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De Lica
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13 year old Mare
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Devil His DueDevil's BagHalo
Plenty O'TooleRaise a Cup
Li'l Puss
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De Lica - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
03/06/15-R5De Lica2ndHaw6 fDClaim4+Lady DozerDe LicaAragorn's Quest1:11.43
12/27/14-R7De Lica4thHaw6 fDClaim3+Switchen Er UpLink CardRussian Rhapsody1:12.45
12/03/14-R7De Lica3rdHaw6 fDClaim3+MagdalenkaSwitchen Er UpDe Lica1:11.93
11/13/14-R2De Lica6thHaw6 fDClaim3+MagdalenkaTake What You CanUptown Babe1:11.73
10/16/14-R5De Lica5thHaw6 fDClaim3+Lydia's AngelPassionately SweetBlarney D'or1:12.25
09/26/14-R2De Lica5thAP7 fSClaim3+She's Tellin'talesCass' LadyBrick House Road1:27.56
07/31/14-R2De Lica5thAP6 1/2 fSClaim3+Royal AlluvialMirkaChica Silver1:18.16
07/06/14-R4De Lica4thAP6 fSClaim3+Royal AlluvialGostosaVirginia's Joy1:13.05
06/15/14-R1De Lica6thAP6 fSClaim3+My Place Or YoursMirkaHarborton1:11.83
05/26/14-R1De Lica3rdAP5 1/2 fSClaim3+GaneshaAnnie BellumDe Lica1:06.94
05/08/14-R4De Lica1stAP5 1/2 fSClaim3+De LicaHarbortonFoxie's Sly Won1:05.83
04/09/14-R4De Lica5thHaw6 1/2 fDClaim4+My Place Or YoursShesmorethanatigerFeatherinthebreeze1:19.43
03/26/14-R6De Lica3rdHaw5 1/2 fDClaim4+Sing Kitty SingDa NellaDe Lica1:06.69
12/11/13-R2De Lica1stHaw6 fDClaim3+De LicaHallie RuthBonnie1:13.88
11/29/13-R6De Lica4thHaw6 1/2 fDClaim3+A. J.'s LoveAnewpairofshoesNurse Dolce1:20.22
11/02/13-R8De Lica6thHaw1 70yDClaim3+IzzaevenTen Little PinsShe's On Her Way1:46.53
10/09/13-R6De Lica7thHaw6 1/2 fDClaim3+Southern BlingCassidillyIntercompany Loan1:19.37
09/12/13-R5De Lica6thAP6 1/2 fSClaim3+Cowgirl JusticeCase CrackerMasquerade Fashion1:19.50
08/24/13-R2De Lica4thAP1 mileSClaim3+RichieslildarlingSligo RoseHolycow Shes Sassy1:39.99
08/01/13-R7De Lica5thAP6 1/2 fSClaim3+Sherry AngelDevout DivaBlooming Flower1:18.70
06/26/13-R4De Lica4thAP1 mileSClaim3+Julie DarlinLefty's LegacyToast With Honey1:38.26
06/02/13-R1De Lica1stAP1 mileSClaim3+De LicaPerfect StrangerMontana Dream1:42.72
04/14/13-R8De Lica4thHaw6 fDClaim3+Gracen RacenTorbo's BankQueen Of Heat1:12.27
03/17/13-R1De Lica3rdHaw6 fDClaim3+Southern BlingReal DeeDe Lica1:09.96
12/16/12-R5De Lica2ndHaw6 1/2 fDClaim3+Dixie's BackDe LicaReal Dee1:19.04
11/30/12-R9De Lica3rdHaw6 fDClaim3+Thundering HoofsToast With HoneyDe Lica1:13.61
11/16/12-R4De Lica4thHaw6 fDClaim3+Essence Of BubblesDixie's BackThundering Hoofs1:11.15
10/26/12-R4De Lica3rdHaw6 fDClaim3+Dixie's BackIndian ArtifactDe Lica1:11.00
09/30/12-R5De Lica5thAP6 1/2 fSClaim3+It's TamarenoBonnieKiki Chacer1:18.85
09/06/12-R2De Lica6thAP1 mileSClaim3+Vision Of LizAnewpairofshoesNoyoucan't1:39.95
08/16/12-R5De Lica3rdAP5 1/2 fSClaim3+BeyyaThrill MakerDe Lica1:05.35
07/19/12-R1De Lica4thAP6 fSClaim3+And HowBonnieBrooke's Journey1:13.93
06/20/12-R4De Lica5thAP5 fTClaim3+Spanish ComedyBarb's BucklesBaba Lucy0:58.58
05/19/12-R1De Lica6thAP6 fSAllow3+RemembermealwaysMarvelous MiaCub's Thunder1:12.23
04/14/12-R3De Lica5thHaw6 1/2 fDAllow3+Our DomainGambler FiveRemembermealways1:18.03
12/08/11-R6De Lica6thHaw6 fDAllow3+Tayler's DestinyMissjeanlouiseCampo Joti1:10.11
11/04/11-R1De Lica2ndHaw6 fDAllow3+Uptown BabeDe LicaGreta's Rap1:12.17
10/02/11-R5De Lica4thHaw6 fDAllow3+Silky SamiUptown BabeNaughty And Nice1:11.53
09/10/11-R4De Lica7thAP6 fSAllow3+ItzacoldcaseOur Girl MagicSilky Sami1:12.22
08/19/11-R7De Lica6thAP6 1/2 fSAllow3+Springtime SpellSilky SamiUptown Babe1:18.80
07/29/11-R2De Lica4thAP6 fSAllow3+Shake N QuakeSpringtime SpellPrincess Ally Rose1:12.94
06/25/11-R6De Lica6thAP1 mileSPurple Violet 3Our Lady In RedCityrapThird Chance1:39.47
06/10/11-R4De Lica1stAP6 fSAllow3+De LicaPretty ChampGambler Five1:12.17
12/04/10-R8De Lica4thHaw1 1/16 mDPat Whitworth Illinois Debutante2Seans SilverdancerPoint Your FingerNikaluk1:45.41
10/30/10-R4De Lica4thHaw6 fDShowtime Deb2Third ChanceJoyce MarieSam's Philly1:10.44
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