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Charles The Great
in DerbyVille!
13 year old Gelding

Charles The Great - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
05/22/16-R4Charles The Great4thSha6 fTSha Tin Vase3+PeniaphobiaAmazing KidsDomineer1:08.35
05/01/16-R7Charles The Great11thSha6 fTChairman's Sprint Prize-G13+ChautauquaLucky BubblesStrathmore1:08.69
04/03/16-R3Charles The Great5thSha6 fTSprint Cup 3+Lucky BubblesAmazing KidsPacking Pins1:08.36
02/28/16-R8Charles The Great7thSha7 fTQueen's Silver Jubilee Cup -G13+ContentmentBeauty FlameBeauty Only1:21.24
02/10/16-R8Charles The Great3rdSha7 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+ThewizardofozSuper LifelineCharles The Great1:21.20
01/31/16-R7Charles The Great5thSha6 fTCentenary Sprint Cup3+AerovelocityGold-FunPeniaphobia1:08.36
01/01/16-R8Charles The Great5thSha5 fTBauhinia Sprint Trophy3+Not Listenin'tomeStrathmoreDundonnell0:56.28
12/13/15-R5Charles The Great6thSha6 fTHong Kong Sprint-G13+PeniaphobiaGold-FunNot Listenin'tome1:08.74
11/21/15-R8Charles The Great5thSha6 fTJockey Club Sprint -G23+Gold-FunPeniaphobiaNot Listenin'tome1:08.31
10/25/15-R9Charles The Great4thSha6 fTPremier Bowl3+Able FriendGold-FunPeniaphobia1:08.35
10/01/15-R7Charles The Great3rdSha5 fTNational Day Cup3+Not Listenin'tomeSuper JockeyCharles The Great0:55.90
06/14/15-R8Charles The Great9thSha7 fTPremier Cup3+Secret ShamReal SpecialistExciting Dream1:21.46
05/31/15-R9Charles The Great2ndSha6 fTSha Tin Vase3+Not Listenin'tomeCharles The GreatSuper Lifeline1:08.47
04/26/15-R7Charles The Great7thSha6 fTSprint Cup 3+DundonnellGold-FunSmart Volatility 1:08.37
04/07/15-R9Charles The Great5thSha5 fTBauhinia Sprint Trophy3+RadTeofilo CalvaNot Listenin'tome0:55.78
11/23/14-R7Charles The Great9thSha6 fTJockey Club Sprint -G23+PeniaphobiaSmart Volatility Flagship Shine1:08.08
10/26/14-R8Charles The Great7thSha6 fTPremier Bowl3+AerovelocitySuper JockeySmart Volatility 1:08.70
10/01/14-R7Charles The Great5thSha5 fTNational Day Cup3+Bundle Of JoyPeniaphobiaSuper Jockey0:55.38
09/14/14-R3Charles The Great5thSha6 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+Golden HarvestSmart Volatility Peniaphobia1:08.37
05/25/14-R10Charles The Great9thSha6 fTSha Tin Vase3+AerovelocityDivine TenGolden Harvest1:09.10
04/27/14-R7Charles The Great1stSha6 fTSprint Cup 3+Charles The GreatLucky NineBullish Friend1:09.09
03/16/14-R7Charles The Great3rdSha7 fTQueen's Silver Jubilee Cup 3+Gold-FunDan Excel Charles The Great1:21.85
02/16/14-R7Charles The Great2ndSha6 fTChairman's Sprint Prize3+Lucky NineCharles The GreatSterling City1:09.37
01/26/14-R7Charles The Great6thSha5 fTCentenary Sprint Cup3+Amber SkyStraight GoldCerise Cherry0:55.86
01/01/14-R8Charles The Great4thSha7 fTChallenge Cup3+Sterling CityDestined For GloryAll You Wish1:22.26
12/08/13-R5Charles The Great11thSha6 fTHong Kong Sprint-G13+Lord KanaloaSole PowerFrederick Engels1:08.25
11/17/13-R9Charles The Great1stSha6 fTJockey Club Sprint -G23+Charles The GreatSterling CityEagle Regiment1:08.79
10/27/13-R7Charles The Great3rdSha6 fTPremier Bowl3+Sterling CityBullish ChampionCharles The Great1:09.11
10/01/13-R7Charles The Great3rdSha5 fTSha Tin Sprint Trophy3+Go Baby GoFrederick EngelsCharles The Great0:55.75
06/16/13-R8Charles The Great11thSha7 fTPremier Cup3+Sterling CityBullish ChampionAdmiration1:20.72
05/26/13-R9Charles The Great1stSha6 fTSha Tin Vase3+Charles The GreatBest ElevenCaptain Sweet 1:08.94
04/14/13-R9Charles The Great2ndHap6 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Imperial RomeCharles The GreatSimple1:09.89
02/27/13-R5Charles The Great1stHap6 fTClass 1 Handicap 3+Charles The GreatWindicator StarGood Words1:09.30
07/26/11-R4Charles The Great3rdGoo5 fTMolecomb Stakes-G32RequintoBurwaazCharles The Great0:57.51
07/16/11-R4Charles The Great1stNby5 fTWeatherbys Super Sprint2Charles The GreatLily's AngelNagham1:03.53
06/16/11-R1Charles The Great10thAsc5 fTNorfolk Stakes-G22Bapak ChintaBoomerang BobCrown Dependency1:03.03
05/23/11-R1Charles The Great1stWin5 fTNovice Stakes 2Charles The GreatBoomerang Bob0:58.69
05/23/11-R1Charles The Great1stWin5 fTNovice Stakes 2Charles The GreatLord Ofthe Shadows0:58.69
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