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Boy In The Bar
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10 year old Gelding

Boy In The Bar - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
09/11/20-R5Boy In The Bar8thSan7 fTHandicap4+Breath Of AirLight And DarkJack's Point1:29.06
07/19/20-R8Boy In The Bar8thYor7 fTHandicap3+DocumentingAdmiralityFortamour1:24.16
08/10/19-R3Boy In The Bar6thCfd6 fTClaiming Handicap4+UnabatedKatheefaWatchable1:10.53
08/03/19-R1Boy In The Bar8thGoo6 fTHandicap3+Poyle VinnieVenturousTommy G1:10.65
03/31/19-R3Boy In The Bar16thDon6 fTHandicap4+FoolaadDanielsflyerJawwaal1:10.30
12/15/18-R7Boy In The Bar2ndNcs7 fSHandicap3+SanaadhBoy In The BarTough Remedy1:29.78
09/22/18-R2Boy In The Bar1stCfd7 fSHandicap3+Boy In The BarCharles MolsonWar Glory1:22.59
08/24/18-R4Boy In The Bar3rdGoo6 fTHandicap3+Baron BoltSolar FlairBoy In The Bar1:11.34
08/04/18-R1Boy In The Bar10thGoo6 fTHandicap3+Tommy GOeil De TigreRelated1:10.52
07/28/18-R2Boy In The Bar13thYor6 fTHandicap3+Flying PursuitGolden ApolloSummerghand1:11.42
06/17/18-R4Boy In The Bar5thDon6 fTHandicap3+Brian The SnailDouganRelated1:12.09
06/02/18-R7Boy In The Bar4thEps6 fTHandicap4+AcesRussian RealmShanghai Glory1:09.59
05/18/18-R3Boy In The Bar6thNby6 fTHandicap4+Ice AgeBaron BoltAshpan Sam1:11.08
05/05/18-R1Boy In The Bar10thDon6 fTHandicap4+WatchableGeorge BowenPrivate Matter1:11.45
04/18/18-R1Boy In The Bar14thNew6 fTHandicap4+AeolusOwer FlyEastern Impact1:12.46
11/17/17-R4Boy In The Bar1stCfd7 fSHandicap3+Boy In The BarCliffs Of CapriAlejandro1:24.24
11/06/17-R6Boy In The Bar3rdKem6 fSHandicap3+GulliverIntransigentBoy In The Bar1:11.19
10/27/17-R5Boy In The Bar6thDon6 fTHandicap3+Perfect PastureFlying PursuitNaadirr1:12.80
09/02/17-R6Boy In The Bar4thCfd7 fSHandicap3+Big TourSummer ChorusDark Side Dream1:25.05
07/14/17-R5Boy In The Bar6thAsc6 fTHandicap3+Lightning CharlieHakamJordan Sport1:14.10
06/10/17-R4Boy In The Bar3rdNewJ6 fTHandicap3+CulturatiScorching HeatBoy In The Bar1:11.54
05/26/17-R6Boy In The Bar1stGoo6 fTHandicap3+Boy In The BarVibrant ChordsGo Far1:09.61
05/19/17-R3Boy In The Bar3rdNby6 fTHandicap4+BlaineIce AgeBoy In The Bar1:13.97
05/06/17-R4Boy In The Bar9thGoo5 fTHandicap4+Vibrant ChordsA MomentofmadnessDark Shot0:56.53
11/05/16-R4Boy In The Bar6thDon7 fTHandicap3+Oh This Is UsBertiewhittleAl Khan1:24.63
10/09/16-R4Boy In The Bar4thGoo6 fTHandicap3+Lady MacapaLightning CharlieIce Age1:10.53
09/24/16-R4Boy In The Bar2ndRip6 fTHandicap3+KimberellaBoy In The BarRex Imperator1:09.43
09/02/16-R2Boy In The Bar1stAsc6 fTHandicap3+Boy In The BarHarwoods VolanteFunding Deficit1:14.55
08/23/16-R5Boy In The Bar1stNby6 fTHandicap3+Boy In The BarFranciscoMajor Crispies1:11.06
03/30/16-R6Boy In The Bar10thKem6 fSHandicap4+GentlemenTorreonBurning Blaze1:11.49
12/12/15-R2Boy In The Bar12thWol6 fSHandicap3+My CallAnonymous JohnElis Eliz1:12.94
11/25/15-R7Boy In The Bar11thKem6 fSHandicap3+Lancelot Du LacIntransigentSeeking Magic1:11.84
10/24/15-R3Boy In The Bar10thCfd1 mileSHandicap3+ApostleMulzammOuter Space1:35.52
10/08/15-R7Boy In The Bar6thAyr7 fTHandicap3+Majestic MylesEdgar BalthazarMass Rally1:31.37
09/19/15-R3Boy In The Bar21thAyr6 fTHandicap3+TatlisuGeorge BowenHillbilly Boy1:11.06
08/29/15-R2Boy In The Bar17thGoo7 fTHandicap3+Rene MathisJallotaShared Equity1:28.18
07/17/15-R4Boy In The Bar4thHam6 fTHandicap3+Poyle VinnieTatlisuShared Equity1:13.37
06/08/15-R7Boy In The Bar6thAyr6 fTHandicap3+Tiger JimNameitwhatyoulikeShared Equity1:13.11
05/13/15-R2Boy In The Bar2ndYor6 fTHandicap4+Algar LadBoy In The BarMehdi1:10.96
05/08/15-R4Boy In The Bar5thAsc6 fTHandicap4+Basil BerryMajor JackDominate1:12.74
08/16/14-R3Boy In The Bar3rdNewJ6 fTHandicap3Eastern ImpactVentura MistBoy In The Bar1:12.57
07/27/14-R5Boy In The Bar2ndPon6 fTHandicap3+Compton ParkBoy In The BarSunraider1:15.22
06/30/14-R6Boy In The Bar1stPon6 fTClassified Stakes3Boy In The BarNaggersJaeger Train1:18.21
06/04/14-R3Boy In The Bar4thRip6 fTHandicap3Rural CelebrationHeroiqueWithernsea1:17.69
09/27/13-R4Boy In The Bar6thHay6 fTMaiden Stakes2True CommentGalvanizeSherston1:13.72
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