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American Rule
in DerbyVille!
7 year old Horse
Kentucky (USA) by Alpha Delta Stables, LLC

American Rule - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
12/11/21-R7American Rule 11thAqu1 mileDClaim3+Mexican Wonder BoyHammerin Aamer Lost in Rome1:38.03
10/14/21-R7American Rule 1stBel1 mileDClaim3+American Rule Pier FortyFast Break1:36.55
08/21/21-R8American Rule 5thSar7 fDClaim3+Identity PoliticsEl SobrevivienteCharlie Five O1:23.93
07/01/21-R7American Rule 5thBel6 1/2 fDClaim3+Town ClassicHappy FarmMi Tres Por Ciento1:17.26
05/20/21-R5American Rule 5thBel1 mileDClaim3+Mo GotchaFast BreakO'Trouble1:38.72
04/29/21-R7American Rule 7thBel1 1/16 mDAllow4+Lost in RomeIndian CounselorHometown1:43.55
04/22/21-R2American Rule 5thBel1 1/16 mTAllow4+Principled StandRed Storm RisenSo High1:46.31
03/27/21-R2American Rule 3rdAqu7 fDCaixa Eletronica4+American PowerPete's Play CallAmerican Rule 1:24.25
03/07/21-R6American Rule 5thAqu6 fDAllow3+Foolish GhostMorning BreezInstinctive Rhythm1:11.73
02/08/21-R7American Rule 7thAqu1 1/8 mDAlwOC4+LimoniteEmpty Tomb Backsideofthemoon1:50.43
01/23/21-R8American Rule 5thAqu1 1/8 mDAllow4+ChestertownObsessedAasr1:54.93
01/03/21-R6American Rule 2ndAqu1 mileDClaim4+American LincolnAmerican Rule Family Biz1:37.71
12/12/20-R7American Rule 11thAqu1 mileDAllow3+Our Last BuckWill Sing for WineStriking Speed1:37.52
11/29/20-R4American Rule 5thAqu1 mileDAllow3+The SoundAdare Vintage Hollywood1:36.14
11/15/20-R5American Rule 3rdAqu1 mileDAllow3+Malibu ProControl GroupAmerican Rule 1:37.07
10/25/20-R3American Rule 6thBel6 fDClaim3+Money RideSiena MagicFed Funds1:10.37
07/31/20-R6American Rule 8thSar7 fDClaim3+Zealous Cobble Hill Empire Line1:23.49
07/19/20-R4American Rule 5thSar6 fDClaim3+Releasethethunder Ryan's CatTwelfth Labour 1:10.06
06/06/20-R5American Rule 9thBel6 fDAllow3+Dark MoneyMorning BreezSeanow 1:10.21
02/29/20-R2American Rule 4thAqu6 fDClaim4+Coach VillaJerome AvenueBustin Hoffman1:14.15
02/06/20-R5American Rule 5thAqu1 mileDClaim4+Proven ReservesPromo CodeStarting Point1:38.14
01/24/20-R2American Rule 3rdAqu7 fDClaim4+Hawaiian NoisesThe SicarliAmerican Rule 1:25.10
01/11/20-R6American Rule 5thAqu6 1/2 fDAllow4+CerretaltoScoreswhenhewantsShamrocked1:18.50
12/29/19-R7American Rule 7thAqu7 fDAllow3+The CaretakerCharlie McCoyPotomac 1:24.99
12/14/19-R7American Rule 5thAqu6 fDAllow3+Wicked TrickSicilia MikeShamrocked1:11.42
11/27/19-R4American Rule 8thPen6 fDFabulous Strike3+Firenze FireMidnightcharlyJumpmaster1:09.33
11/17/19-R5American Rule 6thAqu6 fTAllow3+Outrageous BetMorning BreezShiraz1:09.27
11/02/19-R7American Rule 2ndAqu6 fDAllow3+PayneAmerican Rule Sicilia Mike1:09.66
10/10/19-R3American Rule 6thBel7 fDAllow3+T Loves a FightZealous Family Biz1:22.41
09/07/19-R7American Rule 8thBel7 fTAllow3+Halladay QuarkyKing Cause1:21.13
08/24/19-R4American Rule 8thSar6 1/2 fDAllow3+PerformerPayneT Loves a Fight1:15.00
04/07/19-R7American Rule 8thAqu6 fDAllow3+SeethisquickAchilles WarriorMorning Breez1:10.81
10/28/18-R9American Rule 1stBel6 1/2 fDMSW3+American Rule Yamano MakerTough Times 1:18.76
10/14/18-R1American Rule 2ndBel7 fDMSW3+Identity PoliticsAmerican Rule Tiz Morning1:22.69
09/19/18-R3American Rule 2ndBel6 fDMSW3+Barahin American Rule Knight Disruptor 1:08.71
08/17/18-R10American Rule 2ndSar6 fDMcl3+The ChamoAmerican Rule Mysterio1:13.52
12/26/17-R2American Rule 5thSA7 fDMSW2KanthakaCamby Paddock Pick 1:23.18
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