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Beach Front
in DerbyVille!
6 year old Horse
New York (USA) by Eisaman Farms NY, LLC

Beach Front - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/12/21-R6Beach Front5thAqu1 mileDClaim3+Pier FortyStriking SpeedLokoya Road1:38.20
07/02/21-R4Beach Front2ndBel1 mileDClaim3+Tapalist Beach FrontPier Forty1:37.93
05/14/21-R2Beach Front2ndBel6 1/2 fDClaim3+Joycee Haz PizzazBeach FrontPromo Code1:17.25
04/29/21-R2Beach Front3rdBel6 fDClaim3+Imperio DJoycee Haz PizzazBeach Front1:11.91
04/08/21-R5Beach Front2ndAqu6 1/2 fDClaim3+Dr. Devera's WayBeach FrontRoad to Meath1:19.95
02/20/21-R2Beach Front5thAqu6 fDClaim4+Macho JackTapizearanceTruebelieve1:12.62
01/28/21-R4Beach Front3rdAqu6 fDClaim4+Cause of ActionTapizearanceBeach Front1:13.84
01/03/21-R2Beach Front3rdAqu6 fDClaim4+Oh My PapaDr. Devera's WayBeach Front1:11.35
12/20/20-R10Beach Front9thAqu6 1/2 fDClaim3+Ryan's CatMoney in the BankLatin Love Bug1:18.45
11/19/20-R10Beach Front1stAqu6 fDClaim3+Beach FrontMacho BoyPrincipal Dancer1:12.48
10/30/20-R2Beach Front4thBel7 fDClaim3+Dubai BobbyDaring DisguiseUnprecedented1:22.84
10/12/20-R9Beach Front2ndBel6 1/2 fDClaim3+Dr. Devera's WayBeach FrontMacho Boy1:17.75
09/19/20-R4Beach Front3rdBel6 fDClaim3+Mine The Coin Big Boy MoBeach Front1:11.07
08/22/20-R2Beach Front4thSar6 fDClaim3+Macho JackOh My PapaAirtouch 1:09.90
08/15/20-R5Beach Front4thSar7 fDClaim3+FevolaNo LimeLarceny1:24.34
07/11/20-R9Beach Front9thBel7 fTAllow3+Qian B CImpazible OddsBig Wonder1:24.06
06/03/20-R10Beach Front2ndBel6 fDClaim3+In The LoopBeach FrontOur Stormin Norman1:10.08
03/14/20-R2Beach Front2ndAqu6 fDClaim4+Talent ScoutBeach FrontOur Stormin Norman1:14.73
02/22/20-R5Beach Front3rdAqu6 1/2 fDClaim4+Septimius SeverusNo More MiraclesBeach Front1:19.11
01/17/20-R6Beach Front8thAqu6 1/2 fDClaim4+CavaradossiOur Stormin NormanCause for Applause1:20.42
12/22/19-R10Beach Front6thAqu6 1/2 fDClaim3+Coach VillaImpunityOur Stormin Norman1:17.69
10/25/19-R9Beach Front1stBel6 fTMcl3+Beach FrontSilver TokenHudson Overpass1:10.59
09/18/19-R5Beach Front5thBel1 mileTMSW3+Waynes FootstepsKlickitat Quiet Out East1:34.99
08/07/19-R3Beach Front7thSar5 1/2 fTMSW3+Crack ShotLead GuitarQian B C1:01.14
10/04/18-R4Beach Front7thBel1 mileTMSW2Honorable HeroWaynes FootstepsQuiet Out East1:40.50
09/02/18-R2Beach Front2ndSar5 1/2 fTMSW2Rhythm With SoulBeach FrontRo Jo1:04.42
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