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Autumn Gold
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12 year old Horse

Autumn Gold - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/10/14-R6Autumn Gold8thHap1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Harbour MasterWillie InvictusSunny Ying1:48.66
11/30/14-R9Autumn Gold10thSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+Full TalentArpinatiRegency King1:21.16
11/09/14-R10Autumn Gold9thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Beauty OnlyFlame HeroTableaux1:34.34
10/19/14-R9Autumn Gold9thHap1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Pleasure GainsJolly VictorWillie Cazals1:48.49
10/01/14-R10Autumn Gold9thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+KhayaHelene Super StarPacking Llaregyb1:34.47
09/14/14-R10Autumn Gold11thSha7 fTClass 2 Handicap 3+TrumpMultivictoryHelene Super Star1:21.54
05/04/14-R8Autumn Gold5thSha1 1/2mTQueen Mother Memorial Cup3+Bubble ChicSunny YingKhaya2:33.62
01/19/14-R10Autumn Gold7thSha1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+AshkiyrSunny YingSilverball1:48.80
12/21/13-R10Autumn Gold8thSha1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Bubble ChicGlorious SundayBusiness As Usual 1:49.10
12/08/13-R6Autumn Gold6thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Able FriendRewarding HeroMajestic Falcon1:34.72
11/17/13-R7Autumn Gold11thSha1 1/4 mTJockey Club Cup-G23+EndowingAkeed MofeedMilitary Attack2:00.60
11/03/13-R10Autumn Gold8thSha1 1/8 mTLadies Purse3+EndowingBlazing SpeedDestined For Glory1:46.46
10/01/13-R9Autumn Gold13thSha1 mileTClass 2 Handicap 3+Shiny DayBeauty LeadVital Gold1:34.77
05/26/13-R7Autumn Gold6thSha1 1/2mTChampions & Chater Cup3+California MemoryWillie CazalsDominant2:26.46
05/05/13-R6Autumn Gold6thSha1 1/2mTQueen Mother Memorial Cup3+DominantWillie CazalsMizani2:29.98
03/17/13-R8Autumn Gold6thSha1 1/4 mTHong Kong Derby4Akeed MofeedEndowingGold-Fun2:01.84
02/17/13-R9Autumn Gold12thSha1 1/8 mTHong Kong Classic Cup4It Has To Be YouPresident LincolnAshkiyr1:48.91
12/09/12-R8Autumn Gold9thSha1 1/4 mTHong Kong Cup-G13+California MemoryGiofraAlcopop2:03.09
11/18/12-R7Autumn Gold5thSha1 1/4 mTJockey Club Cup-G23+California MemoryIrianZaidan2:01.51
11/04/12-R10Autumn Gold2ndSha1 1/8 mTClass 2 Handicap 3+Hot ShotAutumn GoldBeauty Touch1:48.78
04/22/12-R7Autumn Gold3rdKre1 1/16 mTDr Busch Memorial-G33AmaronEnergizerAutumn Gold1:50.42
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