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All On The Lion - Race Results & Past Performances

Date Horse Fin Tr Dist. Sf. Race Cnd 1st 2nd 3rd Time
09/11/10-R8All On The Lion4thTP6 fSClaim3+Way CoolTap N PointCombuckstable1:11.42
08/27/10-R2All On The Lion3rdElP6 fDClaim3+Dublin Da'betWillbriteAll On The Lion1:10.49
12/31/09-R7All On The Lion7thTP6 fSClaim3+Stan The Tap ManCairieneSundays Baby Grand1:18.56
12/05/09-R5All On The Lion2ndBeu5 1/2 fDAlwOC3+Malibu MartiniAll On The LionA Rogue Snuck In1:03.68
11/27/09-R3All On The Lion7thCD5 1/2 fDClaim3+He Ain't RightLinebackerKeeinonestepahed1:03.82
11/12/09-R6All On The Lion2ndCD6 fDClaim3+Hidden BayAll On The LionKeepinonestepahead1:11.21
10/24/09-R6All On The Lion7thHoo6 fDAllow3+WiselinnDiscreet StreetStolen Chevy1:10.00
10/04/09-R7All On The Lion4thHoo6 fDAllow3+Discreet StreetCielo ClassicCocktail Clarence1:09.40
09/16/09-R9All On The Lion5thHoo6 fDAlwOC3+Tripper's CartBiglie SmallworldSpeedy Media1:09.40
08/15/09-R9All On The Lion5thHoo5 1/2 fDAllow3+Runs With AngelsBluff CreekHe's One For One1:03.20
07/26/09-R6All On The Lion5thElP6 fDAlwOC3+Biglie SmallworldEscrowDynamite Bob1:09.66
07/14/09-R9All On The Lion4thIND6 fDAllow3+Saucy ImageDynamite BobMr. Noname1:09.00
07/05/09-R5All On The Lion7thCD6 fDAllow3+Guam TyphoonGodolphin GrayProud Jefe1:11.07
06/16/09-R5All On The Lion5thIND1 70yDAlwOC3+Iron IdMusic CityBadger Bo1:42.40
05/27/09-R7All On The Lion6thIND5 fTJ. Kenneth Self Shelby County Boys and Girls Club3+Chamberlain BridgeYankee InjunuityHands On0:55.40
05/04/09-R8All On The Lion1stIND6 fDAllow3+All On The LionSuper NekiaMy Dad's Fine1:10.00
04/20/09-R7All On The Lion2ndIND5 1/2 fDAllow3+Stan The Tap ManAll On The LionOur Lucky Sox1:04.60
12/29/08-R10All On The Lion9thTP6 1/2 fSAllow3+GruenewaldFort Apache StarStorm Sight1:18.86
12/11/08-R8All On The Lion5thTP6 fSAllow3+Classic WagerMessa NeraCharlie's Thunder1:11.42
11/23/08-R8All On The Lion5thCD6 fDAllow3+Golden CountryNautical StormBlackberry Road1:10.33
11/16/08-R2All On The Lion4thCD6 fDClaim3+American HustlerRuns With AngelsEcton1:10.82
10/29/08-R9All On The Lion3rdHoo6 fDAllow3+Are N AideReady's RocketAll On The Lion1:11.20
10/16/08-R8All On The Lion2ndHoo6 fDAllow3+Mandu GeniusAll On The LionJacob The Red1:11.00
09/27/08-R3All On The Lion5thTP6 fSAllow3+Darling MonFlaming GloryEarly Return1:09.99
09/01/08-R3All On The Lion2ndElP6 1/2 fDAllow3+GesteAll On The LionLuvandgo1:17.13
08/16/08-R3All On The Lion4thElP6 fDAllow3+Grand TraverseCya Later BertLocomotion1:10.16
10/19/07-R8All On The Lion8thKee7 fSAllow3+Trying BrianBanbury CrossHighest Degree1:22.44
09/21/07-R9All On The Lion8thTP1 1/16 mSAllow3+Sleek HunterCurvatureLemon Custard1:44.97
09/03/07-R2All On The Lion1stElP7 fDMSW3+All On The LionDel Castillo DiazNever Idle1:24.50
08/17/07-R2All On The Lion2ndElP1 mileDMSW3+Sleek HunterAll On The LionLa Bala1:39.43
07/22/07-R6All On The Lion2ndElP1 mileDMSW3+Please Include MeAll On The LionBk's Clearanceisle1:37.45
07/08/07-R10All On The Lion6thCD6 1/2 fDMSW3+CommunicatedSatchelNoble Truth1:15.56
06/24/07-R11All On The Lion8thCD6 fDMSW3+Unbridled TrustGo Red GoRed Hot Poker1:11.36
05/31/07-R4All On The Lion8thCD1 mileTMSW3+Sale PendingRovic's WealthRoyale With Speed1:37.98
05/17/07-R4All On The Lion6thCD6 fDMSW3+Jupiter HillsVice CommanderComemrcial1:10.94
04/28/07-R3All On The Lion4thCD6 fDMSW3+Red Sand BeachPast The PointExhort1:09.94
10/26/06-R5All On The Lion6thKee7 fSMSW3+On The ThrottleI Believe In MeSwept 'em1:22.45
07/16/06-R5All On The Lion2ndCD1 mileDMSW3+GiantscapeAll On The LionSay It Son1:37.37
07/01/06-R7All On The Lion3rdCD5 1/2 fDMSW3+Preacher BrownSenor RomeoAll On The Lion1:03.93
05/24/06-R2All On The Lion5thCD6 fDMcl3+Parker B.Just A MackLouisville Sam1:09.55
05/06/06-R12All On The Lion9thCD6 fDMSW3+BarbadosIsland WarriorCoalition Partner1:10.60
04/13/06-R1All On The Lion7thKee6 1/2 fDMSW4+Battle StarSwing KingJonathan Quick1:18.09
01/20/06-R6All On The Lion7thTP6 fSMSW3+Familiar GhostBump BaileyWave Land Slew1:12.08
12/21/05-R5All On The Lion3rdTP6 fSMSW3+Twilight TapDarling TrickAll On The Lion1:14.68
12/07/05-R6All On The Lion3rdTP6 1/2 fSMSW3+Hi DocYou've Been ServedAll On The Lion1:20.52
11/25/05-R12All On The Lion7thCD6 fDMSW3+And A BumpWoodley ParkKelly G's Cat1:11.42
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