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Cat Man Fu
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13 year old Gelding
New York (USA) by [Add Data]

Cat Man Fu - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
03/19/15-R4Cat Man Fu4thAqu1 mileDClaim4+EmpowerPrime Time CitySunrise Lover1:43.17
03/08/15-R4Cat Man Fu7thAqu1 1/16 mDClaim4+Tapin MojoCampion LaneBambisfrostyracer1:47.02
02/28/15-R3Cat Man Fu4thAqu1 70yDClaim4+Hard Fast CashNo NukesWinnitude1:45.76
01/18/15-R5Cat Man Fu9thAqu1 70yDClaim4+PretensionPiscesbymoonlightStreet Swagg1:42.93
01/11/15-R4Cat Man Fu7thAqu1 mileDClaim4+Grand StrandTwo SeventeenProphet's Cat1:38.86
12/15/14-R7Cat Man Fu8thAqu1 mileDAllow3+Pax in TerraAdams NoteHidden Warrior1:41.10
10/10/14-R3Cat Man Fu6thBel1 1/16 mDClaim3+Cosmic CoincidenceRecantedAlcolite1:43.54
10/04/14-R1Cat Man Fu7thBel1 1/16 mDAllow3+Royal PosseThe Spotted WonderIced Over1:45.08
09/19/14-R2Cat Man Fu3rdBel1 mileDClaim3+Royal PosseIce WagonCat Man Fu1:35.08
09/10/14-R7Cat Man Fu6thBel1 mileDClaim3+Finding CandyWealth to MeHerbal Prospector1:35.86
06/25/14-R2Cat Man Fu8thBel1 1/4 mTAllow3+Barnards GalaxyElroiTrainingforsuccess2:02.64
06/04/14-R3Cat Man Fu4thBel1 mileDClaim3+Ghost HunterBrass PearIce Wagon1:36.82
05/24/14-R10Cat Man Fu8thBel1 1/16 mDAllow3+Frost JordanBeyond EmpireHere Comes Tommy1:44.38
05/16/14-R3Cat Man Fu5thBel1 mileDClaim3+Mad PropsJesses Giant DunkRoaring Conquest1:39.51
04/18/14-R8Cat Man Fu7thAqu1 mileDAllow3+PiscesbymoonlightBeyond EmpireWise Guide1:36.13
04/02/14-R5Cat Man Fu5thAqu1 mileDStr3+Matt and JesseRoad AgentReserved Quality1:36.56
03/14/14-R8Cat Man Fu8thAqu1 1/16 mDAllow4+Sir LesliePiscesbymoonlightChrisandlorisposse1:45.80
02/22/14-R8Cat Man Fu7thAqu1 70yDAllow4+Joe MoochEscape to the MoonSea to Sky1:46.07
02/10/14-R6Cat Man Fu1stAqu1 1/16 mDMSW4+Cat Man FuHere He FitzSir Maurice1:48.47
01/20/14-R4Cat Man Fu4thAqu1 1/16 mDMSW4+King of BroadwayWinter GamesFrame1:46.72
01/05/14-R4Cat Man Fu3rdAqu1 70yDMSW4+Onecats ChanceSir MauriceCat Man Fu1:47.51
12/20/13-R6Cat Man Fu2ndAqu1 70yDMSW3+Jesses Giant DunkCat Man FuNo Nukes1:46.42
12/06/13-R4Cat Man Fu4thAqu1 mileDMSW3+SunnysiderMy Teddy BearJesses Giant Dunk1:40.76
11/29/13-R4Cat Man Fu6thAqu1 mileDMSW3+Secret BidSpartiatisKing of Broadway1:38.28
11/10/13-R3Cat Man Fu6thAqu7 fDMSW3+Native SingerEscape to the MoonJesses Giant Dunk1:23.71
09/29/13-R10Cat Man Fu7thBel1 1/16 mTMSW3+Mister DooleySaltine WarriorKing Wando1:43.08
07/04/13-R3Cat Man Fu3rdBel1 mileDMSW3+Street LordNative SingerCat Man Fu1:36.57
06/22/13-R11Cat Man Fu6thBel1 1/16 mTMSW3+Sir LeslieMike and RobPost Pattern1:42.84
06/08/13-R4Cat Man Fu6thBel1 mileDMSW3+Can't Catch Me NowEl GenioBernardo1:38.60
05/22/13-R7Cat Man Fu5thBel1 mileDMSW3+Jade RunThnxtomyuncleBernardo1:36.32
05/08/13-R9Cat Man Fu4thBel1 1/16 mDMcl3+Prudent InvestorTapulousAl Aqsa1:45.07
04/20/13-R10Cat Man Fu10thAqu1 mileTMSW3+Make a DecisionPapa FreudHobson's Choice1:39.41
03/30/13-R3Cat Man Fu6thAqu1 mileDMSW3+Bond VigilanteSeventy SixFiona's Hero1:37.17
03/16/13-R5Cat Man Fu3rdAqu1 mileDMSW3+Wise GuideStreet LordCat Man Fu1:39.73
02/23/13-R4Cat Man Fu1stAqu1 70yDMSW4+Cat Man FuPotusSpectacular Act1:46.40
02/07/13-R4Cat Man Fu3rdAqu1 70yDMSW4+Papa TomJack's R WildCat Man Fu1:44.15
01/27/13-R7Cat Man Fu3rdAqu1 mileDMSW4+Cousin MichaelOnewildriverCat Man Fu1:38.65
01/17/13-R2Cat Man Fu5thAqu1 70yDMSW4+InvocationVolitionLake Superior1:43.94
12/05/12-R3Cat Man Fu3rdAqu1 mileDMSW3+Mordi's MiracleInvocationCat Man Fu1:36.35
07/07/12-R2Cat Man Fu7thBel1 1/8 mTMSW3+Sneaky KittenPost PatternMike and Rob1:50.59
06/23/12-R5Cat Man Fu4thBel1 1/4 mDAlwOC3+Mad BomberMr CowboyMike and Rob1:55.01
06/09/12-R13Cat Man Fu10thBel1 1/16 mTMSW3+Gossip ColumnSneaky KittenPost Pattern1:42.44
05/20/12-R7Cat Man Fu6thBel1 1/8 mTMSW3+More Zen TeaMike and RobKnock Quietly1:50.85
05/05/12-R2Cat Man Fu5thBel1 1/16 mDMcl3+Parachute ConeySuspicious UCocodimama1:45.80
04/21/12-R7Cat Man Fu5thAqu1 1/16 mTMcl3+DodgingRangeyYoginis1:43.98
04/05/12-R1Cat Man Fu2ndAqu1 mileDMcl3Stage DebutCat Man FuAli's Winner1:41.04
03/23/12-R6Cat Man Fu7thAqu1 mileDMcl3+Acadian BluesBird TaleMr. Beer Goggles1:39.18
03/09/12-R6Cat Man Fu2ndAqu1 70yDMcl3ChiltonCat Man FuParachute Coney1:47.91
02/04/12-R7Cat Man Fu6thAqu1 70yDMSW3ZetterholmPearl of WisdomWistful Wildcat1:45.32
01/16/12-R9Cat Man Fu3rdAqu1 70yDMcl3Flatout RoyalChiltonCat Man Fu1:48.59
01/01/12-R4Cat Man Fu4thAqu1 70yDMcl3Muster UpToninthirteenParachute Coney1:47.55
12/17/11-R6Cat Man Fu8thAqu6 fDMSW2Kid BlastOfficerandafooseReadthebyline1:13.46
12/03/11-R6Cat Man Fu6thAqu6 fDMSW2JonrahFrench WineFirst Verse1:13.69
11/11/11-R9Cat Man Fu10thAqu1 1/16 mTMcl2Selection SundayDendriteMarco's Bon Vivant1:45.14
09/29/11-R6Cat Man Fu5thBel6 fDMcl2Bunker's LedgeEye WitnessPartly Mocha1:13.12
08/31/11-R11Cat Man Fu11thSar6 fDMcl2Howie and the CatPure GritThe Snickers Kid1:13.22
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