9Dinner In Odem4thTam1 1/8 mT4+PicouAllie's EventVanquisher1:47.00
03/13/10-R12Dinner In Odem3rdTam1 1/16 mTAllow4+RiversrunryleePyrite PersonalDinner In Odem1:45.00
02/20/10-R7Dinner In Odem6thTam1 1/16 mTTampa Bay Stakes4+KarelianGio PontiRahystrada1:42.61
02/06/10-R10Dinner In Odem5thTam7 fDSuper Stakes4+Musket ManGuam TyphoonChief Talkeetna1:23.10
01/29/10-R7Dinner In Odem3rdTam1 mileTAllow4+Public SpeakerAllie's EventDinner In Odem1:37.91
01/03/10-R4Dinner In Odem4thTam1 1/16 mTAllow4+RiversrunryleePyrite PersonalVanquisher1:46.13
07/18/09-R5Dinner In Odem6thDel1 1/16 mDR. R. M. Carpenter Jr. Memorial Stakes3+Acting ZippyResearcherKurbat1:44.87
03/07/09-R7Dinner In Odem5thTam1 1/16 mDChallenger Stakes4+Fierce WindFearless VisionParadise Dancer1:45.01
04/05/08-R6Dinner In Odem5thTam1 1/8 mTTurf Classic Stakes 4+Soldier's DancerSilver TreeFearless Eagle1:49.95
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