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Victory GallopCryptoclearanceFappiano
Naval Orange
Victorious LilVice Regent
Glass House
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Bell's First Lad - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
11/17/13-R7Bell's First Lad11thWO6 1/2 fSClaim3+Macho WhiskeyRockin HeatBilby Rhode1:17.56
11/09/13-R5Bell's First Lad11thWO1 1/16 mSClaim3+Moonshine MartiniNorthern BluebirdO Wanderlust1:46.11
10/20/13-R5Bell's First Lad7thWO6 fSClaim3+Silent TycoonBarbasgoDancing With Frank1:11.16
09/24/13-R5Bell's First Lad6thFE6 1/2 fDClaim3+Mr. TigerHot In Any WayHotchoi1:17.36
09/01/13-R12Bell's First Lad4thFE6 fDClaim3+ActionontheteeSutter's FindLadbrook1:11.35
08/18/13-R10Bell's First Lad8thWO7 fSClaim3+Double DoubleBilby RhodeMy Silver Badge1:24.55
07/28/13-R6Bell's First Lad6thWO6 fSClaim3+BeukaboomPrimed and ReadyRoyal Fighter1:10.77
07/12/13-R7Bell's First Lad7thWO7 fSClaim3+Lip SingerRockin HeatBilby Rhode1:25.51
06/30/13-R1Bell's First Lad4thWO7 fSClaim3+Boss TweedMatter Of TruthWho Dat Ambush1:24.63
06/14/13-R8Bell's First Lad7thWO1 1/16 mSClaim3+El Rio BravoWhoan ColoradoCrafty Mcnabb1:46.23
06/02/13-R5Bell's First Lad6thWO7 fSClaim3+Matter Of TruthSilo RidgeTakemebaktoartemus1:23.28
04/21/13-R5Bell's First Lad3rdWO5 1/2 fSClaim3+AntonacciRockin HeatBell's First Lad1:04.80
12/16/12-R12Bell's First Lad2ndWO7 fSClaim3+Promising DancerBell's First LadD's Mutakddim1:24.73
12/02/12-R10Bell's First Lad9thWO6 1/2 fSClaim3+Bathsheba StationMatter Of TruthNever Stop Looking1:16.86
11/18/12-R6Bell's First Lad2ndWO6 fSClaim3+AintnoflysonmeBell's First LadBathsheba Station1:11.40
10/13/12-R10Bell's First Lad4thWO6 fSClaim3+Murrays In A HurryFlash CrashForester Classic1:09.75
09/23/12-R5Bell's First Lad10thWO7 fSClaim3+Destiny's SongAscaniaFlashy Survivor1:23.79
09/05/12-R5Bell's First Lad5thWO6 fSClaim3+Afternoon IdolEndFlashy Survivor1:11.13
08/15/12-R8Bell's First Lad8thWO7 fSClaim3+Daniel Be GoodBig Brown BrewskiRing Of Greatness1:23.37
08/01/12-R6Bell's First Lad3rdWO6 fSClaim3+Uncle CarmFriday Night GuyBell's First Lad1:11.36
07/20/12-R5Bell's First Lad13thWO7 fSClaim3+Strategic HopeUncle CarmSimply Smart1:24.67
07/08/12-R10Bell's First Lad8thWO1 1/8 mSClaim3+OrocomoThornwood RoadKing Bear1:53.99
06/23/12-R5Bell's First Lad4thWO7 fSClaim3+Royal GreatnessMalibu SkylineMurrays In A Hurry1:24.97
06/13/12-R4Bell's First Lad10thWO7 fTAllow3+JomeloGlowing MonarchMobil Unit1:22.99
06/03/12-R3Bell's First Lad7thWO1 1/16 mSClaim3+Northern MagicWithdrawalMark's Soul1:44.49
05/21/12-R6Bell's First Lad6thWO6 1/2 fTAllow3+Bigstormbrewin'Run To The BankOriginal Cast1:15.23
04/29/12-R10Bell's First Lad7thWO7 fSClaim3+PowermouseWell ReadGuest Appearing1:23.74
04/14/12-R9Bell's First Lad3rdWO5 1/2 fSClaim3+Vino Del ToroAintnoflysonmeBell's First Lad1:03.22
04/07/12-R6Bell's First Lad6thWO5 fSClaim3+Red ShotBear ChocolatedLemon View0:58.03
08/20/11-R10Bell's First Lad10thWO1 1/4 mTAllow3+Peter's CharismaMiami DecoThislilsoulofmine2:03.32
08/12/11-R3Bell's First Lad1stWO1 1/16 mSMcl3+Bell's First LadDouble DoublePure Blue1:46.50
07/29/11-R5Bell's First Lad3rdWO7 fTMSW3+Brain PowerRiopelleBell's First Lad1:23.04
07/15/11-R2Bell's First Lad6thWO1 1/16 mSMcl3+Maxwell CoastItsallintheglassPure Blue1:47.75
07/02/11-R10Bell's First Lad5thWO1 mileTMcl3+Blackstone BayStandup ComicSerious Indeed1:33.99
06/10/11-R4Bell's First Lad4thWO7 fSMcl3+Bathsheba StationDr. FunkensteinReady Response1:25.53
05/28/11-R10Bell's First Lad5thWO7 fSMcl3+Celtic ConnectionBorjomiArdency1:23.41
04/17/11-R2Bell's First Lad4thWO5 fSMcl4+Crown Of GloryFirst RateReady Response0:57.77
08/11/10-R6Bell's First Lad4thWO6 fDMcl3+Vegas VinnyMobil The GamblerTapis Magique1:11.64
07/31/10-R6Bell's First Lad4thWO7 fDMcl3+Jules CaesarNaftaComing Home Soon1:25.58
07/16/10-R3Bell's First Lad7thWO1 1/16 mDMcl3+Galloping BriarMartin's PrideDino Dinaro1:46.00
07/01/10-R5Bell's First Lad5thWO1 mileTMcl3+Strong StandMacallanChedi1:36.38
06/16/10-R3Bell's First Lad8thWO1 70yDMSW3+Dynamic RoyalA P BearBralorne1:45.18
05/16/10-R3Bell's First Lad8thWO7 fDMSW3+Dark Cloud DancerBears PitchBoogie Blues1:22.36
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