Cap the Moment Silks Breed, Own & Train horses like
Cap the Moment
in DerbyVille!
13 year old Gelding
New York (USA) by Snowberry Farm

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CappuchinoCapoteSeattle Slew
Too Bald
Tara RomaLyphard
Chic Shirine
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Cap the Moment - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/27/14-R6Cap the Moment8thAqu6 fDAllow3+John's IslandLeilani's TicketBobby V.1:11.03
09/27/14-R2Cap the Moment9thBel6 1/2 fDAllow3+Noble CornerstoneChapmanRound1:15.99
07/10/14-R8Cap the Moment6thBel1 mileDAllow3+Scarly CharlyBox OfficeSinistra1:35.94
07/03/14-R6Cap the Moment5thBel6 1/2 fDAllow3+TiznowforamericaCoolusiveJimmy Connors1:16.14
06/07/14-R1Cap the Moment6thBel1 1/16 mDAllow3+WabbajackLieutenant Seany OBernardo1:42.31
05/11/14-R4Cap the Moment3rdBel1 mileDAllow3+CelebratorCatholic CowboyCap the Moment1:38.08
04/26/14-R8Cap the Moment8thAqu1 mileDAlwOC4+ZivoSpa City FeverSailmate1:36.20
04/03/14-R8Cap the Moment8thAqu6 fDAllow3+MarriedtothemusicDightonCoolusive1:08.98
07/28/13-R9Cap the Moment5thSar1 1/8 mDAllow3+NorumbegaTiz AdonisKid Sidney1:51.20
07/06/13-R3Cap the Moment3rdBel1 mileDAllow3+Bad HombreSo ScottCap the Moment1:35.50
06/22/13-R6Cap the Moment6thBel1 1/16 mDAlwOC3+ReadthebylineGo Get the BasilNow And Then1:41.30
05/27/13-R2Cap the Moment6thBel1 mileDAlwOC3+This Hard LandNorumbegaSo Scott1:35.88
05/09/13-R5Cap the Moment5thBel7 fDCorma Ray4+Mine Over MatterBe BullishFiddlers Afleet1:22.99
04/13/13-R9Cap the Moment5thAqu1 mileDAlwOC3+IncognitoBlue CreekWashington's Rules1:36.79
03/15/13-R1Cap the Moment1stAqu1 mileDAlwOC3+Cap the MomentMost Happy FellaWarrior Up1:38.31
03/03/13-R2Cap the Moment2ndAqu1 70yDAlwOC4+WindafullCap the MomentFortitude1:42.17
02/15/13-R3Cap the Moment3rdAqu1 70yDAlwOC4+ReadthebylineBigger Is BettorCap the Moment1:41.93
01/19/13-R5Cap the Moment4thAqu6 fDAlwOC4+N. F.'s DestinyVerbosityMineswept1:09.88
11/21/12-R5Cap the Moment4thAqu7 1/2 fDAlwOC3+PalaceTug of WarWhat's the Record1:29.64
10/24/12-R7Cap the Moment8thBel1 mileDAlwOC3+Big BusinessTug of WarIron Lou1:35.90
07/30/12-R9Cap the Moment5thSar6 fDAlwOC3+NotmyfirstimeReadytodeferMineswept1:09.18
07/12/12-R3Cap the Moment3rdBel6 fDAlwOC3+Inflation TargetBravo RomeoCap the Moment1:10.08
06/20/12-R7Cap the Moment7thBel1 mileDAlwOC3+Willy BeaminMantecaPure Attitude1:36.15
04/11/12-R7Cap the Moment1stAqu1 mileDAllow3+Cap the MomentOur EliMyrlanski1:38.37
03/17/12-R8Cap the Moment4thAqu1 70yDAllow4+FortitudeMr. VantasticCrescent's Mon1:45.56
03/03/12-R1Cap the Moment9thAqu1 70yDAllow4+Moonlight SongIdle AmericanMr. Vantastic1:44.58
02/19/12-R7Cap the Moment3rdAqu6 fDAllow4+Haya's BoyToken SacrificeCap the Moment1:11.67
01/29/12-R7Cap the Moment7thAqu6 fDAllow4+Cooper RiverSo ScottVerbosity1:11.06
07/16/11-R1Cap the Moment5thBel1 mileDAllow3+Iron LouRoaring ConquestSeek to Destroy1:36.78
05/21/11-R4Cap the Moment2ndBel7 fDAllow3+Seattle LouieCap the MomentCooper River1:22.95
04/22/11-R5Cap the Moment5thAqu1 mileDAllow3+Market DistortionFugedaboudit SandySeattle Louie1:37.41
04/09/11-R5Cap the Moment6thAqu6 1/2 fDAllow3+Game TokenScorch the TorchToken Sacrifice1:17.53
02/17/11-R6Cap the Moment2ndAqu1 1/16 mDAlwOC4+Stud MuffinCap the MomentSmart Enuf1:45.62
01/15/11-R5Cap the Moment6thAqu6 fDAllow4+Pete's ParleyPrix de KarakorumFortitude1:10.29
12/19/10-R9Cap the Moment1stAqu6 fDMSW3+Cap the MomentFinancial StormToken Sacrifice1:12.87
11/10/10-R9Cap the Moment5thAqu6 fDMSW3+First DaySecond And OneSully's Landing1:11.70
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