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Dance With Gable Silks Breed, Own & Train horses like
Dance With Gable
in DerbyVille!
17 year old Gelding
California (USA) by Blooming Hills, Inc.
Dance Floor  -  Garbo  by  Capote

Dance With Gable - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
03/30/13-R5Dance With Gable1stGG5 1/2 fSClaim3+Dance With GableDeep ReflectionU. R. Beat1:04.75
02/28/13-R4Dance With Gable8thSA5 1/2 fDClaim4+Warren's Dr. BooKuroHidden Blessing1:04.62
12/29/12-R9Dance With Gable9thSA6 1/2 fDClaim3+Half Dome DudeHonour FamilyWarren's Dr. Boo1:15.75
12/01/12-R6Dance With Gable7thHol5 1/2 fSClaim3+Fire in the WindLone JusticeHidden Blessing1:06.52
11/10/12-R4Dance With Gable1stHol6 fSClaim3+Dance With GableMadeoftherightstufImperial Pride1:11.85
10/07/12-R8Dance With Gable5thSA6 fDClaim3+Master ChefGnarly DudePrivilaged1:11.25
09/01/12-R6Dance With Gable8thDmr6 fSClaim3+Pack Your BagsVadertoreBlue Jay Attack1:10.84
08/05/12-R1Dance With Gable2ndDmr5 1/2 fSClaim3+Bet On VictorDance With GableMan From Lagos1:03.55
07/06/12-R5Dance With Gable4thHol6 fTAlwOC3+NoftyMr. OrneryBlue Jay Attack1:09.35
06/08/12-R3Dance With Gable4thHol6 fTClaim3+Drift KingSeattle RulerClassic Bobby1:09.22
05/13/12-R5Dance With Gable3rdHol6 fTAlwOC3+La Mano NeraNoftyDance With Gable1:09.65
03/31/12-R5Dance With Gable10thSA6 1/2 fTAlwOC4+Warren's Dr. YangHusband's FollyNofty1:12.62
03/16/12-R6Dance With Gable7thSA6 1/2 fDAlwOC4+CyclometerCaffeine HighAliza's Dream1:14.86
02/02/12-R7Dance With Gable4thSA6 1/2 fTAlwOC4+Don PericoStarspangled HeatHusband's Folly1:12.92
12/29/11-R7Dance With Gable2ndSA6 1/2 fTAlwOC3+Cranky JackDance With GableStarspangled Heat1:13.00
12/07/11-R5Dance With Gable4thHol6 fTClaim3+Top FeelingMark the BenchCrossing the Line1:09.43
11/24/11-R3Dance With Gable4thHol6 fTClaim3+MunyKelly LeakInuit Fisher1:09.29
10/30/11-R2Dance With Gable6thSA6 fDAlwOC3+Quiet InvaderBelieve in HopeSirocco Strike1:07.76
09/17/11-R9Dance With Gable1stFpx6 fDAlwOC3+Dance With GableCost Of FreedomFrumious1:10.45
09/02/11-R2Dance With Gable1stDmr5 1/2 fSClaim3+Dance With GableCardiff GiantSlam Slew1:02.96
07/31/11-R6Dance With Gable4thDmr6 fSAlwOC3+Warren's KnockoutValkyrie MissileSahara Sky1:09.57
07/08/11-R7Dance With Gable2ndHol6 fTAlwOC3+Caught a FlyerDance With GablePop'shands Are Hot1:09.14
06/12/11-R6Dance With Gable1stHol6 fTClaim3+Dance With GableStonesideQuietly Mine1:09.18
05/14/11-R1Dance With Gable1stHol6 fTAlwOC3+Dance With GableLucky Mr. KWarrens Summergold1:09.12
04/29/11-R7Dance With Gable6thHol1 1/16 mTAlwOC3+Tribal NationKim's Leading ManGab Power1:41.11
04/16/11-R1Dance With Gable3rdSA6 1/2 fTClaim4+Cherokee HeavenMunyDance With Gable1:12.92
02/21/11-R1Dance With Gable2ndSA6 1/2 fTClaim4+Dapper GeneDance With GableGalleta Monstruo1:13.83
01/29/11-R5Dance With Gable8thSA6 fDSunshine Millions Sprint4+AmazombieApriorityCost Of Freedom1:07.28
01/01/11-R8Dance With Gable7thSA6 1/2 fTDaytona Stakes-G34+DilemmaQuick EnoughRegally Ready1:12.28
11/28/10-R3Dance With Gable1stHol6 fTWild Harmony3+Dance With GableAfleet RulerMy Summer Slew1:08.48
11/11/10-R7Dance With Gable6thHol6 fTAlwOC3+CaracortadoCherokee HeavenAmazombie1:07.79
05/02/10-R6Dance With Gable2ndHol6 fTAllow3My Summer SlewDance With GableLt. Hopeful1:08.59
04/03/10-R7Dance With Gable1stSA6 1/2 fTAlwOC4+Dance With GableAchakBooted 1:13.20
03/07/10-R7Dance With Gable7thSA6 1/2 fTJoe Hernandez4+SangareeGallant SonStoneside1:15.28
02/11/10-R3Dance With Gable1stSA6 1/2 fTAlwOC4+Dance With GableBanner LodgeLease of Life1:12.64
11/14/09-R8Dance With Gable7thHol7 1/2 fSOn Trust Handicap3+BestdressedEnrichedStar Nicholas1:27.65
10/28/09-R3Dance With Gable1stSA6 1/2 fTCalifornia Sky3+Dance With GableBig Bad LeroybrownFlashover1:11.97
09/23/09-R11Dance With Gable6thFpx6 1/2 fDGovernor's Cup Handicap3+Lit'sgoodlookngrayBig Bad LeroybrownUsurp1:16.68
08/07/09-R6Dance With Gable3rdDmr5 fTAlwOC3+Shadow Of IllinoisPremium QualityDance With Gable0:55.32
05/03/09-R6Dance With Gable1stHol6 fTClaim3+Dance With GableCoronel MoldesRussian Liquor1:09.49
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