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Awake My Soul
in DerbyVille!
13 year old Gelding

Awake My Soul - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
10/30/20-R6Awake My Soul1stNew1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Awake My SoulDolphin VistaKryptos2:12.89
10/12/19-R7Awake My Soul5thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Dubai IconCockalorumLadies First2:14.61
04/27/19-R4Awake My Soul9thDon1 1/4 mTHandicap4+Fujaira PrinceMistirocAl Jellaby2:10.25
11/06/18-R5Awake My Soul3rdRed1 1/4 mTHandicap3+HasanoandaSpeed CompanyAwake My Soul2:08.79
08/28/18-R5Awake My Soul2ndRip1 1/4 mTHandicap3+MulligatawnyAwake My SoulGrandee2:01.89
08/11/18-R3Awake My Soul6thNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+DanceteriaAlternative FactKaanoon2:09.57
04/19/18-R5Awake My Soul4thRip1 1/4 mTHandicap4+MutamadedIndian ChiefKing's Pavilion2:10.04
11/07/17-R4Awake My Soul1stRed1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Awake My SoulCanberra CliffsGulf Of Poets2:12.14
10/28/17-R5Awake My Soul4thNby1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Century DreamAbdonTowerlands Park2:13.79
10/18/17-R5Awake My Soul14thNot1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Jupiter LightCaptonIn First Place2:11.00
09/08/17-R7Awake My Soul1stHay1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Awake My SoulStar Of RoryMichael's Mount2:16.40
08/26/17-R6Awake My Soul8thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Eddystone RockTiti MakfiDark Red2:07.28
07/29/17-R2Awake My Soul7thNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+AnythingtodayPacifyDark Red2:08.69
06/10/17-R8Awake My Soul10thNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap4+KapstadtFirst FlightBeardwood2:02.21
05/17/17-R1Awake My Soul4thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap4+Master Carpenter Al NekshOasis Fantasy2:12.71
11/01/16-R5Awake My Soul2ndRed1 1/4 mTHandicap3+BeardwoodAwake My SoulMichele Strogoff2:05.02
10/22/16-R4Awake My Soul6thNby1 1/4 mTHandicap3+What About CarloBlair HouseNot So Sleepy2:12.04
09/08/16-R5Awake My Soul7thDon1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Central SquarePoet's WordLusory2:10.88
08/20/16-R1Awake My Soul16thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Scarlet DragonDark RedErik The Red2:09.20
06/25/16-R6Awake My Soul3rdNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Percy StreetFlight OfficerAwake My Soul2:20.80
05/11/16-R1Awake My Soul4thYor1 5/16 mTHandicap4+NayelPacifyErik The Red2:08.51
04/05/16-R5Awake My Soul7thPon1 1/4 mTHandicap4+Master Of FinanceInvictusSilvery Moon2:26.64
11/07/15-R7Awake My Soul18thDon1 1/2mTHandicap3+LitigantBuonarrotiEsteaming2:45.07
10/10/15-R2Awake My Soul3rdYor1 5/16 mTHandicap3+ChanceryOff ArtAwake My Soul2:14.43
11/02/14-R6Awake My Soul10thCap1 1/4 mTPremio Roma-G13+Priore PhilipCleo FanDartagnan D'Azur1:58.40
09/21/14-R4Awake My Soul5thSsi1 3/8 m TPremio Federico Tesio-G23+Dylan MouthBiz The NurseOil Of England2:15.30
08/11/14-R7Awake My Soul1stAyr1 1/4 mTHandicap3+Awake My SoulLas Verglas StarArt Scholar2:13.73
07/26/14-R2Awake My Soul3rdNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+First FlightAjmanyAwake My Soul2:05.35
07/12/14-R1Awake My Soul8thYor1 mileTHandicap3+Bronze AngelBartackMujazif1:35.61
06/08/14-R6Awake My Soul5thSsi1 1/2mTGran Premio di Milano-G13+BenvenueOrsinoBiz The Nurse2:26.40
05/14/14-R1Awake My Soul3rdYor1 5/16 mTHandicap4+Clever CookieTres CoronasAwake My Soul2:09.51
04/26/14-R5Awake My Soul4thRip1 1/2mTHandicap4+BattalionChancerySuegioo2:37.74
03/29/14-R3Awake My Soul12thKem1 3/8 m SHandicap4+SalutationGrendisarRebellious Guest2:16.09
11/09/13-R7Awake My Soul8thDon1 1/2mTHandicap3+ConductRio's RosannaOpen Eagle2:44.95
10/16/13-R5Awake My Soul3rdNot1 1/4 mTHandicap3+TahaamahLas Verglas StarAwake My Soul2:18.94
09/26/13-R4Awake My Soul6thPon1 1/4 mTHandicap3+EnnistownCroquemboucheSpifer2:10.06
08/10/13-R2Awake My Soul14thHay1 5/16 mTHandicap3+Robin Hoods BaySennockian StarEducate2:10.82
08/03/13-R4Awake My Soul8thDon1 5/16 mTHandicap3+WinterludeCome On Blue ChipRuscello2:10.14
07/13/13-R3Awake My Soul4thYor1 5/16 mTHeritage Handicap3+DanchaiStenciveTres Coronas2:07.79
06/29/13-R4Awake My Soul3rdNewJ1 1/4 mTHandicap3+NabuccoStrictly SilverAwake My Soul2:03.89
05/10/13-R4Awake My Soul1stRip1 1/4 mTHandicap4+Awake My SoulMuffin McLeayNext Edition2:06.59
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