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16 year old Horse

Amico Mio - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/14/15-R7Amico Mio3rdDoh1 1/4 mTSheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani Trophy3+PonfeighQuatorzeAmico Mio2:03.80
11/17/15-R5Amico Mio3rdDoh1 mileTBarzan Cup3+PonfeighCraftedAmico Mio1:37.86
04/23/15-R8Amico Mio6thDoh1 mileTHandicap3+Roman LegendOasis CannesCity Zen1:33.66
02/25/15-R8Amico Mio8thDoh1 mileTQatar International Cup3+MakrumaJanoub NibrasPearl Bridge1:34.98
02/05/15-R7Amico Mio3rdDoh1 3/8 m TQatar Gold Trophy3+DubdayPonfeighAmico Mio2:14.33
01/08/15-R7Amico Mio2ndDoh1 mileTConditions3+Five AvenueAmico MioElwazeer1:36.03
12/04/14-R8Amico Mio2ndDoh1 1/4 mTSheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani Trophy3+DubdayAmico MioFanunalter2:02.29
11/13/14-R9Amico Mio2ndDoh1 mileTBarzan Cup3+Right To DreamAmico MioPeter Anders1:35.77
05/01/14-R8Amico Mio2ndDoh1 mileTConditions3+Mojave DesertAmico MioRight To Dream1:34.34
04/10/14-R8Amico Mio4thDoh1 mileTHandicap3+General Duke'sMojave DesertOasis Cannes1:35.10
02/06/14-R7Amico Mio5thDoh1 3/8 m TQatar Gold Trophy3+DubdayVery Nice NameLion D'Anvers2:13.39
01/16/14-R5Amico Mio1stDoh1 1/4 mTConditions3+Amico MioLancelotQuel Avantage2:02.15
12/03/13-R3Amico Mio1stDoh1 1/4 mTSheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani Trophy3+Amico MioLadyanneVery Nice Name2:02.30
03/07/13-R6Amico Mio1stDoh1 1/8 mTConditions3+Amico MioScrutableDubawi King1:53.41
02/07/13-R6Amico Mio7thDoh1 3/8 m TH H Heir Apparent Trophy3+Very Nice NameDubawi KingArrigo2:13.19
11/15/12-R7Amico Mio1stDoh1 mileTBarzan Cup3+Amico MioGojeriGeneral Duke's1:38.74
04/19/12-R7Amico Mio2ndDoh1 1/4 mTConditions3+PolperroAmico MioLancelot1:59.89
03/01/12-R6Amico Mio3rdDoh1 1/2mTH. H. The Amir Trophy3+LancelotDubawi KingAmico Mio2:25.04
02/09/12-R3Amico Mio1stDoh1 3/8 m TH H Heir Apparent Trophy3+Amico MioDubawi KingLancelot2:14.15
01/19/12-R4Amico Mio4thDoh1 1/4 mTKhor Al Adaid Cup3+LancelotDubawi KingLogic Way2:03.14
11/17/11-R6Amico Mio1stDoh1 mileTBarzan Cup4+Amico MioHonest ProspectorBlog1:36.78
04/21/11-R8Amico Mio1stDoh1 1/2mTKhor Al Adaid Cup3+Amico MioDubawi KingLogic Way2:29.27
03/31/11-R2Amico Mio1stDoh1 3/8 m TH. H. The Amir Trophy4+Amico MioJoshua TreeMiss Starlight2:12.38
02/24/11-R7Amico Mio2ndDoh1 1/2mTQatar International Cup4+Joshua TreeAmico MioBeethoven2:25.92
10/03/09-R2Amico Mio6thLon1 7/8 mTPrix Chaudenay-G23ManigharLos CristianosAizavoski3:11.00
09/06/09-R6Amico Mio4thLon1 7/8 mTPrix de Lutece-G33WajirManigharInvestissement3:16.10
06/14/09-R3Amico Mio5thCha1 1/2mTPrix Du Lys-G33ClaremontWorld HeritageAlmail2:28.62
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